“Zoids Wild ZERO” broadcast on October 4th 2019

Broadcast start date of TV animation “Zoid Wild ZERO” has been decided. Starts at 5:55 pm on October 4th on the TV Tokyo 6 station network. At the same time, the main cast and staff members were also announced.

The main cast, Sho Nogami, was the role of Leo who is good at remodeling Zoids, and the owner of a mysterious pendant. Nogami, who was watching the first TV anime “Zoids-ZOIDS-” (1999) when he was in elementary school, I did n’t even think, ”he said with a joyful comment.

In addition, Mamoru Homura will play the role of Buzz Cunningham, Yoko Hikasa will play the role of Joe Isel, and Toshiki Masuda will play the role of Christopher Guiller.

It became clear that the members who worked on the first work “Zoids-ZOIDS-” and the second work “Zoids New Century / (Slash) Zero” (2001) as the main staff of the same work reunited.

Under the supervision of Takao Kado, the character design is Tadashi Sakazaki, and Kenichi Araki, who participated in both works as a screenplay, will be the series composition. Animation production will be performed by OLM of “Shinkansen deformation robot Shinkalion THE ANIMATION”.

“Zoid Wild ZERO” is an animation of “ZOIDS”, an assembled robot toy (real moving kit) developed by Tomy. In the previous work “Zoid Wild” broadcasted from July 2018 to June 1919, the “Freedom Team” that treats Zoid as a partner in the world where the mechanical life form “Zoid” lives, and Zoid as an weapon The clash of the “Death Metal Empire” was drawn.

“Zoid Wild ZERO” is set on the earth once destroyed due to the destruction and crustal deformation caused by Zoids that suddenly appeared in the 21st century. Leo Conrad, whose partner is Zoid Beastrigger, who has been excavated, goes on an adventure trip with Sally Land, the girl who determines the future of the earth.

Staff information
Original: Takara Tomy

Director: Takao Kado

Series Composition: Kenichi Araki

Character Design: Tadashi Sakatsuki

Acoustic Director: Yuki Matsuoka

Music: Yoshihisa Hirano Zoids Wild ZERO.

Zoids are metal creatures that live beyond the galaxy and are willing to fight. The planet has come to an end, and mankind is aiming for the earth as a second home, but suddenly a zoid appears on the earth in the 21st century due to the runaway of the zoid factor and the unexpected time warp. The earth was destroyed once by the destruction by the zoids and repeated crustal movements. Leo set out on a journey of adventure with the girl Sally, who controls the future of the earth, with her partner, Brigger.

Leo Conrad: Sho Nogami Sally Land: Hazuki Chida Buzz Cunningham: Makoto Homura Joe Isel: Yoko Hikasa Christopher Guiller: Masu
Toshiki Ta

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