What is the strength of the one-piece Mihawk?

Zoro’s Master who can cross the Four Emperors | strength of the one-piece hawk-eye Mihawk

Jurassic Mihawk, who reigns as a king Shichibukai in one piece, has almost never been revealed. What is the strength of overwhelming pirate with swordsmanship that is said to be the strongest in the world?

In this article, it is rumored that Mihawk is a person, how strong it is, and the ability of the devil’s fruit, so I will organize it based on the latest information.

Who is Mihawk? One of the King Shichibukai

Juracle Mihawk is one of the kings of Shichibukai and the strongest swordsman in the world. Mihawk who was decided to abolish the Wang Shichibu Sea in One Piece 956 and was chased by the Navy. I think that the warrior trembles after being in a position to be chased after a long time.

Mihawk has a sharp eye like a hawk and has the nickname of a hawk.

The black sword you have has the name “Night” and is classified as the “best craft” which is the best sword in the One Piece story.

What is the relationship between Mihawk and Straw Hat Pirates?

As for the involvement of the Straw Hat Crew, it was never against Zoro in the early days, and it showed overwhelming strength with a toy-like sword.

At the same time as Zoro’s greatest goal, he is also a teacher who has given Zoro two years of training.

Although Zoro was thought to have leveled up by fighting with various opponents, he still trained Mihawk as a teacher after the summit war.

You can see that Mihawk is a great swordsman.

Does Mihawk often act alone?

There is no single pirate group in the King Shichibukai, and he always acts alone.

Because the movement is also a small boat called a dredger, the position of a pirate is questionable in the first place, and it is a very mysterious person.

Although I had a duel with the Four Emperors / Red-haired Shanks, I now have enough friendship to drink sake.

The prize money has not been revealed yet, but how strong is it?

How strong is Mihawk?

Mihawk is just called “the world’s strongest swordsman”, and it is an extraordinary strength.

The prize money is unknown, but in the appearance scene in Baratier, there are two giant galleon ships!

How strong is it?

Four-six-headed Shanks with red hair
Before the Emperor Shanks loses both arms, he has fought several duels several times and has not yet settled.

The ability to match that Shanks is undoubtedly the Fourth Emperor class.

The current four Emperors are Big Mum, Kaido, Shanks, and Black Beard.

If they have the same strength as these pirates, then if Mihawk has a pirate group, they will definitely have an influence on the world’s pirate groups.

It seems that there was no swordsman who was able to interact with Mihawk since the fight with Shanks.

Overwhelming ability that was shown in the summit war

In the Marineford Summit War, he stood in front of Luffy and showed an overwhelming difference in power, such as making a double ice wall like a mountain with a casual swing.

After that, we fought with the Whitebeard Pirates’ flower sword vista who entered Luffy’s support.

Vista is a white beard subordinate, and if Mihawk and his ability are equal, it is unlikely that he is stronger than the Emperor.
If Mihawk doesn’t hide any abilities.

Is Mihawk the demon’s real ability?

Mihawk, who reigns as the world’s strongest swordsman, reigns in the King Shichibukai, isn’t he actually a demon’s real talent? The discussion is up.

It is rumored that it is the world’s strongest, and that the Four Empires are not even enemies.

It is said that he was a talented person because creek remarked that it was “the ability of the devil ’s fruit” when he made two giant galleons in Baratie.

Certainly, you can see that if you are so strong with just one sword, you think it is an ability.

However, Zoro, who is not a talented person, has been able to cut a galleon ship like Mihawk in two years of training, so it cannot be said that it is a general ability person .

However, there is no definitive evidence that Mihawk is not a devil’s real capable person.

In addition to the skill of that sword, there is no doubt that it is literally the strongest if you have any ability.


Mihawk is a talented man who crossed with the Four Empires and Shanks and showed extraordinary strength in the war of the summit.

The story has entered the Wano country edition, and has been excited by the battle with the Four Emperors and Kaido, but in the future Shichibukai may also participate.

Since Wano is also a country dominated by a swordsman called “Samurai” who is strong enough to fear the Navy Admiral, I personally expect the development that Mihawk will participate in!

And what happens if the balance of the three powers that Fujitora wanted to completely abolish the Wang Shichibukai system?

I’m looking forward to seeing the future development!

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