What happened to the important soldiers in the Kingdom attack?

Kingdom Manga Attack | What happened to the important soldiers?

When Yasukuni unifies China, Yasukuni is the biggest barrier.

In order to destroy that trap, we will carry out a sword attack that killed Yasukuni!

Even if it is said that it is the liver of the siege attack, it is “military provision ” .

This offensive attack is not only defeating the army, but it is also a battle of how to cut off the food.

While shaving each other’s army, the other party’s troops will also be shaved with that hand.

Even so, the supply of the army is less than half that of the super army.

However, it is the night of the 13th day of the Shukai Plain .

Isn’t the hand of fire rising to the impregnable castle !

Upon receiving this report, Li Mu will immediately start to end the battle on the Shuhai Plain.

What happened?

What is a samurai attack?

Samurai attack is a battle to drop the “castle”, which is an essential castle for the Yasukuni to destroy the Yasukuni.

Yasukuni was led by General Wang Yi, who led the summit and Hazuki.

This battle is a battle of troops, as well as a battle of the army.

So, from the beginning, General Wang Yi will set up.

I attacked several small castles and moved all the people to the pass!

A havoc with the overflowing people.

However, the military supply is still less than half that of the military.

Knowing that, General Wang Yi continues to fight.

Until the supply of the army is exhausted …

There are no more supplies in the army! Desperate! As I thought, a fire hand goes up from the firewood.

Are the army troops burned out?

The night of the 13th day of the Battle of the Shukai Plain.

Strange rumors spread within the castle.

That is, “The wounded soldier was another person” .

A group that seems to be the rumored person starts to move.

In the dark night, it is divided into four sides, standing in front of all the troops, and igniting all at once with the words “Let’s win against the king” .

That’s right! I was disguised as a castle folk who had attacked in the beginning of the war and hired soldiers in the cage!

As expected, Wang Xiao-gun!

General Wang Yi, who heard this news, smiles with a smile.

At the same time, Li Mu, who heard the news of the emergency, hurried.

Judging from this situation, it is safe to assume that the troops of the samurai are almost gone .

So how do you get from here? !

In the first place, if you are out of troops, are you sick?

Let’s think about the importance of troops once again.

When the war chest is no longer why “dangerous” Will.

You can see that by looking at the battle of Shenyang.

In the battle of Shenyang, the battle between the mountain army led by Kazuto Hatana and the dog-and-army led by Rozo was unfolding.

In order to move the battlefield of equal battles, Shogi Suju burned most of the wall’s possession through the underpass.

What happened in the army, where food was drastically reduced, was “breaking friends” .

Even in the same army, there will be troops trying to eat horses of other troops and stealing food.

Of course, the daily food will be reduced and the power to fight will be lost.

If you’re fighting and you’re hungry, it’s not a battle.

This “collapse from the inside” is a terrible place of lack of supplies.

What is the strategy of Li Mu who was hunted down?

Li Mu, who heard that the samurai’s soldiers were burned out , says, “Defeat Wang Xin in one day and rush to the coffin in one day . ”

Li Mu seems to be confident.

The defensive formation is instantly changed to a super-attack type formation “Daikaku” .

Continue to mess around with the Royal Army and defeat the Royal Army one after another.

As Li Mu started to move, the 15th day of the Zhuhai Plain became a literal battle.

However, Li Mui’s tactics are easily bounced back by General Wang, and the military continues to push the front.

On the right wing, the dying king slays the sword cloud, and the Hishin squad keeps the flow as it is to Lee Mak-in and responds to it.

In the midst of dizzying developments, Li Mu will continue to be hunted down.

Even though a spear appears, I don’t think this momentum can be stopped by a single person.

Will it be defeated as it is the momentum of the army?

Is there really a “ one- turn inversion ” from here ?


The battle of the Zhuhai Plain has begun to end at once, as the army’s troops were burnt out.

Li Mu has the impression that it is still being rolled over under the plan of General Wang Yi, but is there a plan to overcome the deadly dead land from here?

And the existence of “Páng Nuǎn” that is highly likely to stand in front of the faith that has reached its limits in terms of physical strength .

What kind of development is going on from here? !

Keep an eye on the battle of the Shukai Plain!

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