What are the ins and outs of Dr. Stone Anime

Crunchyroll reveals the ins and outs of Dr. Stone’s anime

Crunchyroll shares through its YouTube account a 25-minute documentary about the production of Dr. Stone’s anime. In the YouTube subtitles button it is possible to find them in several languages, including English.

The footage, meanwhile, presents some of the most interesting keys to creating the anime and includes interviews with producer Shusuke Katagiri and director Shinya Iino.

This is a very interesting documentary, which anime fans will like regardless of whether they see Dr. Stone or not. Throughout its 25 minutes, the whole process of making one of the episodes of the series is presented, from the first sketches of the characters to the storyboards through the final frames.

Likewise, it is also possible to see the rest of the animators working on facial expressions, for which they often go to the manga to ensure they obtain the highest possible accuracy, or to the team documenting some of the experiments.

This anime adaptation of Boichi and Inagaki’s shônen manga is carried out by TMS Entertainment. On July 5 began its broadcast and has already become one of the most popular anime of the season.

The series will feature 24 episodes and in Spain it is possible to watch it every Friday through Crunchyroll.

As for the manga, it has been published in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since March 2017, gaining popularity and impact since then.

So far it has 12 volumes. Editorial Ivrea publishes and translates this manga into Spanish, of which there are now 8 volumes in our national market.

Senku is an extremely intelligent young man with a great gift for science and an acidic personality, and his friend Taiju, who is a very good person and more of the muscular type.

When after a certain incident all humanity ends up turned into stone, they manage to wake up in a world thousands of years later, with human civilization completely disappeared and with all humanity frozen in stone as they were. Now it is your obligation to rescue people and create a new world using science!

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