The creator of Berserk talks about the end of his series

The creator of Berserk talks about the end of his series

Berserk is one of the most popular manga licenses in the world, with several anime adaptations and movies. However, it is also a license touched by the continuous delays and hiatus produced for different reasons, especially the health of its creator.

Since 1989 the Seinen license has been continuously suffering from stoppages, which is why only 40 volumes have been published in 30 years, which is not usual. One Piece already has more than 90 volumes in less time.

It seems that the mangaka Kentaro Miura is willing to have fewer stops today, ensuring that it is nearing its end.

Berserk is about to reach its climax, if a new long break does not prevent it, although no dates or the number of missing chapters have been offered. However, in a recent interview its creator ensures that there are still shocking things to tell in the work.

“Currently in the final stages of its general history. There will be many shocking things that will come after the current arc,” Miura said recently about what awaits us in the story.

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