Review of Sounan Desu ka? [Are you lost?] Chapter 8

Sounan Desu ka? – Chapter 8: Do we find an oasis?

After seeing the smoke signal from the top, Homare and the others will investigate the source of it. Unfortunately, it was not done by someone else, however, it was not really smoke, but steam coming from hot springs. Those who without hesitation entered to take a bath. But, shortly after the water began to cool, and the fountains were hidden with the rise of the tide. So they decided to return to their shelter, promising to return in the future.

The next day, they headed for a crack that had caught Homare’s attention. In which they find a great rope that could help them in several ways, but it was at the bottom of the crack. Homare using a rock and a vine, he realizes the depth of the water, throwing herself into it to go by the rope, and climbing again.

Moments after Homare has returned with the others they run to the shelter for sudden rain. However, the shelter does not cover it too much from such heavy rain, so they end up wet. But that is not the worst of their problems, since with the storm there are also lightning bolts, and they currently do not have a defense against them, so they make an improvised lightning rod.

Homare best waifu

Homare has definitely become my favorite female character of this anime and anime in general since the beginning. Her aesthetic design, personality, and actions and reactions have given her more and more points. From what I would say now is the fifth place on my personal list.

But was it Sounan Desu ka? – Chapter 8 where I would say rose to that position. And it was all after seeing her with a change of hairstyle in this chapter. Even if I know several characters that were characterized by having that hairstyle and have perished in their anime.sounan desu ka

I would say that Homare is my favorite female character this season, and, in the hypothetical case of a second season for Sounan Desu ka ?, I could even point to a higher position on my list. Although the first two places are still far above.

Information section Sounan Desu ka? – Chapter 8

The tradition continues, although in this episode it has not appeared as in the previous ones. Well, unlike these, in Sounan Desu ka? – Chapter 8 just and I perceived this informative section the first time I saw the episode. Of course, after viewing it several times, I would even say that I found more things than in its predecessor chapters.

A little astronomy, to know in what position (or hemisphere) of the world you are. How to know if the water has enough depth. The “chimney” technique for climbing. And even, like making an improvised lightning rod, the height of it and the distance it is supposed to be safe.

They also talked a little about general security when facing the storm. But, I already knew that it would be safer to be where they are, to enter the forest. As it could be more dangerous for a lightning bolt to hit a tree, causing a fire.

In the same way, they didn’t go deep into things like the dangers of entering the ocean/sea during a thunderstorm. Or the dangers that some aquatic animals can present. In any case, both are things that, although not fully informed, supposed to be cautious with them. The first for the simple fact that water is conductive of electricity. While the second, I would say that it was mainly because of survival instinct.

In any case, I think he would not do anything that Asuka does. Nothing. By the way, I didn’t feel any of them were afraid of lightning. Yes, they were altered, but it was more for not having a safe area than for having fear. I would have liked one to have it. The two I thought were most susceptible to fear of lightning are Mutsu and Shion.

Visual paradise
After two consecutive episodes in which the fanservice did not appear, does Sounan Desu ka arrive? – Chapter 8 where the fanservice is the chapter itself. Starting with the cliche history of hot springs (typical in the ecchi, but that I doubted appeared in this anime for the story), it was more than obvious a very good amount of fanservice would come. And well there was, my eyes delighted after seeing them. And more for the fact that it is the first time they all appear without wearing any garment. Well, excluding Shion during her bath, all the others in her appearances in scenes with fanservice wore at least underwear.

But, that was not the only moment in which my eyes delighted in such wonder. They also did it with the madness of Asuka, since it appeared again in underwear, and focusing the scene from the best possible angles. This chapter is definitely my favorite.

Among such beauty is also my favorite moment of the episode. Taking advantage of the fanservice and with excellent animation quality. I mean the scene where Mutsu is “shining. ” It is quite good, in more ways than one.

Talking about crazy things
While the detail of how to know the depth of the water to do a dive was important. I didn’t expect Homare to do it. I honestly believed that I would descend with some climbing technique, so the dive scene took me by surprise. To the point that I even felt vertigo at that time.

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