Review of Movie Version Dragon Ball Super: Broly

It was a long time to write, but today I will talk about the movie version Dragon Ball Super Broly. In this world, there are rumors of ‘Dragon Ball ’s masterpiece’. Is it really a masterpiece? Is that true? When I ask you to say that from my mouth.

No, it was really amazing This movie was amazing enough to be said to be the best masterpiece
What’s so amazing is how amazing the drawing is at a tremendous level
“I have never seen such a great drawing…”
It ’s always going to expand during the battle.

Explain in words how amazing the drawing is …
In this movie, there was a scene where Vegeta turned into a Super Saiyan
I was just impressed with the quality of the video, though I just saw it.

Vegeta becomes a super saiyan, it is a very common scene in a dragon ball, but I do not think that it is a normal picture.
However, even in such a “common scene”, it was so impressive that it was finished in a great video.

This drawing was extremely high level. I thought, “It ’s worth paying for it…!”

I was surprised from the bottom of my heart because that kind of drawing was developed not only in one scene but across the whole volume.

Because the company that makes Dragon Ball animation is Toei Animation,
I used to talk about Toei animation until now.
There was a strong image that the quality of the drawing was low, and I always talked about bitches about that.

In fact, the revival of the previous movie in Dragon Ball is honestly not a big deal.
It was exactly like “Toei quality with delicate drawing”.
When I saw it, what I wrote in the miscellaneous notes here

(That ’s right.)
In that way, it was natural for Toei’s work to be “disappointed drawing”
When the World Trigger was animated, I felt anxious about the same Toei animation.
When I looked at Watori’s anime episode 1 before, the drawing was still subtle and said, “This is why East Anni quality is good.”
That ’s what Toei Animation for me was like.

Sometimes there was a good time of drawing called “Toei no Serious”,
That’s really only occasionally, because the usual quality is so low
For me, the image of a company that couldn’t be expected for drawing was solidified.

But such Toei animation is, in this movie
Did you really be surprised because you’ve shown a tremendous peak
An amazing god drawing that is completely different from the conventional image. To the extent that even “Toei no Serious” is even beyond
I felt like I saw an incredible thing. If you compare this feeling with a dragon ball

It ’s almost like this.
No, seriously, it can be said that it is the legendary super (super) Toei animation with the strongest drawing of the whole universe that appears only once in 1000 years.

It is certain that it was a terrible drawing. I think that it was the finish that I could not lose to any other movie.
That’s why I felt like apologizing to Toyo Animation for a long time. I was really sorry…
I was able to make an animation with such an amazing drawing, and the evaluation of Toei Animation exploded in me.

I’ve only been talking about drawing so far, so I’d like to change to another story here.
For example, acting as a voice actor. Specifically, the voice actor of bloomers (Hiromi Tsuru) died,
The voice of Bloomers has finally changed from this movie, but what do you think when you hear it?

I thought that I was coming to the voices of Bulma so far that I could n’t feel anything wrong.
By the way, the new voice actor is Aya Hisakawa, but Aya Hisakawa is a highly acclaimed voice actor.
I think I ’m a top-class female voice actor. I was impressed with the movie this time, “Aya Hisakawa is amazing…”

And what about the story this time (note that it will be spoiler content from here)
In the story of this work, first of all, the state when the planet Vegeta, the mother star of Saiyan was still alive, was drawn.
This is a scene related to Saiyan, but there is a part drawn in the movie for the first time
The content of Dragon Ball Minus recorded in the first volume of Galactic Patrol Jaco was also reflected quite a bit.

For example, In the scene of Goku ’s father, Berdak, and mother Guinea. At the movie theater, I was watching while thinking, “The one I saw with Dragon Ball Minus!” Even so, when I saw it in the movie, Guine was so cute. It seems that the drawing was good, I felt like a young wife who was an idiotic personality, and I wanted to see more about Guinea.

It ’s a scene where Bardack and Guinee send out a young Goku to Earth.
I thought it was quite dramatic. To be honest
Both of them expressed their feelings of Goku very well and felt the love of their parents.

And Devil Freeza who kills all such warm guinea and bardacks.
I thought again about the Freeza guy … Freeza destroys the planet Vegeta in pieces
When you see the depiction of the Bardack, which is inadvertently scattered while resisting to the end, and the life reaction of the planet Vegeta disappears steadily.

I felt ridicule to me and I felt like my chest was tightened … However, the more this scene was unfortunate,
Because the battle of Goku vs. Freeza on Namec Star will be meaningful,
In that sense, I thought it was a necessary scene. The battle of Goku vs. Freeza at that time
Because it ’s a battle to clear the ridicule of Saiyans who have been killed.

Say, “That … Enjoy … Freeze … Defeat Frieza … T … Nomu … Sa … Saiyan … hand …”
Even if Vegeta died, after watching this movie, it ’s not just a word of Vegeta.
It seems like the words of all Saiyans killed by Freeza
I began to feel the weight of the meaning entrusted to Goku more and more. And Goku who heard this word
It’s also hot to declare that Frieza will be knocked down for Saiyans who have been caught and killed properly.

He understands Saiyan’s regrets and fights Freeza to clear them.
The last Saiyan son Goku who made it up is dramatic.
This battle of Goku vs. Freeza is a compilation of Saiyan stories that I think.
I think it ’s the most dramatic in the battle of Dragon Ball.
After watching this movie, I feel that the drama is deeper

And of course, the story of this movie is, of course, the presence of Broly. Broly was a devilish man who wasn’t brutal in the previous movie,
However, as a result of a new rework in this movie, it became a character with a very different impression. This time, Broly grew up in a secluded place, like a Saiyan who had a pure and clean heart without knowing the world. I was strongly impressed by the feeling of another Son Goku.
In the early days of Goku, the personality of “unfamiliar and pure” was emphasized so much, and I think that kind of thing is very similar to this broly.

At that time, “you can ride on a muscular cloud” was a setting that symbolizes the beautiful heart of Goku.
I think I ’ll be able to ride the Bunri
I think it was drawn as a pure character to line up with Goku

Speaking of Broly ’s Goku-like elements, it ’s also about looking at items like Son Goku from Saiyuki
I thought it was characteristic. That’s a special choker, and if Broly works wildly
The choker is being punished with electric current.

I thought this was just like the ring of the head worn by Son Goku of Saiyuki
I wore a control device that calms the temper for the time when the old Broly worked wildly
This broly was n’t just a device to be grown up.
I think it was more like Goku of Saiyuki than before.

After all, there are many scenes where this broly comes with a peculiar personality.
When I was talking about the fur worn by Brorie in the play
Too brory was pure and it was too good guy and came over. That’s why I really liked this broly.

Contrary to such pure brorie, father’s paragus was drawn as a distorted character.
After being engulfed by revenge, it has become a personality that does not understand human pain, forcing a terrible treatment around it.
Broly himself was impressed with singing paragus in the style of “Don’t say dad badly”. In that scene, Broly looked ridiculous, or you should n’t say someone bad.

I thought that it was a kindness that modern people tend to forget, and I was also relieved.
For example, you can say someone’s back in the workplace or beat someone on the net
Because there are so many scenes in modern times, I thought that there was something to be noticed in this line of Broly.

Such a broly arrives on the earth and finally confronts Goku & Vegeta
The scene where Broly fights Vegeta here was too awesome.
First of all, drawing is super best. As I said before, Vegeta just became a super Saiyan
I think that it was a video that was so cool and inspiring

After all, I think the content of the battle itself was wonderful.
I’m not fighting somehow, but I feel that each of the battles has meaning.
Because Vegeta just after the battle with Broly began,
You get the advantage in normal form without transforming at all.

Because Broly has tremendous power and speed,
There is very little experience of interpersonal battles, and all attacks are large or linear.
I think that Broly ’s movement was very easy for Vegeta.

In the sense of “interpersonal battle experience”, Vegeta is a man who has been sought after
I think he had a lot of combat skills that Broly lacked.
For example, if you evaluate your ability with a perfect score of 100, Broly has 100 points for power, 100 points for speed, 0 points for technique, and so on.
It’s like fighting like a beast, but I think that it was such a battle that Vegeta, who excels in technique, fights well.

However, Broly is not a man who just ends, but responds to the movement of Vegeta as seen by his extraordinary learning ability.
Vegeta, who felt a threat like a broly, changed into a super saiyan or a super saiyan god.
It will push the following Broly again. The transformation of this Vegeta this time is
I feel like I’m going to raise one gear
It was good that it was not just a meaningless transformation, but I was able to feel the will clearly by pulling away the brory to pursue

I think it was especially good to use God.
The Super Saiyan God has been a form that hasn’t been transformed so far
I think that there was a simple impression like this because it has good fuel economy at best, so it is suitable for long-term battles.

However, this Veggie Tagod’s activity has changed the image at once
Vegeta transformed into God this time, wearing a tremendous feeling
The spirit is very quiet and calm, and you completely miss out on Broly’s attack with the eyes of seeing everything.

The vegeta in that scene was just like a god,
Super Saiyan God is a form of God ’s mind.
I thought that the person who depicted this level would rather look nice, and I thought that I used the super Saiyan God very well.

And next is the scene where Goku and Broly are fighting, but I think that this was different from the time of Vegeta
What ’s good, Goku does n’t want to fight Broly
I’m trying to convince Brorie, “Do n’t ask me anything like this, don’t listen to the bad guys.”

I think it was very good because Goku was originally
Unless you’re a villain, a game like Tenkaichi Budokai, or an opponent who attacks first
It ’s not the kind of personality that makes you fight

I think this is the scene that symbolizes it, a scene where Goku previously met an android hackchan.
This Hatchan had a tremendous power at that time and appeared after receiving an order to “ kill Goku ”
But Goku who did n’t want to fight with a kind personality,
Rather than fighting Hutchian, you chose to help.

At this time, Hachan said, “It ’s not good”,
This time, Broly said, “The dad ’s bad habit is not good”, and it looks a bit like the atmosphere.
Hatchan has strong power but is gentle and does not want to fight
I think the standing position is very similar to this broly.
That ’s why Goku has become very comfortable with the action of choosing reconciliation over fighting Broly.

Furthermore, Goku says, “You have to fight against bad guys”
In other words, Goku will fight against bad guys, but I think he has no idea about fighting good guys.
In fact, Goku traveled around the world and met Bora in the Karin Tower and Arale in Penguin Village.
I didn’t try to fight if the opponent was really strong

In this way, I was thinking about “I want to get together at Tenkaichi Budokai”
It wasn’t a character that suddenly fought a battle here, or a character like a fighting fool with no articulation.
Thank you so much thank you so much
It was more impressive to have a pure and clean heart

However, on the other hand, the recent Goku has only an image of “just a fool”
As for the image of a pure and clean heart, I was sad that it was disappearing from the world.
I was delighted to have drawn in this movie that Goku is not just a fool of battle.

Anyway, this time Goku is against Broly who is fighting
I’m trying to convince you, “Do n’t ask me anything like this, do n’t listen to the bad guys.”
Broly, however, seems to hesitate for a moment, but in the end it continues to attack without responding to Goku’s words.

So why didn’t Brory respond to Goku’s persuasion? I mean, I think
The idea that Broly said in the scene a while ago was “not good to say dad bad”
I think it’s related. Because Goku says “bad guys”
That’s Freeza and Paragas, and the bad guys contain Paragas
I think it ’s like Broly ’s bad guy for Brorie.

So Broly couldn’t accept Goku’s persuasion after all
I think I continued attacking Goku with the feeling that “Don’t say bad dad!”

I think that this is close to my mind.
So this time, Broly fought against Goku and Vegeta, I think he felt a lot of feeling for his father.
That’s why when Paragas becomes ah at the end,
I think Broly was so confused and so upset

Anyway, Goku and Broly will end up fighting, but Goku’s reaction at that time was also my favorite scene.
Because Goku is going to fight in the normal form at first, but Broly has already raised his power significantly in battle with Vegeta.
In Goku’s normal form, it was so strong that it was not toothed.
At that time, Goku became so pale that she broke into the strength of her broly.
After that, I laughed a little, “Hey…” and turned into a super Saiyan. I like this
What’s good about it, Goku once had such a reaction when it first fought against Vegeta.

This is the situation at that time, and when I see the strength of Vegeta, which is much higher than me, I am completely exaggerated at first.
However, after that, “Hey… but… I was so excited at such a terrible time…!”
This is good because you feel a little bit excited after the fear.

In short, there is no sense of crisis, it is not saying “I’m excited!”
Goku feels confident that it’s a terrible pinch now.
I understand that this situation is not usually exciting.
Still, “I was excited at such a time …!”

I think that’s good, I just want to say that Goku is not just a fool
The story that I mentioned earlier, “Goku is not a fool of battle,” is connected with that.
Goku has a head who understands the situation properly, and I don’t think it’s a character that does nothing but idiots.

In that regard, Vegeta said in the original that “He isn’t stupid” and I think that Goku is such a character originally.
And in this movie, I think it ’s good that Goku was a really crazy character
Well, I thought, “What is harsh?” Or I thought that Vegeta was stupidly talking about the opening.

Your impression was different from the new Broly and the previous Broly, and you were a friendly Saiyan who could coexist with Goku.
The old work usually seemed weak, but now the work is completely gentle Saiyan,
Therefore, while adopting the original Super Saiyan concept of awakening Super Saiyan when Paragas died
The content clearly shows how brilliant Broys are, and makes them feel even more so after the power competition.
Naturally, it is a brorie that can be easily beaten by Vegeta, but eventually it will be stronger than it can be if it is not Gogeta, its strength is stronger than Birth.

After becoming Gogeta, catharsis due to overwhelming strength, Baku’s quota is a must-see. And full-length animation drawing without any compromise that can be said throughout. It is a movie that can be seen from the beginning to the end, and I think that No.1 has become an unsurpassed work among the many Dragon Ball movies by Hokuto

I sometimes come to see miscellaneous notes, but it is always interesting. Comment for the first time.
This time, the Dragon Ball movie is very good. Although it may not have been seen yet, it is a range that does not become spoiler,
[Broly of the previous work was just an enemy, but this work ends in a relationship that can be a good rival in the future.
There are not too many characters to come out, and Chirai is very cute. The content was great, but it was a bit disappointing that some of the battle BGM was live and noisy.

Other than the details, it looks like the future of Dragon Ball.
I’m looking forward to the impression of the movie, so please do your best in the quest without overwhelming www by Kontaro

Broly was interesting. Chirai was unexpectedly good.
It’s good that Broly is a power type battle style.
Dragon power is not so active for power type characters, so it was exciting to see it. by Lucky P

Dragon Ball Super Broly” was interesting
I’m a generation who also watched old Brolly movies in real time, but I really like this one.
The battle scene is also a lot of fun, or almost all of the screening time was a battle scene, and the scene where the drawing was done was only a little time in the meantime.

Although it is unnecessary, allied fighters other than Goku Vegeta will not even appear in the battle scene.
I personally think it was a success. If it is just that, it will become a fuzzy animation, but this time it was good.
The existence of Mr. Birth and Mr. Wis, who were criticized in the resurrection F, wasn’t too much of an attention because he was almost on the sidelines.

The difficult point is that the vocals of BGM when Goku and Gogeta fought against Broly were ugly and Frieza was a little bit smelly.
But I think that the wish for Dragon Ball is a pretty good choice.
Listening to opinions that it is too gag, but in the first place it seems that it is immortal and beyond the power of Shinryu, and it is not necessary to see the ending.

I understand that it will be blocked. On the other hand, this freezer-sama’s wish is that it may be successful.
For Freeza who is undergoing reorganization, dignity is certainly necessary, and it is certainly a wish that can only be fulfilled by Shinryu,
If reach reaches, it will be a plus for battle, and the description was gag-like, but the content is solid and useful.

The last was like ending up with the next work or a new TV series, but I am looking forward to this content. Broly was also a candidate for bride.
Or rather, Broly is like a wild child, but if you think carefully, it is about 40 years old because it is the same age as Goku Vegeta. by wormwood

Other than me, people who watched this movie have also received comments like this.
From Mr. Hokuto, “I think No.1 is a rocking movie even in the many Dragon Ball movies,” Mr. Kontaro says, “This movie is very good.”
From Lucky P, “Broly was fun,” from Momogi, “Dragon Ball Super Broly was fun.”
Everyone seems to have enjoyed this movie. After all, this movie seems to have been impressed by many people

Under such circumstances, Mr. Kontaro says, “It was a bit disappointing because part of the battle BGM was live and noisy.”
That’s a BGM with a voice like “Kakarot! Broly!”
I often see that part being talked about online, but it’s already a pros and cons.

Some people say that BGM is n’t good, some people say that ’s good, and I think that people ’s preferences are very different.
By the way, I’m a good-looking human being.
Especially when Broly broke down the snowy mountains and pursued Goku, “GO! Broly GO !! GO !!”
I really like the addictive music for me. However, there are many people who did n’t fit like Mr. Kontaro
I thought this was a music that was really different. I think it ’s rare for BGM to be so pros and cons

Hokuto-san said, “Broly of this work adopts the original super Saiyan concept”, I thought the same thing.
What is the original concept of Super Saiyan?
It means that you wake up with intense anger while having a gentle heart.

This time, Broly wakes up to the Super Saiyan in exactly the same situation as Goku at this time.
What I thought after seeing it was that the Super Saiyan that Broly transforms this time is the same quality as Goku,
I don’t think it’s a “legendary super saiyan” that is different from ordinary super saiyans that transforms an old broly.

Because, in the first place, the story that only Broly is a legend,
It was an anime original setting and Akira Toriyama was not involved there.
In other words, it was that it was not the author’s official original setting

And this time, when you look at the broly created by Akira Toriyama
In the first place, I do not know how to transform into a super Saiyan, or wake up with a trigger similar to Goku
I think the way to transform into a super Saiyan is the same as Goku and others.

This is what I think, perhaps in the mind of Akira Toriyama
All super Saiyans are equally “legendary super Saiyans”
You might think that only Broly is not a legend.

In the first place, if only Broly was a legend, then what about other super Saiyans? I will talk
It’s also a strange story to separate “Legendary Super Saiyan” from “Normal Super Saiyan”. Even if you look at the pamphlet, the figure that Broly transforms this time is named “ Super Saiyan Full Power ”. The name “Legendary Super Saiyan” like the old series is not attached.
From that point of view, I felt that the setting of this broly was different from the previous series.

By the way, there are two types of brochures for this movie.
One is a regular brochure and the other is a limited edition brochure.

The difference between the regular version and the limited version is that the contents are completely different.
It ’s hard to say which one you should buy.
If you compare, one is anime media, the other is like an animage, and the article is different …

Speaking of which, the regular version of the pamphlet has a coloring book or sticker for children. For limited edition pamphlets, the behind-the-scenes and detailed settings from staff interviews are told. I think that even if you look at other goods, you are conscious of segregation by age group.
For example, a novel. Actually, for this movie, a novel book has already been released.

This is the Mirai Bunko version, and the Jump J Books version is on sale.
When comparing the contents, the sentence expression itself is completely different (in the first place, the author is different in two volumes)

The Mirai Bunko version has a lot of hiragana, all the kanji have ruby, and the contents are supposed to be read by children like elementary school students.

The Jump J Books version has a lot of kanji and little ruby, and is it something that is supposed to be read by middle and high school students or older?
That’s why I was not impressed with the two types of waste, and I was impressed by whether each target age group was changed.

And finally, this movie is also released on 4DX, I will talk about how the impression changes when I watch it normally and when I watch it with 4DX. (I went to see both).
First of all, you can enjoy it normally as well as watching normally.
I first saw it normally, but that was enough to enjoy the fun.

Next, what happens when you look at 4DX is that the chair moves, the wind blows, water is jetted,
A gimmick like an attraction works according to the contents of the movie.
I thought this was honest, not only good, but also good and bad.

First of all, about the merit, this is of course the fact that you can enjoy the realism. While the storm was blown out in the video, the gimmick like that the wind was blowing myself was also fun. On the other hand, it is a disadvantage, but the movie of this time is that the movement of the chair is too intense and the viewpoint is shaken.

I think that the way the 4DX chair swings is modest or intense depending on the work, but this movie is a violent guy
During the battle, it was already shaken so I was curious that I couldn’t see the video carefully because my head was shaken.

In particular, this time, because the battle drawing is the biggest attraction,
At that time, I felt frustrated that my eyes were shaking and I couldn’t see the drawings properly.
I wanted to see it more calmly than a sense of reality.

However, some people say that watching 4DX is definitely more interesting, so I think that is also a matter of preference.
Would you like to enjoy the attraction like 4DX or whether you want to calm down in a normal theater and watch God drawing?
I think it’s better to decide what you want to see.

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