Review of Dr. Stone 1×10 Terror or Hope

If there is something that has been very clear since the beginning of Dr. Stone , is that the dystopian context of it is an ideal terrain through which to constantly surprise the viewer. What is possible and what is not, and those that are present and those that appear out of nowhere, manage to form a path of infinite bifurcations that aims to leave us with many unexpected moments in the short, medium and long term.

This, in turn, feeds the exploration of the psyche of new characters, having placed Gen Asagiri at the center of the action.

This character, as we remember, suddenly appeared during the past week as a Tsukasa envoy who had only one mission: to check if Senku was really dead. In this way, his figure ends up becoming a reality in what he has to offer the world of stone in which they reside today.

On the one hand, the imposing figure of Tsukasa appears, a world of darkness, hierarchical and ruled by the wild in which progress is in the less prominent area of needs.

On the other hand, we find the eccentric Senku, who as he managed to represent through the acquisition of electricity, stands as a halo of hope for the inhabitants of the ancient world so that he can ever recover that technological dimension in which they lived at the time.

The key point of the contrast between both sides is given to what a priori seems like a trifle: a simple tail. Logically, this soda represents much more than that, and it is that after having witnessed the illumination of the night world.

The promise of the tail is another sign that Senku’s potential has no limit, and that if there is something worth the shame to rescue from the civilized world, this will become a priority for the realm of science – which does not mean that Senku is going to have to give Gen what he promised.

Also, it should be noted that what seemed like a conflict taking place over low heat explodes to some extent with the assault on Gen.

In this way, the distrust of the primitive village over those who hold the ‘magicians’ sign – and who also come from outside – ends up forcing its passage definitively through the actions of Magma.

And it is that although Tsukasa is the one who is trying to shape a world without any trace of what exalted the previous one -humanity and tolerance included-, we must not forget that naturally the stone world responds, logically, to some stimuli vastly primary.

In this way, the scientific world of Senku is sandwiched between the threat of two giants, although fortunately, Gen’s false confession to Tsukasa seems to give the protagonist now some extra margin – until it may end up digging the lie, if He hasn’t done it yet.

In this sense, it seems that the focus of action of the anime turns in an absolute and definitive way towards everything that happens in the town, something that logically limits somewhat more in the ability to surprise us but which in turn will allow to focus the narrative and make that this progress in a stable way.

Thus, the label of temporary antagonist rests entirely on Magma, who does not hesitate to ‘kill’ Gen so as to implement a plan that also ends with Kohaku – or make it part of his particular ‘harem’ – and that culminates, in his mind, with total control of the villa.

To face this, the realm of science makes the ‘signings’ of Kinro and Ginro official, although leaving the door slightly open for Chrome to take action – will this attempt to take part in the tournament in some way to save Ruri, as he promised in his childhood?

We will see, then, if the next episode of Dr. Stone leaves us directly with the celebration of the tournament that determines who stays with the daughter of the village chief or if, on the other hand, we must run into a new advance in the world of Senku science, because this time we don’t We have had more than a promise.

In any case, Dr. Stone once again leaves us with good feelings about its ability to make smooth transitions between one conflict and another, which could otherwise end up showing an excessively run over rhythm.

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