Review of Anime Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? [How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?]

Anime “How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? ] Review. If you become macho, your life will shine! You can also learn muscle training knowledge JK muscle training comedy. [summer recommended animation]
Animated summer 2019 with many attractive works. Among them, the theme of “muscle training” is a work that has attracted a great deal of attention, with a vibrant gag and practical training knowledge, “How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? ].

Broadcasting started on July 3, 2019, this work that is broadcast until episode 7 can be viewed on various video distribution services, and on AbemaTV on August 19 (Monday), August 20 (Tuesday) In addition to being distributed over the course of two days, there will also be a “Muscle Thanksgiving Day Special” on August 21st. I would like to introduce the charm of this work that is getting more and more exciting.

A comedy that can be enjoyed by female directors of Nozaki-kun regardless of gender

‘How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? Is a TV anime based on the same-named manga serialized by Shogakkan’s manga app “Manga One” (Original: Sandrovic Yabako, Drawing: MAAM).

A high school eater, Hibiki Sakura (voice: File Ai), felt a sense of crisis in her body shape and joined a nearby gym for a diet. Through the exchange between the muscle training and the unique people you meet at the gym, the official website says “Seeing Protein! JK Muscle Training Comedy!” To get the ideal proportions.

If you want to understand the animation, you should first listen to the opening theme song “Request Muscle”.
The gym trainer Machio Naruto (voice: Kishijin Ishikawa), who plays along with the energetic singing voice of the sound, hears intensely hands such as “Kireru! It ’s a highly addictive song. I hope that this high tension will continue for a long time.
Animated production has recently been “An angel has fallen to me! ”And“ Movie Care Studio ”who worked on“ Care and fox sensen ”. The cuteness of the character and the wonderfulness of the animated expression with a sense of dynamism are accompanied by origami.
The director is Mitsue Yamazaki, such as “Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun” and “Tada-kun does not fall in love”. Although this genre element is probably included, it seems that the power of female staff, including director Yamazaki, is great because it is reasonably good and the balance is easy for women to see.

By the way, it is this work that the exposure of the characters is generally high just because Jim is on the stage, but it will be the body of the male character rather than the female character that will burn into the mind after watching.
I think that the reason can be understood to some extent from the OP video, and I will continue to delve into it in the future, but in that sense it is an anime that I would like to recommend regardless of gender.

Charming characters who meet by muscle training

‘How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? Speaking of the symbolic character that has decided the Nori of “Machio Naruzou” (the reading is “Machio Elephant”. You may have noticed the good of Kang, but become “Macho” It ’s probably the same thing).
Usually a town hero wearing a jersey, but in response to words related to muscles such as “side chest” or “muscle”, he tears the jersey to reveal the macho body. Even if you look at it, you usually laugh unintentionally because of the impact and momentum of muscle mass that is unnatural to fit under clothes. It’s also laughing that the chance to take off clothes gets forced every time.

Also, the “Machio’s Muscle Lecture” inserted in the middle of the main part of the anime allows you to worship Hibiki’s sexy muscle training while listening to explanations for efficient training by Machio. It has become a corner. There is also a review section for training after the ending, and here is an explanation of training methods using what is at home. It is wonderful that consideration is given to viewers who cannot go to the gym. If you watch this corner where you can do muscle training together with the encouragement of the townspeople and Hibikis, you may start doing muscle training unexpectedly.

The charm of the unique female characters that Hibiki keeps interacting through training is a must-see. At first glance, Akemi Soryuin (voice: Amamiya Ten) who looks like a neat and clean black-haired girl is an unusual muscle fetish. The gap between the usual impression and the strange expression that appears when talking about muscles, and the glossy performance of Amamiya Ten is a must-see.
Hibiki’s best friend Ayaka Uehara (voice: Shizuka Ishihara) is a daughter of a boxing gym. Many of you will be attracted to her tight body and uneven abdominal muscles, trained in the gym at home. Satomi Tachibana, which appears in episode 3, is an Arasa teacher at Hibiki’s school. For some reason, I will join the gym to tighten my body. In this work where the number of unique characters increases each time, you will surely meet your favorite character.

Also, I would like to pay attention to the fact that various “muscle treliteracy”, such as Hibiki and Satomi, who are beginners of muscle training, and Akumi and Ayaka, who have specialized knowledge, develop a variety of interactions. Hibiki who started training with a slightly impure motive that “ I want to get attractive proportions and get motivated ” will be skipped if I am a little distracted, and I will practice the wrong training method due to the lack of knowledge There is also. In such a case, Tsukomi enters from Akemi.

On the other hand, Hibiki and Ayaka rushed slightly into the passion for the muscles that Akemi had missed. This misalignment is very fun. In addition, Hibiki’s training includes commentary for beginners, Akemi’s training includes commentary for experienced people, such as muscle training beginners becoming beginners, advanced players becoming advanced players, and viewers of any position It’s a good point of this anime that you can enjoy.
The muscles of summer heat and daily troubles are all solved!

It is these days that the heat wave is likely to continue. Physical strength is the most important thing to overcome this heat. And what is most important for maintaining physical fitness? Yes, it ’s muscle.

Also, I often hear that when you stop enjoying hobbies such as anime and games, you can continue to enjoy muscles and strength by continuing muscle training. The more muscle you have, the better you can live and enjoy life. If you become macho, your life will shine.
‘How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? If you watch 』, you will have knowledge of muscle training while having fun. Somehow everyday life is dull. If you can’t get into your favorite hobbies, why not watch this anime and start a muscle training?
Of course, those who are not interested in muscle training will surely enjoy this work. However, those people may be enthusiastic not only in anime but also in muscle training while watching the vibrant muscle training of Hibiki and Akemi. That’s why this is an animation that is inseparable between the fun and charm of muscle training. Nice bulk!

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