Pre-registration of SRPG “Border Rain -Kimi no Boundary-” to be held with a beautiful girl in a cyberpunk world has started!

Pre-registration of SRPG “Border Rain -Kimi no Boundary-” to be held with a beautiful girl in a cyberpunk world has started!

Lightning Games has begun accepting pre-registrations for the iOS / Android cyberpunk SRPG “Border Rain -Kimi no Kyoukai-” scheduled for release in the fall of 2019 from September 5th today.

Pre-registration starts today, “Border Rain -Kimi no Boundary-” is a near-future science fiction simulation RPG depicting the stories of people who have special genes. Many attractive characters drawn with a cyberpunk-style world view and beautiful graphics appear. It is also worth noting the story that gorgeous voice actors such as Ayane Sakura, Yui Ishikawa, Sumire Uesaka, Saori Hayami, and Tomomi Akisaka are excited.

This work features cute and attractive beautiful girls, but it also features a solid and highly strategic game system. While adopting the orthodox style of attacking while moving the character on the board every turn, you can enjoy a deep battle considering the characteristics and skills of each character. In particular, it is possible to counterattack enemies who have attacked, and it seems that you can enjoy bargaining such as reading the actions of the enemies.

There are also hot springs and other contents, and you can enjoy the development while communicating with your favorite savvy people. It’s a perfect app for those who want to enjoy high-strategic simulations as well as cyberpunk worldviews and cute girls.

In addition, a booth (w3-c902) will be exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 on September 14th and 15th. At the booth that reproduced the decadent city, there will be a trial corner where you can experience this work, goods distribution of savvy people, and even a booth-limited Twitter campaign, so please visit when you visit let’s see!

As the first game title for Lightning Games to advance to Japan, the Cyberpunk SRPG “Border Rain -Kimiyano Kyoukai-”, abbreviated as “Bodarain”, was released in early August. In order to receive feedback and requests from testers and to enjoy better content, we are working hard to improve and create with the development team.

And today, “Bodarain” pre-registration has finally started. Along with this, not only a lot of information such as game information and Twitter lottery campaign, such as Sarah who is a public relations officer on official Twitter, will be banned, as well as luxurious gifts according to the number of registered people The

We will also report that Bodarain officials will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, which will be held soon after the pre-registration starts. What the details are! ?

Pre-registration starts today! Luxury gifts depending on the number of people registered!
Well, the pre-registration you’ve been waiting for has just begun today! At the same time, on the official website that opened grand, more information and character information about the world of Bodarain was released.

On the pre-registration page, pre-registration can be done by registering with an email address or following the official account directly with Twitter, Facebook, LINE account. Depending on the number of people registered, you will receive all items and gacha tickets that can be used immediately at the time of release.

Experience chip: An item that gives experience level directly to savvy people (characters) to improve their level.

General-purpose BCI: An item that can raise the ability of a character.
Core key: By using it, you can access the places where the sensible people seem to be (gacha), welcome new savvy people as friends, and obtain memory equipment. And it can also be used to purchase products in the in-game shop.

In order to capture the stage, it is important not only to increase the number of friends but also to train. In particular, as the story progresses, powerful enemies block the path of their friends, so character organization and skill setting become important. If you can use pre-registration gifts, it will definitely lead to the advancement of the initial unit, so be sure to pre-register and get all the presents for up to 100,000 people!

And the other day, the official Twitter PR girl Sarah-chan announced, but after pre-registration has started, official Twitter and other information will finally be informed and disseminated. In addition to the closed test and information on new savvy people who have been wrapped up to date, some of the savvy people who have already been released and their new appearances will also be shown soon.

Before stepping into the new world, why not take a look at the cute and cool figures of their friends once and remember them.

A sympathizer, Makuhari Messe. Venue limited videos and goods?

And the sympathizers reign at Makuhari Messe …

So, on September 14th and 15th, “Bodarain” will be exhibited at the w3-c902 booth (named “SHENZHEN LEITING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY”) at Tokyo Game Show 2019, which will be held at Makuhari Messe! The oil tank bathed in the dim lighting of the neon tube, the booth of the day is just a corner of a decadent city, and it tries to show the future of humanity.

Although it is a small booth, we are planning to implement a game corner prior to release, limited distribution of goods for savvy people, release of a limited game movie, and a Twitter campaign limited to the booth. There is no doubt that it will be an exhibition with many variations. I will show you the world of good cyberpunk to all the commanders who are bothering in the heat of the heat!

In preparation for the coming release date, the game information, the details of the event (and Sara-chan’s selfie) will be released from today on the official website, Twitter, LINE, We will release to Facebook and game media one after another. Look forward to reigning in the future and saving the world!

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