Pokemon Sun and Moon: SPOILER! Image of Ash winning the Pokemon League

The most watched anime in the last 20 years is about to end. After losing 6 Pokemon leagues, it seems that we can finally see Satoshi raising the champion cup. A few hours ago a first image was revealed that was published in a magazine where he was seen in the company of Royal Mask and the representatives of the islands.

At first it was speculated that this image would be of Ash holding the cup, but it was concluded that it was only Pikachu as always on his shoulder. But now a Japanese program has revealed in an unpublished video, images of what will be the end of the League scheduled to air this Sunday, September 15.

In the image you can see quite clearly the protagonist Satoshi in the company of Royal Mask and Pikachu on his shoulder, while holding the long-awaited cup of the Pokemon League, thus becoming the first Alola champion.

Will the Rocket team ruin everything? In the last chapter it was seen how Musashi (Jessy) and Koujiro (James) were preparing a new plan, building a super robot that would be ready to interrupt the moment of the awards.

All this would fit perfectly with the leaks, since in the first one you can see Satoshi in front of a giant robot and in the second one he is seen scared looking up, it could be that the victory of the young coach is overshadowed by a new attack of the group of villains.

Chapter 139, the second part of the Alola Pokemon League final, will air this Sunday, September 15 at 4:00 in the morning.

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