Pokémon Masters: how to get Coupons A at the Blue event

Pokémon Masters: how to get Coupons A at the Blue event

Pokémon Masters is the new mobile game of the Pokémon franchise. The free-to-play title is now available for Android and iOS devices. Since its launch, Pokémon Masters has become a success and is already very popular among fans of the saga.

Cooperative fighting between three coaches, an interesting and broad history, the large number of available partners and a balanced progression system have formed a very good basis for this game. In addition, we must add the presence of events that will come slowly.

For now, the first event is already here and will be available until September 29. Azul and his Pidgeot are the protagonists of this “Those who aspire to the highest.” Within the event we will access an object that is really interesting. In this guide we show you how to get Coupons A?

Pokémon Masters: how to get Coupons A
Why get Coupons A
Players can claim rewards by exchanging a certain number of A coupons in the store. Bis tickets, which allow players to play certain missions again, can be obtained for 100 coupons.

You can get three 2-star level manuals for 50 coupons each, five 1-star level manuals can be purchased for 30 coupons each and 10 coupons will be worth 10,000 coins three times separately.

The most expensive item is a Power-Up or 5-star enhancer for 300 coupons. However, it is worth exchanging this article because it can be used to increase the number of stars in a synchronization pair.

How to get Coupons A
While you can earn some coupons for completing Event Missions, you will still be missing coupons if you want to claim all the rewards. This means that you must repeat certain missions to win enough coupons. The cooperative mission “Finish with Blue! Round 1” of Normal difficulty and will give you eleven coupons, while “Finish with Blue! Round 2” of Difficult difficulty and give you thirteen coupons.

You already know how to get this precious item. Do not miss how to get Power Ups in Pokémon Masters and raise the power of your partner, how to get the notes of gym leaders in Pokémon Masters or how to exceed the level limit.

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