One Piece: Zoro’s amazing and powerful new sword

One Piece: Zoro’s amazing and powerful new sword

The trio of swords of the famous Straw Hat crew pirate has changed again.

Yes, Roronoa Zoro has changed one of his swords in One Piece. In fact it has been exchanged and, although its classification is unknown, it seems that it has won with the change. Of course this information contains SPOILERS of recent events from the Eiichirō Oda license, so be advised.

In the last chapter of the manga Zoro made the decision to part with his legendary sword and one of the 21 O Wazamono (Swords of the Excellent Degree) known as Shusui.

Recall that Zoro had two of these swords, the one cited and known as Wado Ichimonji, is with a more sentimental tint. Shusui was originally from the legendary samurai Ryuma, who gives it to Zoro after beating him in a fight. Now Zoro exchanges Shusui – sword that had been stolen – by the sword known as Enma from Kozuki Hiyori.

The power of the Enito meito sword – which means Diablo – is not fully known, but it is known that it was the only weapon capable of causing harm to Kaido, the general of the Beast Pirates. Therefore, despite getting rid of one of the 21 swords of grade O Wazamono, it seems that the green-haired swordsman has won the deal.

One Piece 955: The story of the legendary sword revealed!

The hero Zoro is in Wano and is trying to rid the country of his tyrant boss, but Zoro needs his swords to do so. These days, Luffy’s right arm is missing a katana, after Shusui was robbed, but offered another sword.

Initially, the swordsman was a bit skeptical, but after hearing Hiyori’s story about the Enma sword, Zoro is considering the big deal.

The legendary sword Enma
This week, One Piece released a new chapter, and it was there that we learned important news. The chapter begins with Hiyori who tells Zoro a cross section of Enma’s story. The sword he offered to the fighter who belonged to his late father Oden years before.

“My father Kazuki Oden was a swordsman who practiced the technique of the two swords. The day before his execution, he entrusted one of his swords to my brother and me. My brother received Ame-no-Habakiri and Enma gave it to me. “, shared Hiyori. “Both are excellent katanas forged by two famous Wano blacksmiths.”

In an earlier chapter, Hiyori told Zoro that Enma was the only sword created that has hurt Kaido. The legend says that the Yonko is untouchable and immortal. The only people who could fight on the same level with the “Beast” are the other Yonkos as Big Mom.

But our Monkey D. Luffy is training the Haki to get a very strong blow capable of destroying Kaido. Now, Zoro can rip the armor of the 100 Beast captain if he handles this sword, and the swordsman seems ready to accept the challenge.

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