One Piece: these are the rewards of the most powerful Yonkou

One Piece: these are the rewards of the most powerful Yonkou

Manga 957 revealed the rewards of the strongest emperors of the sea. They border the billion!

In the world of One Piece all pirates have a price. On this occasion, manga 957 announced how much each of the Four Emperors of the Sea (Yonkou) is worth.

Who are these pirates? They are the greatest forces within the One Piece universe, even more powerful than the admirals themselves, crew captains capable of destroying islands at any time.

Manga 957 of One Piece, entitled “Ultimate”, takes us to the Navy headquarters, where Sengoku updates the Marines on the God Valley incident, the Roxs pirates, the Yonkou and their captain, Rox D. Xebec .

Sengoku himself reveals that, since the battle where Garp and Gol D. Roger defeated the Rox pirates, 38 years have passed. So it reveals what the rewards of the Yonkou are.

First they talk about the man who proclaimed himself as Yonkou a year ago. In the assault on the Impel Down Prison he got strong subordinates and is the head of the pirates island, Hachinosu, Marshall D. Teach or Blackbeard.

After this, they spend with the man who has been 6 years as Yonkou, the youngest of the four. Among his subordinates are Beckman, Roo, Yasopp, among others. The leader of the redhead pirate band, Shanks the redhead.

Third is the woman who attacked the Elbaf village when she was a girl. Called a monster since then, queen of Totto Land and mother of 85 children in total. The captain of the Big Mom pirate band, Charlote Linlin.

Finally there is the youngest apprentice of the Rox pirates. He earned the respect of all pirates thanks to his strength. The governor of the band of beast pirates, Kaido of the Beasts.

Manga 957 of One Piece ends up revealing the rewards of Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, as well as the name of Oden and the connection with the country of Wano.

When was One Piece issued?
The anime is produced by Toei Animation, and premiered in Japan on Fuji TV since October 20, 1999.

What is the treasure of One Piece?
Better known as the Great Treasure (大 宝 Taihō?) Is the most important in the world of One Piece, which belonged to Gol D. Roger. Decades later, Whitebeard known as “The closest man to the One Piece” confirmed his existence in the Marineford Saga, before he died.

Where is the One Piece?
The New World is the place where Raftel Island is located, known as the last Grand Line island. It is rumored that this is where the legendary treasure of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, the One Piece, and the true story found in the Poneglyph River.

How old is One Piece?
Keeping a story running for more than 20 years is not easy. In the last decade we have seen countless programs deflate with the passing of each chapter. However, One Piece still maintains a solid fan base that religiously follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his intrepid team.

When did One Piece start?
Written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece is serialized in the anthology magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from July 19 since 1997, in issue # 37 of that year. The chapters are compiled in volumes called tankobon published by Shueisha since December 24, 1997.

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