One Piece: manga editor reveals that the end will not come in five years

For more than twenty years, One Piece has been published continuously without any problem. When some thought this would be infinite, they were wrong. The end is closer than ever and, according to the same mangaka Eiichiro Oda, there are five years left.

Now, this time, the editor of One Piece, Takuma Naito, spoke about Oda’s words regarding the end of the series. According to Naito, one should not take what the mangaka said to the letter.

During the Tokyo Game Show, Takuma Naito was responsible for promoting the next anime game, where he declared for media about the recent interview of Eiichiro Oda. Naito managed to laugh and said there is much, much to do during the five-year term.

“I thought to myself,‘ Why did everyone believe that? There is no way, ”were his first words. “It’s not that we want to drag anything. The stories ahead are so dense, we still have a lot to do to finish them in 5 years … ”

“Right now, we are close to Act 2 of the Wano country, which means that from now on we are approaching the core of the series and this arc is very important for that reason,” said the One Piece editor.

Manga of One Piece has just finished the second arc and there is still the final battle between the Mugiwara and Kaido’s army, as well as those of Big Mom, so we would possibly face two years. After this, there would be some more arcs to develop, which means that in 5 years it could not end.

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