One Piece manga 957 “Ultimate”: here you can read all the incidents

One Piece manga 957 “Ultimate”: here you can read all the incidents

The SPOILERS of the 957 piece of One Piece have already been shown, which will be released this week and, without a doubt, will leave more than one follower with the emotion to the surface. Apparently, the good news doesn’t stop coming.

In the previous episode of One Piece (manga 956) we saw that Levely was more agitated than normal, there was a death, the Ouka Shichibukai system was abolished and that X Drake is really part of the navy.

Then we will leave you the SPOILERS of One Piece manga 957. Are you ready?

– First, we have the one of “Kurohige”, whom people started calling an emperor about a year ago. He obtained strong subordinates during the attack on Impel Down 2 years ago. Right now, he is the head / ruler of Hachinosu Island. It is the power that replaced Whitebeard, and it is still growing. Marshall “D” Teach’s reward is 2,247,600,000 Berries.

– We continue with the one who has been called an emperor for 6 years, the youngest of the 4, has the confidence of his subordinates, the best balanced and impregnable crew. Beckman, Roo, and Yasopp, their commanders made a name for themselves, one after another.

The reward of the leader of the Redhead Pirates, “Shanks the Redhead” is 4,048,900,000 Berries.

– Next, it is said that he attacked a village of Elbaf when he was just a child. A destructive cream! She is a dictator queen who created her country called “Totto Land” with her 85 children. Captain of the “Big Mom Pirates”, Charlotte LinLin, with a reward of 4,388,000,000 Berries.

– And … although he was only a “pirate apprentice” in the Rox pirates … later his strength earned the respect of the most brutal pirates, to the point of being called an emperor. The captain of the pirates of the beasts, Kaido the one of the Beasts, with a reward of 4,611,100,000 Berries.

– From now on, we will not be able to use the Shichibukais against the “4 emperors.” If the decision we make is correct or not, it will depend on the work of the special scientific body of Marina.

– By the way, we will also review the rewards of these legendary men. Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, Edward Newgate! with a reward of 5,046,000,000 Berries and the captain of the “Roger Pirates” with a reward of 5,564,800,000 Berries.

According to reports, in the 38-year incident in God Valley, rox pirates were defeated by the Navy’s Vice Admiral, Garp. For that incident he is known as “the hero of the navy”, although he does not like to be called that.

What really happened was that to protect tenryubitos and their slaves, Garp and Roger joined together to defeat the Rox Pirates.

One of the reasons why Garp refuses to be promoted to an admiral is that the admirals are direct subordinates of the tenryubitos.

– Sengoku: His captain Rocks, had the ambition to become the “king of the world”, but never had a successor.

There are other pirates, who later became famous, and who were initially part of the rox pirates, such as Captain John, Shiki the Golden Lion, Silver Ax, Ouchoku.

After the SPOILERS of manga 957 of One Piece, this seems to be a kind of flashback because we see Shiki the Golden Lion next to Big Mom, Kaido Shirohige, who belonged to Rox’s crew.

Recall that Shiki the Golden Lion was a famous pirate of the golden age, appeared for the first time in the movie Strong World, also fought and lost with Gol D. Roger.

Likewise, the SPOILERS of manga 957 of One Piece show us an alliance between the King of the Pirates and Garp, Luffy’s grandfather.

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