One Piece manga 955: Luffy and Zoro get new powers to beat Kaido

One Piece manga 955: Luffy and Zoro get new powers to beat Kaido

Total surprise! SPOILERS have already left this week’s chapter, which is the beginning of the war with Kaido.

The second act is over! The news has taken by surprise all the followers of the anime, because very early the spoilers of the 955 manga of One Piece have come out.

We have so many surprises in this week’s chapter that you will stay with your mouth open. Do not you believe it? Next we will detail the spoilers of One Piece manga 955.


Amigasa Village. Kawamatsu and Zoro tell others about Hiyori. Hiyori, because the battle is approaching, has decided that he will not meet everyone else at this time.

Sanji is being nice to Momonosuke after learning that the beauty he was with Zoro is his sister. Okiku gives Nidai Kitetsu to Tengu. Tengu tells everyone that he has been waiting for the opportunity to return the two swords, “Ama no Habakiri” and “Enma,” to Momonosuke and Hiyori. Those two swords are O Wazamono, just like Shusui.

Sandai Kitetsu and Ama no Habakiri were made by Tengu, and the name of the craftsman who made Wado Ichimonji and Enma is Shimotsuki Kouzaburo. Tengu gives Ama no Habakiri to Momonosuke, but Momo decides that he will leave the sword in Tengu’s hands for a while, Enma gives it to Zoro.

Zoro wanted to try the sword with a tree, but ended up cutting the coast with a single blow! That is by the sword …?

3 days until the final battle

– Robin tells everyone that according to his information, there are about twenty thousand men in the Beast Pirates, and Orochi has another ten thousand. This battle will be 4,000 against 30,000.

Kuri – Itachi port: Franky is working hard with everyone to fix the boats.

Udon – Prisoner Mine: Luffy is training and leveling up with Grandpa Hyo.

2 days until the final battle

Amigasa Village: Chopper, Luffy and the others arrive in the village, adding 200 men to their forces.

1 day until the final battle

Everyone is ready! Forward to Onigashima

As we will see in the spoilers of manga 955 of One Piece, both Luffy and Zoro have new powers to be able to end the army of Kaido. For example, the captain has already mastered the new Haki while the swordsman already has Enma.

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