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Spoiler consideration of one piece latest Chapter 955

Two sword style
This time, I found that Oden is a “two sword style”. Speaking of two sword styles, wasn’t Orochi saying “Orochi two sword style”? Considering from here, it is possible that Orochi completely replaced his history with oden.

Otherwise, human who uses An’nani palliative hand in the matter of SMILE is, has been revered as a hero it because it is a little strange for.
It either, Orochi also really dual wield in, maybe the Oden and Orochi is teacher-student relationship , or the same school (I wonder if that?) Or would do some things or something was.

Perhaps rivalry has developed and has resulted in hatred…? In fact, Zoro was originally a two-sword style. You seem to have become a three-sword style through the battle with Kuina, but maybe you have been taught in two- sword style ?

Then, there was a possibility that someone with two swords was in Shimotsuki village, and Zoro may have a connection with the Kogetsu family.
“Ama no Habari”. This name that I thought was such a direct hint. Amaha people Zan and speaking, the name itself of Shinkenger defeated the Yamata no Orochi in Japanese mythology but it is. It has the aid of peach when it comes, just maybe, fight Orochi is a peach of assistant Will it comes to. It seems that I was training quite a bit, but at present I have an impression that I have n’t been able to help, but it is. Maybe there’s some kind of awakening of peach ’s helping power that I’ve always been interested in?

Kid companion
This time, I understood that there seems to be a kid companion under the Orochi. That is, Kidd is still likely to have gone toward the original Orochi I feel. Then, is there a “surrounding group” that suddenly came out, maybe a sailor of the Kid Pirates? Datosuruto, there is no reason to follow the Orochi Knowing the release of Kid It is, it means to fight back to the turning us but, possibility of us to some kind cooperation it there is.
On the other hand, Orochi’s illustrations that are always stupid to their subordinates are conspicuous.

In the first place, most of Orochi’s subordinates are the people who are used by Kaido. If that happens, the other day had defeated is some Zoro your garden number crowd sometimes, if you look only at the Orochi, fall is surprisingly fast it might be. However, whether attached to either the Kyoshi Ichiro in, but you also feel like it varies considerably.

The conspiracy surrounding the law
This time, the handcuffs were removed, and Lo was released while becoming full of wounds. However, who was released by it was a mystery.
The only thing I saw was my feet and cloak. Is it possible to think about Kid and Drake? Speaking Kyoshi Ichiro also, I have a feeling that has been multiplied by the coat.

It ’s not the Navy or even Shanks?
If this happens, there are quite a lot of cloak characters (laughs). However, from the reaction of that law, it is clear that he was an unexpected person or could not read his aim. However, the low was in the mouth “conspiracy” is, “the Wano countries that to release” or of the ” can defeat the rotation” or of the Qin also another thing whether such. It ’s not clear what it ’s about. What is the profit aimed at by that mystery by releasing the row?

(It shouldn’t have been written in the human phase…)
Then, it seems that the person who knows that Law has been caught is likely to be a person on the Orochi side, or a person who was intimidated by all. If that happens, after all, Kyokushiro. Or maybe somebody had already infiltrated the Wano country.

This time, he came out in a form embraced by Robin. I was just curious about that sleeping ? If so, would you be sleeping for days? Once you have that happening, side effects of SMILE There is also, those that are laughing I think.

Moreover, the face is face down, and it seems suspicious that it ’s crazy.
However, if there is a change, Robin thinks that he / she will not be aware, so it may be that there is a possibility that something is going on.

So far, Jiro who really has no information. When this happens, I feel like Jiro is still on the Orochi Kaidou side. Was it betrayed or was there for some reason? Kyojiro’s Giro Jiro theory is still abandoned. It will be a decisive battle soon, so I ‘m sure this will soon become clear.

Somehow Kaido who began to give a fairly disturbing air. That was the first thing. It was a pretty big body, so it’s probably like a queen or a king. First of all, Queen and King face cards in, “Numbers” because is around that, such feeling about the next war potential ‘d say What. Compared to Gifters, it seems to be extremely strong. It seems that it will become clear next time what kind of power it has.

Big Mom and Kaido’s Pirate Alliance
And this. This was a very strong earthquake, but why did that happen? What happened suddenly even though they were fighting to kill. Have any interests matched? Or did you feel uplifted while you were fighting? Is it the power of sake ? Anyway, this alliance has been confirmed to become a strong enemy even when it comes down.

Is it possible to deal with the four Emperors as two?
When this happens , it may be that the powerful assistants of the four imperial class that have come out so far must participate.

Is it possible to cancel the alliance?
Who released Trafalgar Law, or swords that could defeat Kaido, but they were blown away by the shock of the alliance of Big Mom and Kaido. As expected, you won’t win unless you break up the alliance by fighting off!
I don’t know the reason for the alliance yet.

One piece latest story 955 story summary of spoiler information
So far, I have introduced spoilers and impressions based on the latest story.
This is the latest Chapter, 955, but the one-piece comics are even more interesting when read with the pictures.

Some Facts about One Piece: Manga Chapter 955

There is no doubt that the action will definitely be heated in the next Chapter 955 of “One Piece.” Everything is ready for an epic battle as a key event that has been predicted to finally happen in the most recent installment of the manga.

Fans who have been anxiously waiting for the outcome of the battle between Kaido and Linlin may have to wait a little longer before the question about which Yonko is the strongest can be resolved. In a surprising twist, the two overwhelmed characters, who were last seen trying to kill themselves, suddenly kissed and invented and even announced a temporary alliance in chapter 954 of the manga.

Actually, it is not so surprising, since that possibility has been anticipated a few chapters ago. After all, Luffy’s side has been gaining strength recently, since the only way to match the power of the two groups is also to strengthen Kaido’s forces by having Big Mom join him. The positive side is that now there will be an epic battle to wait, but it still can’t happen in “One Piece” 955.

A rather surprising addition to Kaido’s side is a mysterious group of fighters simply known as numbers. Not much is known about their battle skills and even their origins, but the recent chapter seems to hint that the group loves to drink.

According to their silhouettes, they are definitely huge and can probably be compared in size with Kaido and Linlin. There is a good chance that they are relatives of Kaido since they seem to have two horns on their heads like the Yonko. In addition, they also carry spike sticks as their weapon.

But not only the side of Kaido and Big Mom is getting stronger. Luffy’s side has been winning new members and weapons too.

More importantly, Luffy himself is training very hard for the next fight with Kaido. In the previous chapter, the Straw Hats captain was busy trying to master his new Haki technique, Ryou, under Hyogoro’s supervision.

But is Luffy’s new Haki enough to defeat Kaido? It seems that even Hyogoro himself isn’t so sure, that’s why he took Luffy to the limit. “There is no time to lose! Your enemy is a monster! You must learn this, ”the older man reminded the Straw Hat pirate.

Unfortunately, fans will not be able to read Chapter 955 of “One Piece” as scheduled. It was announced that the team will be at rest this week. The next delivery will be a week later.

Just before the end of Chapter 954 of One Piece, One Piece fans are surprised when Kaido reveals that they will form an alliance with the Big Mom Pirates.

Kaido and Big Mom
Since the arrival of Big Mom in Wano Country, Kaido’s subordinate attacked her crew . Many unexpected events occurred during his arrival and one of them is when he experienced amnesia. Big Mom regained her memory during her battle against Queen in Udon prison, but falls asleep after regaining her memories.

Queen took advantage of it and brought the Yonko to Onigashima where her captain, Kaido resides. Big Mom and Kaido meet and, instead of a warm welcome, the two Yonko fight. The battle between the two Yonko continues, but an unexpected turn of events occurred in Chapter 954 of One Piece when they announced the alliance of the Beast Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates.

The new enemy “Numbers”
In addition to the Yonko Alliance, the previous chapter also covers interesting scenes that include the preparation they are doing for the next war, the exchange of swords between Zoro and Hiyori, the escape of Trafalgar Law and the introduction of the new enemy called the Numbers.

Release Date of One Piece Chapter 955

With many events in the previous chapter, the next One Piece Chapter 955 will surely give us more epic moments. However, fans will have to wait more than 2 weeks as there will not be a new chapter next week. Chapter 955 of One Piece will officially return after a week. It will release on September 16 in the weekly number of Shonen jumps # 42.

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