One Piece: Did Universal Studios reveal possible live action scenes?

One Piece is the manga and anime that has managed to position itself in the first sales position during the last ten years, so it is considered as a work of worship that all fans of Japanese animation should have seen. That is why it is not surprising that after so many years, there are people who wish to see their favorite characters in real life. Could this happen at some point?

The Universal Studios Japan amusement park has shown as part of its promotion, a series of shorts in which it shows what could be a Live Action version of One Piece. So far 2 shorts of 30 seconds each have been shown and have shown the most iconic characters at times that many remember.

Both videos begin showing the tender scene in which Shanks hands Luffy the symbolic straw hat. You can see the beginnings of Zoro and Sanji, in addition to several of the characters that appear before and after Time Skip.

But this has not been the first time that it is committed to make a promotion with the characters in its live action version, since on one occasion a website to get work opted for the Mugiwara to create a commercial.

One piece
It is a manga and anime created by the Japanese mangaka Eichiro Oda. His manga began to be published in the year 1007 and has to date more than 80 volumes that are sold with great success. His series saw the light in 1999 and so far has almost 900 chapters.

The anime tells the story of Luffy, a young man who motivated by the legends of the famous pirate Gol D. Roger decides to embark on the adventure to become the king of pirates. Together with his crew, the Mugiwara, he is determined to get the world’s greatest treasure, the One Piece.

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