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Chapter 957: One Piece

– Act 3 does not begin in this chapter.
– Whitebeard, Shiki the “Golden Lion”, Big Mom and Kaido were all from the Rocks ship.
– Rocks was a D.
– Garp and Gol D. Roger teamed up to defeat Rox.
– All Yonkous reward posters were unveiled at the end of the chapter.

Shanks: 4.048.900 Billion Berries
Big Mom: 4,388 Billion Berries.
Kaido: 4,611,100 Billion Berries.
Whitebeard: 5.046 Billion Berries.
Goal D. Roger: 5,564,800 Billion Berries.

We’ll have One Piece next week 🙂

More Spoilers

The whole chapter is about Sengoku talking about the Navy and about the history of pirates from the beginning to the last page.

Information about the Rocks and D.
The captain’s name is Rocks D. Xebec.
The God Valley Incident (Alliance between Pirates and Navy) happened 38 years ago.
The reason Garp did not want the promotion as Admiral is that the Admiral’s are direct reports to the Tenryuubitos.
Oden and Wano.

More other spoilers:

Sengoku: Kaido and Big Mom, it’s true that they used to be on the same ship, however, their current strength is at a totally different level than 38 years ago. If the information about your “Alliance” is true, the worst band of pirates in the world is about to emerge.

Brannew !!! What are the current rewards of these two?
Brannew: Oh yes, we are working on the new rewards of those who have been stripped of their Shichibukais position.
Let’s review all their rewards.

– First, we have the “Blackbeard” whom people started calling Yonkou about a year ago. He obtained strong subordinates during the Impel Down attack two years ago. He is now the “Ruler” of Hachinosu Pirate Island (Hive). He is the new power that has replaced Whitebeard, and he is still growing. Blackbeard Pirate Admiral Marshall “D” Teach !!! Reward: 2.2476 billion berries !!!

– Then we have the one who is called Yonkou 6 years ago, the youngest of the four and he trusts his subordinates. Beckman, Roo and Yasopp… their Commanders make a name for themselves one after another. Known for having a high average reward among members, the team with the best balance, an impregnable team. Redhead Pirates leader Shanks the “Redhead” !!! Reward: 4.048.900 billion berries !!!

-Then it is said that she attacked an Elbaf village when she was just a child. A natural born monster !!! She is a dictating queen who believes in nothing but lineage and created a bizarre country known as “Totto Land” with her 85 children. Big Mom Pirate Captain Charlotte LinLin !!!! Reward: 4.388 billion berries !!!

And – although he was just a “pirate apprentice” at the Pirates Rocks…. his personal strength later attracted the respect of brutal pirate bands to the point of being called Yonkou. The General of the “Pirates of the Beasts”, “Kaido of the Beasts”. Reward: 4,611,100 billion berries !!!

From now on we will not be able to use the Shichibukais against the Yonkous !!! Whether the choice of omitting those poisonous is correct or not depends on the future work of SSG, the Navy Special Scientific Body.

“By the way we’ll also review the rewards of those legitimate men.” Captain of the “Whitebeard Pirates”, Edward Newgate !!! Reward: 5.046 billion berries !!!

Captain of “Pirates Roger”, the “King of Pirates” Gold Roger, rewards: 5,564,800 billion berries !!!

According to a Chinese forum: According to press reports, in the God Valley incident 38 years ago, the Pirates Rocks were destroyed by Deputy Admiral Garp. This is why he was called as the “Hero of the Navy”, although he himself does not like this title. What really happened was: To protect the Tenryuubitos and their slaves, Garp and Roger worked together to defeat the Pirate Rocks. One of the reasons Garp refuses to be promoted to Admiral is that the Admiral’s are direct reports to the Tenryuubitos.

Information Now Confirmed:

– Captain John was from the Pirates Rocks

– Oden was named one of the Whitebeard Commanders before joining the Rogers Pirates.

– It is mentioned that they are part of the Pirates Rocks: Golden Lion, Silver Ax, Captain John. (Who is Silver Ax?)

– Rocks’ ambition was to become the “King of the World”.

Riots in the world of One Piece! Eiichiro Oda’s work became a trend in social networks due to the events of episode 957 of the manga.

Titled “Ultimate,” this week’s chapter has revealed the incidents of the Rocks Pirates, what happened on God Valley Island, the rewards of the Yonkou and the relationship with the country of Wano. Without a doubt, one of the best episodes!

Among all the revelations of the recent chapter of One Piece, we will focus on one in particular: the Pirates Rocks. The crew consisted of Shirohige, Big Mom and Kaido, led by Captain Rocs D. Xebec.

Manga 957 of One Piece takes us to the navy barracks, where Sengoku talks about the pirate alliance of Big Mom and Kaido, when he mentions the name “Rocks.” He said that, years ago on Hachiosu Island, several allied and formed this band

The three Yonkou were led by Rocks, who sought to be the king of the world. They were classified as terrorists, so the government covered up their actions. 38 years ago, on God Valley Island, the Pirates Rocks perished. Who put an end to it? Vice Admiral Garp.

Senguko revealed that the Marine does not tell what happened for two reasons, one of them was that he was protecting the Tenryuubito during that mission and the other, he met Gol D. Roger, with whom he worked hand in hand to end the Pirates Rocks

After the God Valley incident, the island is no longer drawn on any map of the world. It just disappeared without a trace. Senguko also revealed that Rocks’s real name was Rocks D. Xebec, Roger’s first rival.

This is how manga 957 of One Piece shows us a little more about the past of Kaido and Big Mom, who were once part of the same crew.

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