One Piece Chapter 898 Review and Opinions

Chapter 898 – The Star! Hawkins the magician appears!

The chapter begins with Basil Hawkins and his small group of bandits attacking Luffy and Zoro, for which they both prepare by taking out their swords and seeing Luffy’s sword, Zoro recognizes her as a good sword and begins to ask him to leave See her, but Luffy refuses again and again.

While they are arguing, Hawkins takes the opportunity to send their bandits against them, but they are easily defeated by Luffy and Zoro, and after a while Hawkins manages to draw the right card to draw a powerful attack, but Otama’s dog takes them out. of the battle as she gets worse, which ends up being a race against the monster invoked by Basil Hwakins.

“Wow … there really isn’t much to talk about this chapter really, it was pure battle … I’ll try to make an effort.” This review of One piece is not going to have manga spoilers since I do not want to do it and they do not allow me to do it, so Jojo’s spoileare instead … not true.

First point, the animation of this chapter was beautiful, I feel that the new animation of this arc comes out quite brightly in battles and in scenes that require a very dynamic movement and / or choreography, since they show a great job making the movements pass smoothly.

Point two, we were presented with a different side of what we knew about Wari-wari fruit because (correct me if I’m wrong) I think we had only been shown that he was able to use people like “human shields” or “extra lives ”So to speak, but that he has shown new perspectives of his abilities, I loved it and not only did he mean his straw monster that I don’t know his name, but his ability to maneuver and deform his sword with the above straw… and he also has the ability to fly cards from where you can get Za warudo! and / or Star platinum.

Conclusion, a great chapter full of battles and perfect to demonstrate the new pattern they want to take in this arc to be able to express each movement properly.

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