One piece 956 episode spoiler confirmed

One piece 956 episode spoiler confirmed! The abolishment of the Wang Shichibu Sea and the death of Sabo?

Weekly Shonen Jump latest story released on September 21, 2019!

This article is a spoiler article for One Piece Episode 956.

In One Piece 955, Wano’s second act is over!

Even so, Luffy feels stronger with the training of leopards.

And how strong Zoro got by having an exorcism!

One piece 956 latest story spoiler confirmed!

One Piece 956: Garp to Ryugu Kingdom
First, Garp goes to the Ryugu Kingdom.

After the Reveli (World Congress) was over, Garp went to the Ryugu Kingdom with Neptune.

And from Garp’s mouth, the word “ There is one incident” .

The incident seems to have happened immediately after leaving the port after the dissolution of Reverie.

Garp tells Neptunes “Please don’t be afraid of humans”.

Ryugu Kingdom was persecuted by Tenryu.

More than that is a potential incidents fear of human beings, what the case of the . .

The case is related to the Alabasta Kingdom.

Speaking of Alabasta, the country that was messed up by Sir Crocodile, which was once the king of the Seven Wings .

Thanks to Luffy and others, we should be recovering now.

What kind of incidents are involved in Bibi who are in the Alabasta Kingdom?

One Piece 956 Episode: A Case Reaching the World Economic Newspaper
And the scene changed and the World Economic Newspaper.

In the world, there seems to be an incident following the incident.

Morgans, the president, seems to be wondering which articles to die for, such as death articles, voting results, and attempted murders.

An express delivery arrived from the government, and there was a great check.

In short, it was a message to manipulate information with this money.

But Morgans tries to catch up with government demands.

However , the person who was thought to be Attachyan is in disguise, and a member of the Cipher Paul who came out from the inside pointed his gun at Morgans, “Hear what you say .”

Still, Morgans defeats the Cipher Paul.

Apparently Morgans likes money but has a belief that he should be a journalist.

A type of DJ that sometimes makes people dance with lies! And lie information is also disseminated. .

And reports from the subordinates that there is a leak information from King Wapol.

Speaking of Wapol, Zhang himself who messed up the medical power drum!

As a result, the chopper has a very damaged past. .

The leak information is likely to be lie information.

What is the content of this information manipulation?

Since it is a request that bounces back even if you see a check of a large sum of money, it may have been the content “ Do not post the death story of Sabo”.

One Piece 956: Sabo died?

Newspapers created by the World Economic Newspaper, led by Morgans, were distributed all over the world.

Then, people who tears appear one after another.

Both Ivankov and Dragon are confused by the contents of the newspaper.

This is the first time I have seen a dragon that is so impatient.

Apparently everyone’s reaction shows that the news was that Sabo was dead .

Eat melamela fruit, which is an ace keepsake, and change the world with Luffy. .

But this information was written by Morgans, who professed “sometimes letting people dance with lies.”

I can’t deny the possibility that some kind of intention was made and the information that Sabo died was sent .

Unlike the scene where Ace died, the scene where Sabo died is not drawn at all, so I think I’m likely a Morgans lie.

One Piece 956: Drake was the captain of the Navy HQ Secret Special Forces SWORD!
And it turns out that Drake has the title “Navy HQ Secret Special Forces SWORD Commander”!

In other words, Drake was a navy spy!

Originally Drake has a past that was a general of the Navy .

But now, under the umbrella of Kaidou, one of the Four Emperors.

Moreover, you are the boss of Coby.

Drake and Coby seemed to expect Kaidu and Big Mum to kill each other and crush each other, but unexpectedly Kaidu and Big Mum have allied .

And Drake says he saw CP0 in the capital of Wano.

That means that the government is doing business with Wano.

This feels quite a smell.

One Piece 956 Episode: The removal of the King Shichibukai is decided

And it was the biggest news for people all over the world.

That is the decision to abolish the King Shichibukai .

In the battle between Doflamingo and Luffy, Naval Admiral Fujitora mentioned the abolition of the King Shichibukai.

This becomes reality.

Fujitora knows the evil of Doflamingo, one of the Shichibukai, but as a form, Shichibukai is a friend of the Navy.

In the contradiction that can not do anything against the wrong person, Fujitora went down to the prostrate and passed through Hitoshi.

This “Navy Admiral Fujitora’s Prostrate” was broadcast to the whole world through the electric insects and moved the people.

In Reveli, the bills of the kings of the two countries that were actually harmed by the evil of the former King Shichibukai were passed with the majority of the approval.

As a result, the King Shichibukai, which has never been chased by the Navy, will be chased by the Navy like any other pirate.

One Piece 956 Episode: Siege

Immediately, the members who were King Shichibukai are chased by the Navy.

First, buggy.

It is no exaggeration to say that Buggy has entered the King Shichibukai by luck alone, so it is hard to be chased by the Navy. .

And Mihawk is also surrounded by the Navy.

The warrior trembles. It ’s been a while.

Returning to the chased position,

Thank you!

Mihawk seems to have anticipated the abolition of the Wang Shichibukai, so that seems to be the reality and the warriors are trembling.

In another scene, Weibull is reading his mother.

Weibull, who calls himself “the son of white beard”, is also one of the King Shichibukai.

However, he was surrounded by the Navy where he was with his mother.

The weaving is pretty strong, so it’s not likely to go straight, but what will happen?

And Hancock too.

The prize money was 80 million berries, but Hancock does n’t seem to be angry, so he ’s bullish.

It is because of the strength that Hancocks became the King of the Seven Kings.

One Piece 956 Latest Story Spoiler: Impressions
I think that the second act of Wano country is over, but there is a lot of shocking content! !

Is it really true that Sabo died in particular?

Perhaps it is information manipulation of the revolutionary army? It is a shock to the extent that I want to feel that. .

Will Luffy who lost Ace lose his other brother-in-law, Sabo?

And what I was interested in was what Professor Oda said in December 2018.

With the life of Wano Kunimitsu Oden, we will approach the heart of a big story! ! An outrageous incident in the background level!

I’m curious about the “outrageous incident,” but I was thinking that it was a big blow.

Will this “outrageous incident” be revealed in the future?

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