New trailer for the fourth season of My Hero Academia

New trailer for the fourth season of My Hero Academia

The promotional trailer for Japanese television Yomiuri from the fourth season of My Hero Academia was published last morning. In the video the protagonists of the series are shown in action along with new characters that will play an important role in the plot. This new season of anime adaptation of Kosei Horikoshi’s work will premiere in Japan on October 12, 2019.

In addition to showing characters known as Deku or Bakugo, in the trailer it has been possible to see what the new villain Kai Chisaki will look like, also known as Overhaul, a member of the Yakuza and the visible head of the group of criminals the eight precepts of death . Throughout this new season, the young heroes and the big three will have to face this new threat that has appeared to sow chaos.

As confirmed a few weeks ago, the new television spot shows that the opening will be carried out by the Japanese group BLUE ENCOUNT with their song Polaris, while the ending will feature the song «Koukai no Uta» by singer Sayuri .

My Hero Academia is an original manga by Kosei Horikoshi, which in 2016 was adapted to the anime by the Bones studio. The story is set in the current era, except for people with special powers, who have become common throughout the world. A boy named Izuku Midoriya has no powers, but still dreams of having them and being able to become a hero.

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