If you’ve ever wondered what Naruto Shippuden fill-in chapters are, or where you can find a list of all Naruto fill-in episodes, look no further. Do you want to skip the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden stuffing to go straight to the important thing? We help you!

If the Naruto anime series is known for something, and its direct continuation, Naruto Shippuden, is because of the number of chapters it has. The anime series, made by the Pierrot studio, is based on the manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The plot focuses on Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja who is repudiated by the other inhabitants of the Hidden Leaf Village because the demon known as the Nine-Tailed Fox is sealed inside. Will Naruto be able to become the best ninja?

The Naruto anime series has 220 episodes, and Naruto Shippuden 500. As you can guess, among the more than 700 chapters there are many fillers. And the number is so high that Naruto stuffing is usually used to form an easy joke in the world. Jokes aside, the series is considered one of the greatest in history, along with One Piece, Bleach or Dragon Ball.

Luckily, with this guide you will know what Naruto’s filler chapters are, both from the original series and its continuation. And it is that in numbers of episodes of filling, Naruto Shippuden takes the palm, with more than 200 chapters of filling in Naruto Shippuden. Without a doubt, in a huge list, so if you don’t want to waste your time and waste your valuable time, this list will be your panacea.

Below you will see all the filling chapters of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. In addition, in this fill list you can find all the episodes, divided by plot arcs. You have no excuse!

Naruto stuffing: Chapters guide
Naruto: Season 1
Home Arc Country of the Waves
1 Enter! Naruto Uzumaki!
2 My name is Konohamaru!
3 Sasuke and Sakura: friends or enemies?
4 Pass or suspend: a survival test
5 Disqualified? Kakashi’s final decision
6 Important mission! Superpart to the Land of Waves!
7 The murderer of the mist!
8 The oath of pain
9 Kakashi of the Sharingan
10 The chakra forest
11 The country where a hero existed
12 Battle on the bridge! Zabuza returns!
13 Haku’s secret art: malefic mirrors of ice crystals
14 The number one to surprise, the battle of Naruto!
15 Zero visibility! The Sharingan is broken into pieces!
16 The broken seal
17 White past, hidden ambition
18 Tools called shinobi
19 Zabuza, fallen in the snow
Home Arch Exams Chunin
20 A new chapter begins! The Chunin exam!
21 Identify yourself! New and powerful rivals!
22 Scream at 120% forced to accept the challenge!
23 Defeat the rivals! The nine rookies get together
24 Have I already suspended? The extremely difficult first exam
25 All or nothing! The tenth question
26 Special report! Live from the forest of death
27 Chunin exam stage 2! The forest of death!
28 Eat or be eaten? Panic in the forest
29 Naruto’s counterattack! Never give up!
30 Sharingan revived! The dragon flame jutsu
31 The promise of the blind! Everlasting love and protection!
32 Sakura blooms!
33 Battle formation! Ino-Shika-Cho!
34 Akamaru surprised! Gaara’s prodigious ability
35 The secret of the parchment. Looks are not allowed
Naruto: Season 2
36 Clone vs. clone: Mine are better than yours!
37 Surviving the cut: The nine rookies together again!
38 Reducing fields: Elimination by sudden death!
39 Eyebrows of jealous scourge The burst of lions breaks loose!
40 Kakashi and Orochimaru: Face to face!
41 Kunoichi DIN: Rivals confront each other!
42 The maximum battle: Cha!
43 The killer kunoichi and the trembling Shikamaru
44 Akamaru unleashed! Who is the most perron now?
45 Surprise attack! Naruto’s secret weapon!
46 Battle Byakugan: Hinata becomes brave!
47 A worthy defeat!
48 Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The power of youth explodes!
49 Lee’s Hidden Force: The Secret Jutsu Forbidden!
50 The fifth door: a splendid ninja is born
51 A shadow in the dark: danger approaches Sasuke
52 Ebisu returns: Naruto’s toughest training yet!
53 Long time no see: Jiraiya returns!
54 Summoning Jutsu: The wisdom of the wise toad!
55 A feeling of longing, a flower full of hope
56 Living or dying: Risk everything to win everything!
57 Fly! Jump! Lurk! The boss toad appears!
58 Siege in the hospital: The hand of evil is revealed!
59 The final rounds: Hurry to the battlefield!
60 Byakugan vs. Jutsu Shadow Clones!
61 Maximum defense: There is no blind spot!
62 The true power of a failure
63 Win or give up: Final rounds get complicated!
64 Without motivation: The boy who envied the clouds!
65 The dancing blade and the twisted sand
66 Sasuke-style eyebrow jutsu!
67 Late for the show but ready to do it!
The final secret technique is born!
Home Konoha Arc Destruction
68 Zero Hour! The destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village begins!
69 A village in disgrace: A new type A mission!
70 The tedious call to action: Laziness is over!
71 A match like no other: The real battle of the Hokage!
72 A mistake from the past: Let’s know the true face!
73 Forbidden Secret Technique: Deadly Grim Reaper Seal!
74 The incredible truth! Gaara’s identity emerges!
75 Sasuke’s decision: Taken to the limit!
76 The Moonlight Killer
77 Light against darkness: Gaara’s two faces
78 The Naruto Ninja Handbook!
79 Beyond the limit of darkness and light
80 The third Hokage … eternally
Home Arch Search for Tsunade
81 The return of morning dew
82 An eye for an eye: Sharingan vs. Sharingan!
83 Jiraiya: Naruto’s potential disaster!
Naruto: Season 3
84 The roar of Chidori! The brothers face each other!
85 Hate among the Uchihas: The last of the clan!
86 A new training begins: I will be strong!
87 Keep training: The water balloon must burst!
88 Focus point: Leaf mark
89 An impossible decision: The pain in Tsunade’s heart
90 Unforgivable! A total disrespect!
91 The inheritance! The necklace of the dead!
92 A tempting offer! Tsunade’s choice!
93 The great crisis! The deal is over!
94 Attack! The fury of Rasengan!
95 The fifth master Hokage, a fight risking life
96 Deadlock! The Sannin showdown!
97 Kidnapping! Naruto’s adventure in the spa!
98 Tsunade’s warning: Don’t be a ninja anymore!
99 The will of fire is still burning!
100 Student and teacher: The Shinobi bond
101 You have to see it! The true face of Master Kakashi!
Home Arco Escort Mission in the Tea Country
102 Mission: Help an old friend in the tea country
103 Start the race! Problems on the high seas!
104 Run Idate, run! Nagi Island is waiting!
105 The great battle of the wavy ray!
106 The Last Effort: A Final Act of Despair
Home Arch Sasuke Recovery Mission
107 The battle begins: Naruto against Sasuke
108 resentful rivals and broken ties!
109 An invitation from the Sound
110 Training! Sasuke’s rescue squad!
111 Sound against Blade
112 Riot in the squad: Everything fails!
113 Power in depth! Choji on fire!
114 Goodbye, old friend …! I will always believe in you!
115 Your opponent is me
116 360 degrees of vision! The blind spot of Byakugan
117 Losing is not an option!
118 Container arrives too late!
119 Calculation error! A new enemy appears
120 Roar and howl! A final team work!
121 Everyone their own battle
122 The deception! Shikamaru back!
123 The beautiful one of the village of the Leaf!
124 The inner beast!
125 Shinobis of the Arena: Allies of the Leaf
126 The great fight! Gaara vs. Kimimaro!
127 A blow of revenge! The fern dance!
128 Screaming before deaf ears
129 Brothers: Distance between the Uchiha!
130 Father and son: The broken emblem!
131 The secrets of Mangekyo Sharingan!
Naruto: Season 4
132 For a friend
133 Supplication to a friend!
134 The tears are over!
135 The promise that could not be fulfilled
Home Arco Research Mission in the Country
136 Undercover! A super S type mission!
137 A people without law. The shadow of the Smoking clan
138 Pure betrayal and a brief plea
139 Pure terror! Orochimaru’s house!
140 Two beats: Kabuto’s trap
141 Sakura’s Determination
Home Arc Mizuki Tracking Mission
142 The three criminals of the maximum security prison
143 Ton Ton I’m counting on you!
144 A new team: two people and a dog!
145 A new formation: Ino-Shika-Cho!
146 Remaining ambition: The shadow of Orochimaru
147 The battle of destiny! You can’t defeat me!
Home Arco Bikochu Search Mission
148 Even Akamaru is jealous of his ability!
The Search for the rare Bikochu beetle
149 What is the difference? Are they not all the same?
150 A battle of insects! The impostors and deception!
151 Fearless, Byakugan! This is my ninja path!
Home Arco Kurosuki Family Elimination Mission
152 Funeral March for the Living
153 The fists of love!
154 The enemy of Byakugan
155 Dark and dark clouds
156 Raiga strikes back
157 Run! The curry of life
Home Arch Gosunkugi Capture Mission
158 Pay attention to me! The great survival challenge
159 The moor bounty hunter!
160 Persecutor or persecuted? Confrontation in the temple!
Home Arch Mission of Extermination of the Cursed Warrior
161 The appearance of strange visitors
162 The Ghost Warrior
163 The purpose of the strategist
164 Too late to help!
165 The death of Naruto
166 When time stopped
167 When the herons spread their wings
Home Arc Kaima Capture Mission
168 Mix, beat it, let it boil, let the copper pot heat up!
169 Memories, The Lost Page!
170 The closed door
171 Infiltration! The prepared trap!
172 Despair, A broken heart!
173 Battle at sea! The power released!
Home Arc Buried Gold Excavation Mission
174 It can’t be! The money jutsu
175 Treasure Hunt!
176 Running, dodging and even zig zag!
Chase or you’ll be chased!
Home Arc Star Guard Mission
177 Please, Mr. Mailman!
178 Confrontation! The boy with a star name!
179 The lullaby of memories
Naruto: Season 5
180 Hidden Jutsu! The price of ninja art Kujacu!
181 Hoshikage: The Hidden Truth
182 Little time left!
183 The bright light of the star
Home Arc Escort Mission of the Street Vendors
184 Kiba has a dog day
185 The Onbaa! A legend of the village of the Leaf!
186 Shino laughs
187 Open to the public, Leaf removal service
188 The Mystery of the persecuted sellers!
189 Unlimited supply of ninja techniques
190 The Byakugan discovers the weak point!
191 Dead weather forecast, cloudy day with possibility of sun
Home Arc The third green beast
192 The cry of Ino! The chubby paradise!
193 Long live the challenge of the dojo! Youth is only passion
194 The mysterious curse of the haunted castle
195 The third super beast!
196 The teacher’s fight against the student!
Home Arco Mission of Konoha Recapture Plans
197 Crisis! The eleven of the village of the Leaf meet!
198 Do ANBU give up? Naruto’s memories!
199 Objective failed!
200 A powerful help!
201 Trap over trap! Countdown to destruction!
Home Arc Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission
202 Sweat and tears among the ninjas, the 5 best battles!
203 Kurenai’s decision! Team 8 was left behind!
204 The sealed power of Yakumo
205 The secret mission of Kurenai, the promise with the third Hokage
206 Genjutsu or reality?
207 Skills that had to be sealed
Home Arco Escort Mission of Gantetsu
208 The weight of the artifact valued
209 Enemy! The renegade ninjas
210 The bewildering forest
211 Fire Memories
212 The way of each one
Home Arch Mission of the Search for the Memory of Menma
213 Faded Memories
214 Retrieving reality
215 A past to erase
Home Arc Mission to Support Sunagakure
216 The missing craftsman! Objective: Shukaku!
217 Alliance of the Arena with the shinobis of the Leaf!
218 Sealed sand: The counterattack!
219 The last resurrected weapon
220 The game
Naruto Shippuden stuffing: Chapters guide
Naruto Shippuden: Season 1
Home Arc Kazekage Rescue Mission
1 Return home
2 Akatsuki, start the action
3 Training results
4 The Jinchuriki of the Arena
5 Like the Kazekage …!
6 Quota cleared
7 Run, Kankuro
8 The Kakashi team Deployed!
9 The Tears of Jinchuriki
10 Sealing Jutsu: Nine Illusory Dragons
11 The Ninja Medical Apprentice
12 The determination of the old woman
13 The two destinations intersect
14 Naruto’s growth
15 The name of the hidden sphere
16 The secret behind a Jinchuriki
17 Gaara dies!
18 Opening! Saving Entrance
19 Traps in the operation! Enemies of the Gai team
20 Hiruko against the two kunoichi
21 Sasori’s true face
22 Chiyo’s inner hand
23 Father and mother
24 The third Kazekage
25 Three minutes of life and death
26 10 puppets against 100 puppets
27 The impossible dream
28 The return of the beasts
29 The smart Kakashi!
30 Aesthetics of an instant
31 The next generation
32 The return of Kazekage
Naruto Shippuden: Season 2
Home Arch Mission recognition of the sky and earth bridge
33 The new objective
34 Training! Kakashi’s new team
35 An unnecessary addition
36 Fake Smile
37 Untitled
38 Simulating battles
39 The bridge of heaven and Earth
40 The Kyubi has been unleashed
41 The Secret Mission Begins
42 Orochimaru against Jinchuriki
43 Sakura’s tears
44 The circumstances of the fight
45 The results of betrayal
46 Unfinished Page
47 Infiltration! The lair of the poisonous snake
48 ties
49 Important person
50 The story of the drawing book
51 Meeting
52 The power of an Uchiha
53 The title
Naruto Shippuden: Season 3
Home Arch The twelve ninja guardians
54 Nightmare
55 The wind
56 Snaking
57 Mother nature lost
58 Loneliness
59 New enemy
60 Mutability
61 Contact
62 Mate
63 Two Kings
64 Black fire stalks the signal
65 Locked in the dark
66 Souls revived
67 Multiple battles
68 The time to wake up
69 Despair
70 Resonance
71 My friend
Naruto Shippuden: Season 4
Home Arch Mission subjugation of Akatsuki
72 The Silent Threat
73 The Akatsuki invasion
74 Under a starry sky
75 The old monk’s prayer
76 The next step
77 The silver ladder
78 The judgment given
79 Scream Unfulfilled
80 Last Words
81 The sad news
82 The team 10
83 White in the spotlight
84 The power of Kakuzu
85 Terrible Secret
86 The genius of Shikamaru
87 When you curse someone, you dig your own grave
88 Futon: Rasen Shuriken!
Naruto Shippuden: Season 5
Home Arc Appearance of the Three Tails
89 Compensation for power
90 The determination of a Shinobi
91 Orochimaru’s hideout discovered
92 Encounter
93 Connecting hearts
94 A rainy night
95 The two charms
96 Without seeing the enemy
97 The distorted maze of reflection
98 The target appears
99 A beast out of control
100 Inside the fog
101 The feelings of others
102 Regrouping!
103 The sealing barrier of the four corners
104 Element destroyed glass
105 Battle for the Barrier
106 Red Camellias
107 Enemies fighting together
108 Camellia Guide
109 The Counterattack of the Cursed Seal
110 Memories of sin
111 Broken Promise
112 A place to return
Naruto Shippuden: Season 6
Home Arco Itachi persecution mission
113 The Snake Ward
114 The eye of the hawk
115 Zabuza’s sword
116 Guardian of the Iron Prison
117 Northern Den Juice
118 Training!
119 Kakashi Gaiden: The life of a boy on the battlefield! (one)
120 Kakashi Gaiden: The life of a boy on the battlefield! (two)
121 On the move
122 Search
123 Shock
124 Art
125 Disappearance
126 Twilight
127 The Story of a Bold Ninja: The Jiraiya Chronicles (1)
128 The Story of a Bold Ninja: The Jiraiya Chronicles (2)
129 Infiltration! The village hidden in the rain
130 The man who became God
131 Summoned! Sage mode
132 Meeting of the six paths of Pain
133 The story of the heroic Jiraiya
134 Invitation to the banquet
135 The longest moments …
136 The Light and Darkness of Mangekyo Sharingan
137 Amaterasu
138 Death
139 The mystery of Tobi
140 Destination
141 Truth
142 Battle of Unraiyko
143 Hachibi vs. Sasuke
Naruto Shippuden: Season 7
Home Six-Tail Release Bow
144 Traveler
145 The successor of the forbidden technique
146 The wish of the successor
147 The past of the renegade ninja
148 Heir of Darkness
149 Separation
150 Activating the prohibited technique
151 Student and teacher
Naruto Shippuden: Season 8
Home Assault Arch of Pain
152 Grim news
153 Behind the shadow of the teacher
154 Decryption
155 The first challenge
156 Beating the teacher
157 Attack on Konoha!
158 The power to believe
159 Pain vs. Kakashi
160 The mystery of Pain
161 My clan is Sarutobi, my name Konohamaru
162 The world will know pain
163 Explode! The hermit mode
164 Crisis! The hermit mode disappears
165 Kyubi, full capture
166 Confessions
167 Chibaku Tensei
168 The Fourth Hokage
169 The two disciples
170 Great adventure! Discovering the inheritance left
for the fourth Hokage! (one)
171 Great adventure! Discovering the inheritance left
for the fourth Hokage! (two)
172 The meeting
173 The Birth of Pain
174 Naruto Uzumaki’s Story
175 The hero of Konoha
Naruto Shippuden: Season 9
Home Arch “Arch of the past: The place of Konoha”
176 Iruka the novice master
177 Iruka’s tests
178 Iruka’s determination
179 The Jonin in charge, Kakashi Hatake
180 Inari, courage to the test
181 Naruto, the master of revenge
182 Gaara’s ties
183 Naruto explodes
184 Departure! The Tenten team
185 Animal District
186 Ah, youth medicine
187 The story of the brave student and his teacher! (one)
188 The story of the brave student and his teacher! (two)
189 The encyclopedia of Sasuke’s prints
190 Naruto and the old soldier
191 The Ballad of Kakashi
192 The Neji Chronicles
193 The man who died twice
194 The worst three-legged race
195 Teamwork in Team 10
196 Road to darkness
Naruto Shippuden: Season 10
Home Arch Meeting of the five Kages
197 Danzo, the sixth Hokage
198 Urgent Summit of the Five Kages
199 The five Kages enter the scene!
200 Naruto’s request
201 A painful decision
202 The lightning fast
203 Sasuke’s ninja path
204 The power of the five Kages
205 Declaration of war
206 Sakura’s feelings
207 The beast with a tail against the beast without a tail
208 As a friend
209 Danzo’s right arm
210 The prohibited eye technique
211 Danzo Shimura
212 Sakura’s decision
213 The Lost Links
214 The burden I must bear
215 Two Destinations
216 Elite Ninjas
217 The infiltrate
218 The five great nations mobilize
Naruto Shippuden: Season 11
219 Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage
220 The prediction of the Great Toad
221 Storage
222 The decision of the five Kages
Home Arco Paradisiacal life on a boat
223 The young man and the ocean
224 Benisu’s ninja
225 The Cursed Ghost Ship
226 Armored Island
227 The Forgotten Island
228 Fight, Rock Lee
229 Eat or die! The fungi of hell
230 The rebellion of shadow clones
231 The closed route
232 Konoha Girls Club
233 The false Naruto
234 Naruto’s favorite student
235 The Pink Kunoichi
236 The friends you can count on
237 Ah, my heroine Tsunade
238 Sai’s day off
239 The legendary team Ino-Shika-Cho
240 Kiba’s decision
241 Kakashi, my eternal rival
242 The Naruto Oath
Naruto Shippuden: Season 12
Home Arc Fourth World War Shinobi: Countdown
243 Disembarking! The paradise island?
244 Killer Bee and Motoi
245 The next challenge: Naruto against the Nine Tails!
246 The Orange Glow
247 Objective: Nine Tails
248 The determination of a father and the tears of a mother.
249 Thank you
250 The phenomenon against the monster! Battle in paradise!
251 The Man known as Kisame
252 The angel that leads to death
253 The bridge to peace
254 ultra-secret mission of rank S
255 The artist returns
256 Concentration! The allied Shinobi forces!
Home Arc The two predestined
257 Meeting
258 Rivals
259 Crack
260 Separation
Naruto Shippuden: Season 13
Home Arc Fourth World War Shinobi: Confrontation
261 For my friend
262 The war begins!
263 Sai and Shin
264 The secrets of Edo Tensei
265 Reunion with two old enemies
266 First adversary, last adversary
267 Konoha’s strategist genius
268 The fierce struggle of each one!
269 Word taboo
270 Golden Links
271 Road to Sakura
272 Mifune vs. Hanzo
273 True Goodness
274 The complete formation: Ino-Shika-Cho
275 A letter in the heart
276 Attack of the demonic statue
277 The seal of reconciliation
278 Ninja doctors in danger
279 The White Zetsu Trap
280 Esthetics of an artist
281 Mom’s Allied Forces
282 Secret Story: The Most Powerful Team
283 Two suns
284 Kabutowari! Akebino Jinin
285 User of the burning element: Pakura of Sunagakure!
286 Things you can’t bring back
287 A value worth betting on
288 The threatening combination of Jinpachi and Kushimaru!
289 Ameyuri Ringo, the user of the electric sword!
Home Chikara Arch
290 Power: Episode 1
291 Power: Episode 2
292 Power: Episode 3
293 Power: Episode 4
294 Power: Episode 5
295 Power: Final Episode
Naruto Shippuden: Season 14
Home Arc Fourth World War Shinobi: Confrontation 2
296 Naruto goes to the battlefield
297 Feelings of father, love of mother
298 They finally meet! Naruto against Itachi!
299 The recognized one!
300 The Mizukage, the giant clam and the mirage
301 Contradiction
302 Terror: The Steam Demon
303 Ghosts of the past
304 Soul Exchange Jutsu
305 The Avengers
306 The eye of the heart
307 Fading under the moonlight
308 The night of the crescent moon
309 Rank A Mission: Food Fight
310 Crumbling Castle
311 Ninja Path Foreword
312 The old man and the eye of the dragon
313 Rain followed by snow with a chance of storm
314 Sad Snowfall
315 The Last Snowfall
316 Resuscitation! The allied forces!
317 Shino vs. Torune!
318 A hole in the heart: The other Jinchuriki
319 The soul that lives inside a puppet
320 Run Omoi!
Naruto Shippuden: Season 15
Home Arc Fourth World War Shinobi: Climax 1
321 Reinforcements arrive!
322 Madara Uchiha
323 The five Kages meet
324 The indestructible mask and explosive bubbles
325 Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!
326 The Four Tails: The wise king of monkeys
327 Nine Tails
328 Kurama
329 Team of two
330 The promise of victory
331 Eyes that see in the dark
332 A will of stone
333 The risks of the resurrection of the impure world
334 Brothers, fighting together
335 Konoha of all
336 Kabuto Yakushi
337 Activation: Izanami
338 Izanagi and Izanami
339 I will love you forever
340 Resurrection of the impure world: Liberation
341 Resurrection of Orochimaru!
342 The secret of spacetime Ninjutsu
343 Who the hell are you?
344 Obito and Madara
345 I’m in hell
346 Dream World
347 A shadow that creeps
348 Renace: Akatsuki
Naruto Shippuden: Season 16
Home Arco Kakashi: The Shadow of Undercover Operations
349 The mask that hides the heart
350 The death of Minato
351 Hashirama cells
352 Renegade Ninja: Orochimaru
353 Orochimaru test subject
354 Separate paths
355 The Sharingan in the spotlight
356 Konoha Shinobi
357 An ANBU Uchiha
358 Coup d’etat
359 The tragic night
360 Jonin supervisor
361 Team 7
Naruto Shippuden: Season 17
Home Arc Fourth World War Shinobi: Climax 2
362 Kakashi’s decision
363 Jutsu of the shinobi alliance!
364 What unites us
365 The Shinobis who dance
366 Those who know everything
367 Hashirama and Madara
368 Age of war between clans
369 The real dream
370 Sasuke’s answer
371 Hole
372 What a hole can fill
373 Team 7, assembled!
374 A new three-way block
375 Kakashi vs. Obito
Home Arc Birth of the Ten-Tailed Jinchuriki (1)
376 The Kyubi Looting Order
377 Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto
378 The Ten-Tailed Jinchuriki
379 Rupture
380 The day of Naruto’s birth
381 God tree
382 A shinobi’s dream
383 Chasing Hope
384 A heart full of friends
385 Obito Uchiha
386 I’m watching you
387 The promise fulfilled
388 My first friend
389 The beloved older sister
390 Hanabi’s decision
391 Madara Uchiha, reborn
392 The hidden heart
393 The true ending
Naruto Shippuden: Season 18
Home Arch Naruto’s endorsement: The Wonder of Friends
394 The new Chunin exams
395 Chunin exams begin!
396 The three questions
397 Someone worthy of being a leader
398 The night before the second exam
399 Surviving in the infernal desert
400 As a Taijutsu user …
401 He who dominates
402 Escape against chase
403 Courage to not give up
404 Tenten’s Concern
405 The two caught
406 My own place
407 The secret Jutsu of the Yamanaka clan
408 The damn doll
409 His backs
410 The hidden plan is launched
411 The beast with objective tail
412 Neji’s decision
Naruto Shippuden: Season 19
413 Feelings committed to the future
Home Arc Birth of the Jinchuriki of Ten Tails (2)
414 On the verge of death
415 The two Mangekyo
416 The formation of the Minato team
417 You are the booster
418 The blue beast against Madara of the six paths
419 Dad’s youth
420 The formation of the eight internal doors
421 The wise man of the six paths
422 Those who will inherit
423 The rival of Naruto
424 to get up
425 The infinite dream
426 The Infinite Tsukuyomi
Naruto Shippuden: Season 20
Home Arco Kaguya Otsutsuki attacks 1
427 Towards the dream world
428 Where Tenten belongs
429 Killer Bee Rap Chronicles: Episode of Heaven
430 Killer Bee Rap Chronicles: Earth Episode
431 That smile once again
Home Arc The Jinoiya Shinobi manual: The Legend of Naruto
432 The failed shinobi
433 Departure: The search mission
434 Jiraiya Team
435 Order of priorities
436 The masked man
437 The sealed power
438 Laws or partners
439 The Boy of Prophecy
440 The caged bird
441 Return
442 Mutual paths
443 Power Difference
444 Desertion of the village
445 Pursuit
446 Collision
447 Another moon
448 Partners
449 Allied shinobis appear together
450 Rivals
Naruto Shippuden: Season 21
Home Arch Book of Itachi Shinden: Light and Darkness
451 A life is born, a life dies
452 Genius
453 The pain of life
454 Shisui’s request
455 Moonlight Night
456 The darkness of Akatsuki
457 Mate
458 Truth
Naruto Shippuden: Season 22
Home Arco Kaguya Otsutsuki attacks (2)
459 She from the beginning
460 Kaguya Otsutsuki
461 Hagoromo and Hamura
462 The invented past
463 The first improbability!
464 Ninshu
465 Ashura and Indra
466 The road of proof
467 Ashura’s determination
468 The successor
469 A special mission
470 Connected Thoughts
471 You two always
472 You will be
473 The revived Sharingan
474 Congratulations
475 The valley of the end
476 The Last Battle
477 Naruto and Sasuke
478 The seal of reconciliation
479 Naruto Uzumaki!
Home Arco Childhood
480 Naruto and Hinata
481 Sasuke and Sakura
482 Gaara and Shikamaru
483 Jiraiya and Kakashi
Home Sasuke Shinden Arch: Book of Dawn
484 explosive men
485 Colosseum
486 Fushin
487 The Ketsuryugan
488 The Last Man
Home Arc Shikamaru Hiden: The cloud that floats in silence
489 The state of affairs
490 Dark Clouds
491 Recklessness
492 Clouds of suspicion
493 Dawn
Home Aro Konoha Hiden: The perfect day for a wedding
494 Naruto’s wedding
495 A wedding gift full of power
496 Steam and food pills
497 Kazekage’s wedding gift
498 The Last Mission
499 The result of the secret mission
500 Congratulations

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