Naka no Hito Genome Episode 8 group headed to the open-air bath

From the TV anime “Naka no Hito Genome[Live]”, the outline of the 8th episode “GLIMPSE OF ADULTHOOD” broadcast on Sunday, August 25 and the preceding cut arrived.

The original of “Naka no Hito Genome [In Live]” is a searchable real-game live-action manga serialized by the author, Sora, on the web comic site “Gen Pixiv”.
Eight charismatic live actors such as the main character, Akatsuki I/O, are gathered in the world of the mysterious free game “Naka no Hito Genome” and draw a figure to challenge the dangerous real game situation with a return.

In the eighth episode, on the night of clearing “Three Sisters of Curse”, the open-air bath on the 30th floor of the Genome Tower can be used only tonight. Curious Akatsuki invites other members to the outdoor bath. When everyone was so close together (?), Somehow the voices of Karin were heard from the changing room …

Broadcast information
AT-X Every Sunday (Sunday)
TOKYO MX Every Sunday
TV Aichi every week (Tue)
KBS Kyoto Weekly (Sunday)
Sun TV Every Sunday (Sunday)
BS11 Every Sunday (Sunday)
* The broadcast date and time may change due to the organization. Please be noted.

Main staff
Original: Osora (MFC gene pixiv series / published by KADOKAWA)
Director: Shin Onuma
Series composition: Kento Shimoyama
Character design: Miki Takahashi
Music: Junichi Sato (fhana)
Music production: Lantis
Animation production: SILVER LINK.
Production: Naka no Hito Genome[Live] Production Committee

Entry and exit Akatsuki: Daiki Yamashita
Karashiki Karin: Kito Akari
Onigasaki Kaikoku: Takuya Sato
Gakudo Anya: Yuu Hatanaka
Shinobiri Pomegranate: Yuki Uchiyama
Inaba Himiko: Mai Iwami
Suruga Makino: Terashima Takuma
Roadside Forest Yuz: Kaori Nazuka
Paka: Kenjiro Tsuda

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