My Hero Academia: What is the heroic name of Bakugo? Manga revealed the truth

New and dangerous adventures await the heroes. My Hero Academia is entering a new plot after ending the conflict between the League of Villains and the Liberation Army. The anime and Manga most watched by thousands of fans in Japan and the world ready everything for its return in October with its new season.

After the return to the daily life of the heroes it was possible to see how the professionals discussed about the new internships to which their students would be subjected and of the danger that would be approaching. In the midst of all this time flies by and young people are already celebrating Christmas.

Among so much happiness an iconic hero of the series is remembered, this is Best Jeanist, who was in charge of training Bakugo during the first internship. As recalled, the third in the list of professionals is missing since the confrontation with All For One, until it is presumed that he could be dead, after what was shown in previous chapters of the manga.

When asked if he had finally decided on his name as a hero, he remembers the words Best Jeanist said to him before, “The name is a wish, it is what you want to be and what you should be. You must look from the outside. ”

After this he remembers the promise they had, that the day he reached his second year and had a provisional license he would return and tell him the name he had decided. What could this name be? Many say he could do the same as Midoriya “Deku” and call himself “Kacchan”, the nickname he hated so much

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