My Hero Academia: Manga copied a character to Dragon Ball?

My Hero Academia: Manga copied a character to Dragon Ball?

The manga and anime of My Hero Academia continues to advance, while less and less time is needed for the long-awaited premiere of its new season. The most knowledgeable have managed to see how the franchise has introduced throughout its plot a large number of villains of all aspects and with a lot of powers, which sometimes make things difficult for young heroes.

However, something in his last chapter called attention, it turns out that one of the characters that appeared has a great similarity with a certain villain belonging to another work. Could it be a copy? Or maybe it’s a tribute?

In chapter 61 of the spin off manga ‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes’, he introduced himself to a new villain who curiously looked very similar to the remembered Majin Buu, he ends up facing the group of Aizawa and Midnight.

This fact that occurred in the last chapter of the manga, showed all fans a great heroic scene. It all starts with the theft of a series of bank tellers, leaving the place keepers moored on the floor. That’s when the police decide to call the group of Midnight, who arrives with his companions to the crime scene, thus encountering the villain.

This character shares more than one similarity with the remembered Majin Buu of Dragon Ball. For starters it has a humanoid shape and its head has the same shape, in addition to the holes that are in exactly the same place. It also coincides with the protrusion that protrudes from the top.

But that would not be all, since the outfit is also the same wears an open vest, arm protectors, white pants and black boots, the only outstanding difference would be that this instead of wearing a cape, use a handkerchief around his neck.

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