Movie “Kingdom” interview of Director Shinsuke Sato

Movie “Kingdom” interview of Director Shinsuke Sato and DVD Blu-ray releasing Date

“Kingdom” depicting a boy, Shin, who dreamed of becoming a general of the world, and a young king, Mansei, aiming to unify China, in China during the Spring-Summer War period. The live-action movie released in April was the No. 1 box office revenue in the live-action Japanese movie section in 2019, and it was decided that Blu-ray / DVD will be released in November.

Comic Natalie interviewed Yasuhisa Hara, the original author, and Shinsuke Sato, the director of the movie, along with the announcement of Blu-ray / DVD. The road to film making, the highlight of this work that the original author himself continues to push the drums “ no doubt ” “ no weak points ”, Sato who has livened many manga such as “ GANTZ ” “ I Am A Hero ” The director asked about his commitment to making “Kingdom” live-action and his thoughts on the sequel. The talk includes the spoiler of the main part, so be careful if you haven’t seen it yet.

Q. Congratulations on the box office revenue of “Kingdom” exceeding 5 billion yen (the interview was conducted in June). Please tell us your feelings now.

That’s the case when I draw manga Yasuhisa Hara, but I want to stick to numbers when making things. There was a goal for the number of mobilizations set by the producer during the film making this time, but I was able to greatly exceed it.
Shinsuke Sato: No, it ’s ridiculous. When making a movie, that kind of mobilization goal is raised, but in my mind, I feel like luck will run away if I use it too much. During the production, I was thinking “I won’t go so well” (laughs).

Why the “Kingdom” Manga attracts more readers

Q. what timing did you think “I can do this” in Director Hara ?
It was after the Sato movie was released. During shooting and editing, people around me say “I can do this!” Of course I’m not going to fail, but I think I shouldn’t be distracted.

I can understand that feeling in Hara . Even though the manga artist draws alone, it feels like that, so it is a tremendous pressure to make a movie with such a large number of people on the back.

Sato: Just before the release, there was a time when I thought I could go. At the time of the preview for the people concerned, there was a person who had never read the original and the script and knew only the title “Kingdom”. That kind of temperature isn’t an opportunity to see the finished product.

Original because the original Thankfully I am making a host of lovers, I was there a concern Tteyuu “than being raised in the inner ring?”.
Sato: If I ask that person directly, “How was it?”, There is a possibility that a flattery will come out, so I was listening closely to the place where I was talking about other people’s thoughts. But (laughs), I was crying, “The bonds between the characters were great.” If someone who was n’t a fan of the work could say so, I thought, “This may be possible.”

Q. When did you start the film planning?

Hara: Around 2016. The editor in charge told me, “I was talking about making a movie. If I was too happy, I would be shocked when it was n’t good.” After that, the script was sent, and the producer came to Fukuoka to see me, and I finally came to be happy that I could see the other person’s face and really do it.

Q. Was this your first time talking about the Sato movie?
I think Hara’s first time.
Q. The name of Sato is credited to the screenplay, but did you already participate in the project at that time?
Sato: : I think it was during 2016, but it’s still not.
Mr. Sato Hara, I feel like I was invited to participate in the 3rd or 4th screenplay.
Minoru Sato was a long time ago at a table where she was drinking tea, and a movie-related person said, “I have a manga called ‘Kingdom’, but I want to make it into a movie. Please tell me. When I first got an offer, I thought “I really got an offer for myself” (laughs).
The existence of the king was the neck.

I would like to ask you about the contents of the movie. At the beginning of the movie there is an original scene where a young faith that is sold as a slave witnesses the great army of king generals, but it was a scene that was considered when I was contemplating the first episode of the original Twitter You were talking about.

Hara: In the movie this time, the existence of the king was a big bottleneck in me. When it was decided to make a movie, the producer said that “ Up to 5 volumes that will be settled in the fight with Seikei will be made into a movie in 2 hours ”, but it is often the king of the original volume up to 5 volumes It ’s a character I do n’t understand.

There are almost no fighting scenes up to Sato Volume 5.
For the first person who touched the work “Kingdom ” in the original movie, the kings up to Volume 5 are characters that are too short to explain, so I told the producer that “ You do not have to give out kings ” is. But the story is “Let’s get the king”. Actually, I didn’t draw it because of the shaku, but before the serialization, I saw the scene that “The General who wore golden armor goes through when Shin is carried by a slave carriage.” I was thinking, so I proposed, “Let’s make the general a royal knight”. I wonder if that will increase my persuasive power.

Sato: : I think everyone is paying attention to whether the king will come out or who will do it. When I was having a meeting with “Kingdom”, I was told by the meeting partner that “I heard about the director,” Kingdom “by rumors.” Because it was before the announcement, pretending to be unfamiliar with “No, I don’t know”, I was asked, “Please tell me one, who is the king?”

Hara also among the original fan, still the king sitting is I’m a much there is a popular close to the top. There are many people who say that “the king is still” even though the original died in volume 16 and the original went to volume 54. In that sense, when it became live-action, it was the king that thought that it would be the most “differing from the image” to burn. However, when I opened the lid, I played it perfectly so that the princess of Oosawa would not complain at all, so I’m glad that Mr. Osawa did it.

Minoru Sato witnessed the knight, Shin was the crank-in scene. “I feel like this movie is like this” can be seen when you take a crank-in scene, so I remember that I took it with great tension.

Original Do you actually did have about what animals are to me the horse?
In Sato: shooting, about 80. I add CG there. As the story progressed, I wanted to increase the number of horses and soldiers, so it’s not ridiculous. I shot that scene in China, but if I do it in Japan, it seems that there are more than a dozen heads on a budget. So I was able to shoot in a very luxurious environment, but when I saw a greedy thing and actually 80 horses lined up, I thought “I want a few more” (laughs).

Q. In the movie’s original scene, there is no scene in the original where Shin was trained by himself after the drift was assigned to the royal palace.
Sato: This is the scene I added. There was no room for 5 volumes to be combined in 2 hours, but I wanted to put in a scene that grew after drawing an encounter between Shin and Shin.
The original screenplay was fairly original, but it was a really favorite scene as the director inflated it. As Shin continues to practice, the number of kites that can be carried at one time is also very easy to understand as a production. I thought “I should have drawn this in the original”.

Muta battle screwed by the director’s push
Q. When you hear the story, I feel that there were a lot of twists and turns before the script was completed. Even after the 53rd volume of “Kingdom”, it was written that a 12-hour meeting was held when writing the final script.
The Sato: Muta game was not in the script at first.

As for the background, the story was established without it, and there was a trauma that the ranking of the questionnaire was lowered around the battle against muta when drawing the original. I was a little wondering if it was due to muta.
Sato: tells you naked (laughs).

When Director Hara participated in the screenplay, I was happy to hear that he said, “I like muta. It ’s better to fight muta.” Chat.
When developing a story about Nobu Sato , Masa and Kawachigo going back to the capital, I thought it would be better to have a sense of followers. In the sense of swordsmanship, muta uses unusual weapons and makes acrobatic movements that tend to be simple, so there are variations in action. There is a big difference in budget between having muta appearing and not making it appear, but I was struck by the fact that “this is unavoidable” (laughs).

The situation called Haratake Yabu was also good.
Sato: This scene is taken in Japan. Bamboo bamboo was a landscape I wanted to shoot, so it was nice to be able to use it in a fight against muta.
──This work has a strong impression that it was a large-scale location in China, but is it filmed in Japan as well?
There are many shootings in Sato Japan. For example, the road to go to meet the people of the mountain was taken in the Miyazaki gods groove.
Hara : You have often found this perfect place.

If you watch only the Sato movie, you may think that there is such a place in China. Chiba is the cliff where Shin and others are taken by the people of the mountain. Surprisingly, you can go to Shinjuku (laughs).

Is Hara that cliff really that small?
Sato: Actually, the road is a bit wider than watching it. Also, the mountain wall is not so vertical, but it looks a little steep with CG.

If you don’t come to kill me, you’ll really kill me
──One thing I was interested in was that the order of the Battle of Rankai and the Battle of the Left was switched, but what was your intention for this?
Sato: At first, it was exactly the same as the original, but it was a character that didn’t know if Rankai was a human being, and Last suggested that it would be better to fight humans. A Kiwamono rankai comes out, and if you defeat it, a true left character appears.
The original Rankai is drawing even bigger and bigger and bigger (laughs). At first, I said, “Even if it is not a setting of Rankai, it is enough that a person of about 2 meters should come out as an executioner,” but when the director came in to the screenplay meeting, You can take a picture of Rankai. ”

Sato: At that time, it wasn’t decided whether to use full CG or to have an actor perform. In the work called “ BLEACH ” I made before, I was fighting against a huge enemy of full CG, but I thought that “ Kingdom ” might be such a type, so I decided to look for actors I’m sorry. I was thinking about using CG, etc., to increase my height, partially, or anyway. Then, an actor with a height of 2m called Ami 201 appeared, and I made a lot of trial and error, such as “Let’s make some CG” or “Let’s make full use of special makeup and special modeling”.

Originally , it was decided at the last minute that the final draft of the script was made that the battle between Rankai and left-handed wars was replaced. At first, it was hard to say, “What should I do with the left charity?”
──In the left-handed battle, the theme of this work, “Follow the Dream”, was a big feature.
In the original movie, the left character was made the original role of the former general. In response to the belief that the dream of “becoming a great general”, the former general’s left charity knows the battlefield, so the words will be persuasive. When Saji said, “I ca n’t fall on the battlefield,” he said, “Oh, that ’s certainly true. I mean. When I said that Shin was “different” and made a script that stood up with drifting, I stroked my chest (laughs).

Sato: At first, it was a fight without words. It seems to fight against people and win with power at the end.
Mr. Taku (Sakaguchi), a character who left Hara, was a role without such lines when receiving an offer, but suddenly became a last boss and the number of lines increased so much, so I wonder if that was? Lol).
Taku Sato is also an action director, saying to the wise man, “If you don’t come to kill me, you’ll really kill me.” I think I was able to create a very tense atmosphere in the shooting.

Hara Kengeki of Taku’s really really is. “Who is that?”

I will take all the original readers to the theater!
──Is there anything you were worried about as the original author when making a movie?

Hara I’m actually was surprisingly not. I was told that I would be involved in the script, so I thought it wouldn’t be removed if the underlying script was interesting. As the original author concentrates on improving the completeness of the screenplay, and then shows the location image, and the actor is decided “ There is no weakness anywhere ” “ No doubt I came to think.

──I feel that the negative voices for live-actions were considerably less at the time of release.
At the time when the original production was announced, I was told on the net that it was a “shock” or “I didn’t want to take a live action”. However, if I had a role other than the script as the original author, I thought it would be fun to send a message to the original fans, “Let’s go to the theater!”. I tried to get interviews actively, and with the momentum of erasing all negative voices, I came with the feeling that “all the original readers will be taken to the theater!” Of course, if it wasn’t really interesting, I wouldn’t be able to say anything like that, but the movie “Kingdom” was confident and could be said to be “interesting!”

Sato: : I think the reason why the voice of “I didn’t want it to be live-action” was raised because the movie could fall into a reduced reproduction of the original. In particular, “Kingdom” is because Mr. Hara likes movies, and there are a lot of movie-like expressions in the film, so we misunderstood that we should make the original in the same way as a storyboard.

Hara: That’s true, there isn’t much point in live-action.
I think it is important to reinterpret Sato movies. When making a script, of course, you will follow the story in the original, but when you shoot the movie this time, “ Think about it like a movie and make such a cut, ” There is a part that is thinking about various things more like a movie.
Q. In terms of cut splits, Dr. Hara once said in an interview with Comic Natalie, “In drawing, I was conscious of space, and I often show it from a bird’s-eye view,” ( (Reference: Interview with Yasuhisa Hara “Kingdom” ) Did you agree with the image you made yourself after you actually made it into a movie?

I was conscious of the depth and breadth of the original, but I couldn’t imagine it to the level that “it really exists”. So, there was a little overwhelming part to see what Sato directed this time. “Ah, this is the kind of“ Kingdom ”world. It ’s such a space”. I’m glad you showed me so far.
Sato is talking about it, and I think Dr. Hara has a very visual sense. I personally think that space is the most important thing for movies, and every time I shoot a movie, I start with “What kind of space should I make?” Happy.

The special fun of “Kingdom” is a sequel
Q. Director in the first day stage greeting of this work, you said in the sequel that “I want to do the snake candy plain” (reference: “Kingdom” cast members are eager to sequel, director Shinsuke Sato “I want to do the snake candy plain” ). I feel that listening to this is a bit quick, but you can ask about your thoughts on the sequel.

Sato: just wants to do it, but it’s not decided (laughs). The snake sweet plain, that is, the battle on the battlefield, is not done in this work. I’m showing a big army this time too, but I think that the conflict, that is, the special fun of “Kingdom” is still there.
The fact that Hara “1” has hit so far is a great advantage in considering the production of “2”. But the battlefield looks tough.
Sato: “1” put a lot of power into creating the world view, but when it comes to “2”, I think that there are many things that can be done on the foundation of the world view. Of course, the battlefield will be difficult, but I’m confident that I can do it technically, and I have experience of trying things in “1”. It ’s a feeling.

Q. Finally, can you give a message to those who watch “Kingdom” for the first time on Blu-ray and DVD?
There are two patterns for those who do not have an original view. Those who really do not know the work “Kingdom” and those who know the original but have not seen it at the cinema. If you are reading the original but have not seen it, I really want you to watch it. I don’t think I will betray my expectations, and various characters such as Shin and Masa are living there. If you don’t know the work “Kingdom”, you can watch it as a historical entertainment masterpiece!

Sato:We make works on the premise that they will be screened on the screen of the movie, but there are parts that we are making while asking whether “the impression can be transmitted even from a home monitor”, so by all means at home I hope you can see it. I think that the impression that we put on the monitor can also be transmitted, and that Blu-ray and DVD can face the work in a personal environment, so there may be a part that you can feel immersive unexpectedly. Since it is made so that it can be enjoyed to every corner, I would be happy if you could watch it once with a light feeling, “What would you like to see?

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