Marco reappears in one piece! Is the doctor’s white beard pirate captain a friend of Weibull?

Speaking of One Piece Marco, the person who was entrusted with the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Marco lost his head and white beard and his ace in the summit war.

After the final battle, the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates were gathered and a “Before the War” was played with the Blackbeard Pirates, but the defeated Whitebeard Pirates collapsed .

Marco re-appeared in the Wano country edition!

This time, consider the reappearance of Marco!

One piece: Marco reappears! Did he becomes a doctor?

Marco disappeared after the pre-drop war with the Blackbeard Pirates.

On the internet, I was worried about the safety of Marco.

In the meantime, the Blackbeard Pirates hunted the talented people and ransomed.

He appears as a doctor in glasses!

He was working as a doctor in a white beard home village.

The real bird phoenix phoenix has the power to wear the flame of regeneration.

Using this, He was performing medical treatment on the villagers.

Originally He was drawing like a navigator until now, but it may have been a force as a craftsman.

Still, Marco wearing glasses.

It feels like a very nice uncle, curled up.

Marco protects his white beard home village
Whitebeard’s home village has been a poor village for a long time, and the villagers have finally lived.

The white beard saved the village by sending treasure and money obtained as a pirate as the village fund.

Marco seems to have decided to protect the village protected by his father, Whitebeard, instead.

Of course, because it is a poor village, there are few people who can do medical treatment in the village, and the presence seems to be valuable.

Will Marco become pirates again?

Marco is also what do the pirate!?” That.

Let’s consider this area!

He is not the kind of personality that wars him.

Even when I had a white beard, it wasn’t a style of fighting myself with calm deposition.

He seems to think that his mission is to protect the village that is now the home of white beard.

I feel like I have the qualities of a gentle doctor who fights to protect but doesn’t really want to hurt people.

For this reason, it is unlikely that he will bind the Whitebeard Pirates again.

Also, the reason I was doing a pirate was because of the absolute existence of white beard.

Therefore, now that there is no white beard , I wonder if he can find out why he is a pirate.

Son of white beard? To become a friend of Edward Weibull?

Do you know Edward Weibull suddenly appeared?

Edward Weibull is a person who calls himself a whitebeard hider.

His ability is quite high, and now he is part of the Shichibukai from the World Government.

Weavle is hunting the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates, and the number of former Whitebeard Pirates is steadily decreasing.

However, this evil is moving under the direction of Buckin, the mother of Weibull, and it seems that he has no grudge against the Whitebeard Pirates.

If weibull is released under Buckin’s orders, there is a possibility of fighting with Marco to defeat the Blackbeard Pirates.

The point is whether Marco will recognize Weibull as the son of a white beard.

However, as mentioned above, Marco seems to have been engrossed in “the size of a man named white beard” .

Therefore, even though it is a son of white beard, perhaps it is more likely that Marco will not follow Weibull.

What is the net reaction to re-appearance?

How was the reaction of the net regarding the reappearance of Marco?

As for the re-appearance of Marco, there were still many expectations!

It was good news for One Piece fans that Marco reappeared.

Attention will be paid to whether Marco will continue to protect the home of white beard as a doctor, or will he fight with Weibull, who himself claims to be the son of white beard, and will fight again with the Black Beard Pirates.

Also, if you are interested in participating in the war against Kaido in Wano, be sure to keep an eye on it!

Let’s wait for the follow-up with your expectations!

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