Manga “Let’s Make Your Prince’s Wish” Episode Summary of Episode 21

Manga “Let’s Make Your Prince’s Wish” Episode Summary of Episode 21

“Let’s fulfill your wishes for the Prince” serialized in the comic app Piccoma.

Drawing Ant Studio, original Mokgamgi (황자, 네 무엇이 되고 싶으냐?), A reincarnation comic from Korea, a story about a fantasy novel being transferred into his novel.

The previous synopsis is a kite that kicks out the monsters to help the baso surrounded by the monsters, but it seems to be torn with their claws from behind. Basso insults himself to protect him and injures his back.

As the kite became enraged, the monsters retreated after having hurt Basso.

Kite returned to the castle while holding a bat, yelling at Perato to sneak up on him, and entering the castle to treat her with parchment.

Details are summarized here.

The spoiler for the 21st episode of the comic “Let’s make the prince’s wish come true”
It is finally the day of the Mithralen mission, and Kite is dressed up in Perato. A white cloak is worn to hide the injury of the arm.

Because painkillers are also effective, Perat advises you not to overdo it, although you do not know that you are hurt.

A little away, Basso was talking to Doris.

Kite calls Basso and asks how he is.

His bright red hair flutters, and his white cloak shines well with his long limbs.

Bazo looked blushing and replied that it was not good.

I can only admit his appearance.

Perato says he is going to get ready, and calls Basso out of the room.

He asks if only Basso was good in such clothes. Bazo was wearing simple weapons.

She who swords laughs that it seems to have entered a knightly group and is fun.

Perato cares that Basso also wants to wear a dress.

She said that she chose herself, and if she was dressed as a soldier, she would not stand out even if she was beside the kite.

Perato apologizes to her. That night, it is nodded that she took a rude attitude to her who was injured with a kite.

Don’t worry because you have forgotten, Basso follows.

Perato, who has lived with kite first than his own life until today, says that the dream of the prince was his dream, even if it was made by Basso.

And he always misunderstood the imaginary Basso.

It is the same as the imaginary that appears in other stories, it is secondary to the ones that I made, and I thought that I thought that it was a self-centered existence that just wanted to return to my world .

Even if it looks so, she answers.

Perato nodded and swears her loyalty that the dreams of the prince and Basso are their dreams.

Surprised, Perato kissed her hand, who responded that she understood.

In the meantime, the mission arrived and the gate was opened. Villagers divide into left and right streets and meet Mithralen’s platinum carriage.

Doris is so excited that Mitoralen’s national power is amazing, and Kite is really married to the princess.

However, he notices the neighbor Bazo and presses his mouth.

Basso is also able to do that, and wonders what kind of person the princess is.

Doris rushed to follow loudly that no matter how beautiful the princess was, it would turn pale if the other people would not ask.

A butler in a suit opened the door of the carriage, and everyone below asked.

Beyond that, a kite wearing a white cloak stands behind the castle and waits.

What came down from the carriage was a very beautiful princess with an orange dress, a loose waved blonde, and purple-blue eyes.

Everything looks bright and shining. Bazo is amazed at how beautiful it is.

When the princess goes to the front of the kite, she tends to be prone and calls her adorable startist.

Kite responds indifferently without changing the color of the face.

Staistist says that he enjoyed being erected with a flower knight and Ernfest someday, and he looked at Kite’s face and reddened his face that the flower knight was such a brilliant person.

A kite with no reaction.

Basso, who looks at the sight from a distance, looks good with a beautiful couple.

I feel that I am a mediocre existence without any light against the shining starlist.

As the kite is mushy, the pale Perato repairs it.

Kite who answers all uneasiness in conversation with the Startist.

It was a kite with no expression to a princess who smiled that she really wanted to meet you.

Impression of the manga “Let’s grant your wish to the prince” episode 21
Although it is a strong kite due to short hair and eye patch, it is quite beautiful from the beginning, so the bazoos are thrilled. Misterren’s princess, Stautist, was blushing when she saw Kite. Kite ’s response was n’t that serious.

He used to say that he prefers a gentle woman, but it seems that Stautist is not covered.

No one is better than the Basso that gives you vitality every day, like life and death.

As far as the carriages are concerned, it looks like Mithralen is a wealthy country. Will such a wealthy princess come to the prince of the devastated land, even though she is an imperial family and has a minimum of servants?

Like a heroine, it ’s a lovely and beautiful Startist, but I ’m looking forward to seeing the relationship with Kite.

  • Perat, like Kite, swears allegiance to Basso and kisses the back of his hand.
  • The mission of Princess Mitralen arrives. Basso dresses as a soldier
  • Kite and Princess Staistist look like a good-looking couple of beautiful girls, but Kite doesn’t care

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