Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou) Anime Review

I am catching up a bit with those anime that have long been pending in my plan to watch Myanimelist and some are of those anime that almost no one has seen. This time it is Toshokan Sensou, an anime that has its most and least but that in the end has turned out to be quite entertaining. We start!

Title: Toshokan Sensou
Genre: Action, Military, Comedy, Romance
Chapters: 12 + OVA + Movie
Studio: Production I.G
Issue Year: 2008
Toshokan Sensou tells the story of Kasahara Iku, the first woman to join the Library Defense Corps. In Japan, a law was passed and an armed force (Media Improvement Committee) was created to pursue and destroy all material that is considered prohibited. To fight this, the Library Defense Corps emerged. In order to protect themselves against the Media Improvement Committee, the libraries have a military force team in charge of protecting the books and the freedom of people to be able to use such materials.

Probably the first plot of Toshokan Sensou does not attract too much attention as it deals with the clashes between two military bodies: one that wants to destroy books they consider banned and another that struggles to defend the right of people to read the books they want .

To be honest, I cannot say that the story seemed spectacular to me because it is not so. I think in general the plot is a bit loose and sometimes some of the missions of the Library Defense Corps are not really entertaining. I want to think that with the short duration of this anime they did not intend to create an anime with a very elaborate or complex story. In my opinion, the biggest attraction this series has is its humorous and comedy scenes. If it weren’t for that, I probably would have stayed in something much inferior since to me the majority of missions had a somewhat poor action and neither generated me much interest. In addition there are some things that are caught with tweezers and I think it would have been a little more explanation in some things.

Even so, I must say that I liked the anime and among the things that made me keep watching it I can mention the moments that focused more on talking about the characters (especially the main four or five), comedy and seeing a female character carrying out tasks that are supposedly more typical of men. I also want to add that there is some romance between some characters that you see coming from the beginning, it is no secret, and that… well, if you like salsa, it can also be one of the details that make you have more interest in the series, as it happened to me.

I would say that the characters of Toshokan Sensou are one of the main attractions of the series. The truth is that they were the ones who made me more interested in anime and that I continued to see him wanting to know what else happened to them.

In reality, all the characters are quite typical and none is very different from those we have seen in other anime. However, their personalities and relationships between them are nice, especially in moments of comedy. I can not say that I laughed out loud but it was fun to see the main character, Kasahara Iku, turning his head and worried about his family and love dramas. I must say that I liked that character a lot, it has been a very funny female character and I think it is not difficult to take care of her.

On the other hand, the companions of the protagonist also liked me a lot. The male protagonist and love interest of Kasahara, Dojou Atsushi, is a fairly typical character with temperament and his tender boy moments that helps the protagonist so it is not bad but it is not surprising. On the other hand, I loved the intelligence and elegance of Shibasaki Asako, Kasahara’s roommate, and I think it was another female character that didn’t dislike me at all.

For the rest, the other characters are not bad either but those three were the ones that caught my attention the most.

Design and Animation
In my opinion, Toshokan Sensou has absolutely nothing that makes it stand out if we talk about the visual section. It does not have large backgrounds, or large character designs, or colors that make this anime something that can be called “beautiful”. The truth is that everything seemed very simple and normal.

Starting with character design … not bad. His designs are not the prettiest I’ve seen but they are nice and I found them quite real. Of course, I really liked the chibi-style designs used for some comedy scenes. On the other hand, as I said, this series does not have large funds and scenarios so it simply defends itself.

The soundtrack of Toshokan Sensou during the chapters is not too remarkable although I remember that during the movie it did make me pay more attention on a couple of occasions. Of course, I must say that both the opening, Atashi no machi, ashita no machi of Hitomi Takahashi, and the ending, Changes of Base Ball Bear, I liked a lot and listened to both songs every time I put a chapter of the anime.

Toshokan Sensou is a military comedy and action anime that raises a story that may not be appealing to many. In my opinion, the military part of the story needs to explain things in a little more detail and the action is no big deal. However, the comedy of the series is not bad and thanks to the characters it can end up being an anime much more entertaining than it seems.

In addition, it is interesting to follow the story of the protagonist and what happens to him, not to say that it is easy to catch a certain affection. The soundtrack and animation are not especially remarkable. Although this anime has several things that did not quite convince me, it is good to hang out and see something different and with a comedy quite entertaining and bearable.

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