Kingdom latest episode 614 spoiler prediction “Why is the cavalry army quite?”

Kingdom latest episode 614 spoiler prediction “Why is the cavalry army quite?”

In the story of Kingdom 613, the instructions say that Yunen was entrusted to Li Mu.

Li Mu has a prone expression when Hinoshin Corps appears from the side.

It’s also the moment when you admitted that you weren’t exactly envisioned.
Surely, he was able to stop the movement of the Kinge and Li Mu soldiers if he was alone.
With the addition of Manan Jijun, it would have been stale even if the right was not destroyed.

It wasn’t even true because there was Ahana Nishiki.
I understand that the part that Limong misreads is not just the ability of faith.

And why is Li Mu still convinced of victory?
In the 613 episode, Li Mu is showing a brutal expression.
I don’t feel like I’m sure.

It may be said that it is a measure left at the end.

What is the policy entrusted to the generals?
The expression of the last frame that Li Mu showed in Episode 613 was never enough.

Suunen appears in front of Kineh and tells the horror of Li Mu before executing the instructions received from Li Mu.

Don’t win.
This is Li Mu’s instructions.
After all that person.
I don’t know the game until the end.
No, we will win.
(Kingdom Episode 613 / Most common words)

You can see that the people take some life and take measures to win the victory of the army.
The current situation is in the midst of pinching that can be called a victory in Yasukuni.
It can be said that Li Mu’s first face-down expression basically means that his plan was lost.

There is no doubt that there was an overly sweet point about the ability of Shin and the ability of Wang Yi.
In addition, it is highly possible that the situation has changed even if he struck down the mines himself.

Isn’t it a stroke left to the close side that was prepared as the last measure of Li Mu who made miscalculations in every respect?

There is no victory other than defeating the king
In order for the Yasukuni to win from the current situation, it can be considered that there is no other way but to defeat the king.
The center is also a samurai army that pangs back and forth by pinching.
Wang Yin Central Army, who completed the lineup while fighting from the former, was easier to fight than Li Mu Central.

Although the war situation such as a spear appeared and the temporary thread surrendered retreated, it is temporary and part of the story.
Both Kurao and Tariya are fighting for Li Mu, aiming at the end of the battle at the highest morale.

That is why.
Li Mu is waiting for all of his opponents to take offense while jealous of himself.

There is a high possibility that the turn of the ordinary people is the royal king after all of them turned offense.
A warlord is not a warrior like a shin that breaks through with a big conflict.
If anything, it is the same type as Kine and is good at swordsmanship.

In short, it is a warrior with a small turn.
It is fully conceivable that it has the same breakthrough power as the general lord of the four kings.
A lieutenant of a person who is thought to be responsible for the next generation even though he is close to Li Mu.

Would you like to attack the king?

Wang Yi anticipates Li Mu’s surprise
Does Wang Yun think that pinching is one of the last Yasukuni moves?
Or are you in the sight of a surprise attack at the place where you turned offense?

Even if they are in, it will be a problem if they are distracted from their abilities (the power of surprise units).
Unlike Li Mu, Wang Yi is clearly not a type of military commander who can show himself.
It can be said that there is no lump if it is aimed at without protection.

Even if you are expecting a surprise attack, you will certainly have a chance if you have an ability that surpasses your imagination.

However, if we look at historical facts, this attack will end with the victory of Yasukuni.

The historical facts of the Zhuhai Plain are overwhelming! ?
If the survival of a person is deterministic in terms of history, it would be appropriate to think that the blade will be settled before it reaches the king.

You stop the belief and the lords defeat the king.
If Li Mu offers Wa-an before that, it will end with a victory.

Development of the victory of Yasukuni while remaining as Li Mu
As for Li Mu, the big plan will be to make a mistake.
If you are going to aim at the head of the king with the faith as a partner, where will the development that the 趙 loses as the historical facts appear?

Li’s survival is certain by history.
Li Mu is the strongest military commander in history !?
However, it would be difficult to believe that the faith is defeated in the current situation.
Nor do they die without taking the royal palace.

Both losing developments are hard to imagine.
Will Li Mu give up victory by adding another factor?
If so, it may be reasonable to think that Mongolia or Saki is involved.

If the Mongolian side is out of the way, there will be no victory in the rock.
Also, if you know the fact that you are struck by swiftness faster than you imagined, there may be a peace offer to Wang.
The flow from the usual measure to the final defeat.
It is attention how far away from the historical fact.

By the way, in historical fact, Sakai is not in time when he was attacked by Yasukuni in a war of Samurai.
Also, Li Mu has not even participated in this battle.
In other words, it is proceeding with an almost complete original development.
Of this time Yè Gyo Speaking of being the most insidious in attack. On the third day, King twelve days have passed since the decision was made to pour inhabitants of Kushiro into Hagi Castle and decide to attack soldiers. We continues to besiege Hagi Castle without any effort.

However, unless the king is taking special care, even the cavalry army has been exhausted and three days have passed.

The cavalry army of the robbery gathering will it not explode?

In the first place, the cavalry army is not united only by the charismatic of the cavalry that is the head.

Then, if you say something, there is a merit that if you follow the cavalry you can make delicious thoughts and leave them in loot.

This is not only found in kingdoms but also in historical facts.

For example, at the end of the rebellion, Che Sheng Chinsho As well as teaching turbulence king kurehiro Kario arrogance today and the military conspiracy did not even know

If you carry this guy up disaster Bother Of subordinates who thought that happened Tabuchi Denzo has slaughtered Chen Sheng’s order and false Kurehiro.

The rebel army was in the form of being under the command of Zhang Xiao Wang Chen Sheng, but in reality, it was like a robbery connected only by profit,

I immediately killed the boss if I found out there was no merit.

There is no difference between Chen Sheng and Kurehiro even if you are going to the sword. If you mess it up, your subordinates will betray you without any hesitation.

So why are the cavalry soldiers silently enduring for three days in a fasted state?

Perhaps Iki promises his subordinates to slaughter and slaughter if he falls.

If you do such a thing, you will receive considerable resentment from the people of Samurai.

So should it be better to collapse the army and free the trap without allowing looting? It will be the theory.

Is a realist Wang Jian would connive to drink a complaint of riding.

In any case, I guess the reason why the cavalry soldiers do not escape even after three days of fasting is that they dodge the contract that freezes the corresponding blood.

Kingdom latest episode 614 spoiler conjecture “Is the cavalry army reverse siege?”

One of the Kingdom’s conjectures is that the Cavalry Army surrounds the Samurai, but it is further surrounded by the Samurai Army.

Indeed, there is a reason, and that is why the cavalry army who can’t escape can well explain the situation where the siege of the eagle cannot be solved or escaped.

However, the question is that if you have enough strength to siege the cavalry army, it is easier to pinch the cavalry army in response to the castle.

A cavalry army that runs out of food can be annihilated without much effort, and if that happens, it will soon be released and the defeat of the king will be decided.

Since the final goal of this battle is to gain a trap, if the battle of the Zhuhai Plain does not change, it will be a defeat of Wang Chung.

No matter how to avoid the damage, if you destroy the cavalry army, you will be able to open the bag and solve the food problem, so Li Mu will not hesitate.

And, if the siege is further sieving the cavalry army, Li Mu does not have to hurry and go to salvation.

This is the question that Kawauso has in the theory that the Cavalry is further surrounded by mercenaries.

Kingdom’s latest episode 614 spoiler conjecture “ Atrocities are the hidden line of falling down ”

There is no brutality in the samurai in the history book, but it will still be inserted as a hint that impresses the fall of the cavalry.

Also, the action seems to be done in the process of lifting and dropping.

In other words, the refugee who suffered from the lack of supplies, said, “If it is the army of Wang Yi, they must do harm to them”

Li Bai, who has become difficult to hold down the people, decides to go bloodless.

However, at the moment the castle gate opens, the cavalry commanded the entire army assault, Shout Abikikyokan It becomes a flow that becomes a hell picture of.

Here, the sense of security that the royal guard was protected and harmed, and the cavalry army that was waiting for it

By being surrounded by the feeling of despair that it was the most robbed flock of robbery, the evil act of the cavalry stands out.

And I think that the atrocious cruelty at this time will determine the hatred of the samurai’s cavalry, and will act as an opportunity for the cavalry to be defeated by Li Mu later.

Because the Hishin Corps was positioned under the Cavalry Army, Shin was affected in a bad way and bounced it back.

Corner, Keisha the slash was take credit also, riding but will square off in a riot at the headquarters of, there was an important scene to advocate the cause of the trust of Chinese unification.

However, since the influences interact, the cavalry may also be affected by the Hishin Corps.

For example, a cavalry that allowed subordinates to plunder in order to maintain his army, but faced the limits of his own devil and ability (no one would come without merit)

Unfamiliar, frustrated You may also draw a painful scene.

Well, it ’s possible that you ’re just watching the looting of your subordinates as if nothing had happened,

Considering Yasuhisa Hara’s philosophy that there is no natural villain in humans, there are good reasons for becoming evil, There is no cause, just the inhabitants of Sakai who believe in themselves and surrender just to fulfill their subordinate’s desires Róulìn JurinTo be selfish.

Still, I think that there may be a depiction that the savage with blood of humans fall into self-hate.

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