Kingdom Chapter 612: Latest story | Takegami Attack

Kingdom Chapter 612: latest story | Takegami Attack

While Wang Wei and Limong’s central army fought in battle, they attacked with the anger of Itorin. Kane sees it and rushes to run the horse. But I can’t catch up too quickly. Ito Rin and his men in front of Lee Makimoto are going to kick up more quickly.However, a spear appears and slashes three old cavalry soldiers under one sword. This is stunning, regardless of whether it is a kinae, a string, or an enemy. Ito Rin stopped in front of the spear, but when the person in front noticed it was a spear, he ran the horse again to kill his neck.

Meanwhile, Aoi is frustrated by the pain of facial scars. That trap frightens everyone around you. As Ito Ryo, it is not an example, and desperately suppresses his horses from rampaging with fear. However, Sae does not show any interest in Itorin, but just asks his soldiers where Li Maki is.
In the meantime, Kine Corps appears behind Ito Rin, and Ito Rin, who lost his time of attack, returns to the bottom of Kurao as soon as he repartitions. On the other hand, Zhao meets Limaki. He told Lee Maki that he came to get an answer. Li Maki also knows, and says that today is the day to fulfill the promise made when he first met.

At first, Li Maki had the answer he asked for. But now it is different. Currently, someone else has the answer that he wants, and he knows who it is. In the words of Limaki, Taki thinks of faith in his mind. At that time, Shin was having a hard time in the fight against the gold-haired army. Hinoshin Corps who is impatient with the current situation that can not be pushed. In addition to the morale of taking the trap of Keisha, the Kinge Army is overwhelmed by Limaki’s direct soldiers.

Shin is still in trouble, and he cannot instantly kill the leaders of the gold-haired army. Under this circumstance, Dancha, who heads the Amitsu Army, who was behind the Hanshin Corps in the back of the Hishin Corps, thinks that if the Hishin Corps can’t pinch Limaki, he won’t win. And that is why he led half to Ako Nishiki to tell the reinforcements. According to Dancha’s words, Ami Nishiki led half of Amitsu soldiers, and assaulted them as they were the last earning place.

Kingdom Chapter 612 Latest Story Spoiler Consideration

The Hishin corps approaching Lee ’s army, but a melee troops led by golden hair appeared to block it. He appears to be hung by the preceding Naki’s scouting unit, and is ready to engage with the Hinobu Corps that he has caught up with. Simply clear, if you break down the gold hair, you will be pinned with Lee Wang army. The two important points here are to break down the gold hair quickly while preventing the loss of troops to eat and destroy Lee.

There are three or four possible hishin squad strategies. The first is to pinch and shoot in front and back in cooperation with Naki’s scout unit. The second is a siege where gold hair gathered in the plains is spread out and surrounded. Third, separate the teams and destroy each one before the gold hairs gather. The fourth is to charge Lee Limong with the main force that is credible while holding the gold hair in half of the corps.

Of course, the fourth is probably the fourth. You should eliminate the dangers behind you when you enter the large army of Lee. I personally feel safe with the 1st and 3rd. The second siege is time consuming and may be pinched back by the existing Hanan Jijun, which is further behind the Hishin Corps. There is a possibility that the Hannan Ji-gun will be controlled by the Jade Army Corps and the Amitsu Army, but there are also treatments of the collapsed Min-Uo and Army Dragons, so excessive expectations are forbidden.

The Battle of Wang Yi and Li Maki
In the center, Wang Wei and Li Maki are in battle. Meanwhile, Kurao’s deputy officer, Ito Ryo, is attacking Limaki at a furious momentum. And Kinae who sees it and tries to enter the interception. Although there are various directions of development, I think there are four major categories. The first is a battle between Ito Rin and Kaine. Secondly, Kinae, who sees that she can’t stop tying up, becomes Li Maki’s shield. The third is a composite of the second, and Li Maki opposes Ito Ryo as a warrior in the crisis of Kine. The fourth is that while Ito Ryo and Kine are having milk, other warlords intrude to see it as an opportunity. Personally, I think the first is not good. It seems a bit unrealistic that a warlord killed in a battle.

The 2nd and 3rd are quite powerful, and the kin that leads the subordinates to attack and the same one who leads the subordinates and stops. As a kinae, it seems to attack from the side rather than from the front, obstructing the direction of travel. However, my second feeling is that I want to get ready to die from the front by preparing my body to get over the thread that doesn’t hang on my teeth. The third is Li Maki, who literally goes on a business trip to Kain’s crisis.

However, this is also a subtle place when the general general, Li Maki, is asked to go on a business trip. The fourth is the form of war fighting again when warriors participated in battle while Kine and Itoru antagonized. Probably the best candidate. Anyway, Ito-Rin is a cavalry team, so once you stop your foot, the penetration will be drastically reduced. Given that, it seems that it is relatively difficult to stop the assault on Lee Maki without defeating Yon Rin.

Kingdom Chapter 612 Conclusion

It was clear that the purpose of the samurai was faith, so I did not expect it to come in one cushion. I personally thought that Shin would come on a business trip to the place where he pulled out of the gold-haired army. But now it is almost certain that the next will stand before the faith. I want to get rid of the gold-haired army before the spear appears, can it be done? Ako Nishiki is going to show you the best work, and I’m looking forward to the next time!

I am really excited for the arrival of chapter 613 of Kingdom manga. See you guys when the chapter arrives.

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