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Introduction of latest story of Kingdom Chapter 613

Ako Nishiki of Ako Army joins Hinoshin Corps who engages in gold hair. A sword with a unique shape is shaken from the top of the horse, and the enemy’s neck is cut off. As Ahananishiki’s reinforcements revived, the engine finally started as if pulled by the strength of the enemy, and cut into the enemy team.

Akanishiki has a satisfying face, and orders his thick soldiers to support the thick hishin squad. Ahananishiki understands who is most important in seeing the battlefield that is confused by enemies. Looking at the current stage alone, the right wing’s cause of victory is none other than the fact that Wang Yin sent Hida Shintai to reinforcements on the third day.

The end of the gold-haired army
Kimmo, a general of the Kimmo army who is deceived without being able to do anything, has a regretful face. At the same time, he orders his troops to bring their own contradictions from anger. The subordinates who desperately stop such gold hair and encourage escape.

However, Kinge insists on the choice to fight stubbornly. At the root of this is the feelings of the dead Keisha. However, if you fight here, you will be killed and inevitable.

Therefore, Takeshi, who is close to Kim, shouts that the general who leads the army is not dead. Acknowledge their mistakes in the words of the aides and escape alone. In order to escape the lord, the Kinge Army will inevitably engage in battle, but the fact that the commander named Kimge has missed will greatly resonate.

The right-handed wing that has finally surpassed the gold-haired army, stands right next to the central army where Li Maki is located. Here is the strategy of the victory that Wang Yi had been aiming for in the pipes since the beginning of the war.

Unconfident confidence
Li Maki unexpectedly closes her eyes when she sees the belief that she is pinching. On the other hand, looking at the pinching of the right wing, the generals of the Samurai Central Army, led by Wang Yi, think that this is the winning machine, and all members will break through in the entire army.

Kain, who has been aware of the crisis of the main team as the army’s momentum has strengthened, tries to move under Lee Maki. At that time, enemy soldiers were already approaching. However, an urgent rushes to the crisis of Kine.

Kaine rejoices that the servant who was on the side of Lee Maki has left. Yuan tells Kaine to go to a certain place under the direction of Lee Maki. And I understood that there was a dead place and came to see my friend’s face. Most people declare over the back to Kine and to win from here. At that time, Limaki had a selfish face.

When Li Maki and Sakai met
The most interesting scene in Chapter 612 is the conversation between Lee Maki and Aoi. Li Maki said that he met Tatsumi 20 years ago. Twenty years ago, it was quite a long time ago, but according to the history book (history) called Shiki, the attack was 236 BC.

The story about 20 years ago is being talked about because there is a little recollection scene in the work. Historically, the samurai was born three years ago, and the samurai at that time was the time when the samurai who had attacked Nishishu and was supposed to become the wife of the deceased king was very active. The story of the name of the samurai has made it a story that is somewhat related!

What is a promise?
A few years later, Sakai fights against Samurai, but before that Sakai and Lee Maki were acquainted.
When this happens, I’m curious what kind of story Li Maki and Sung spoke about and what promises they made.
However, this is roughly predictable.

The purpose of the samurai is to maximize its strength as a god of war. Naturally, I met Limaki in a battle. Imagine imagination, maybe Páng nuǎn lost to Li Maki. If you were defeated by Li Maki, you would want to know the mystery of its strength. Li Maki’s strength is simply a military commander.
Naturally, Li Maki should have known the same strength of the six generals, Samurai and King. “If you want to know my strength, you might find a mystery by fighting the six generals of the frog.”

What did you say with a face?
If it is true, it will cause the death of Samurai, and it can be said that the relationship between King and Samurai, and more specifically, the relationship between faith and Samurai, all began with Li Maki’s words.
I don’t know if Lee Maki did it.

When will Shin and Samurai fight?
At present, the army is approaching Limaki until the major. The gold hair serves as a shield to stop the advance of the Hishin Corps. It is possible to antagonize if only the Wang Feng Central Army is the opponent, and if you fight against the leisurely, there will be no defeat first.

However, Lee must go to rescue before the fall. As long as you have a time limit, it is impossible to protect. Defeat and extinction will be confirmed if the habit drops even if you defend.

What is necessary for Lee ’s current army is the overwhelming force, and it is the niece that bears it.
Given the current situation, it is the correct answer that Tsuji goes to defeat faith. However, since this is a manga, the battle between Shin and Samurai should have been brought to the climax. Personally, I think the composition is that the frog stands before the faith that pulls out the gold hair and takes the lead.

Kingdom Chapter 613 Latest Story Reviews
Finally, pinching became a form. I feel a little pitiful about the gold hair that ended without showing up, but it was a climax anyway. I look forward to seeing how Shin will play an active role in the future. At the same time, I am wondering what Li Maki, who has not given up on winning, has ordered him. In order to overthrow the victory and defeat as the siege progresses, you will not be surprised by the enemy general. I’m looking forward to the strange surprises!

The weekly Young Jump release date for the next Kingdom Chapter 614 will be September 12th!

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