“Hypnosis microphone”, a spiritually connected comic that shakes the Japan

The expansion does not stop
“I really want to go to Osaka Castle Hall …!” I saw a friend who murmured with a squeezing voice while grasping the glass. Every time I hear the rumors about Hypnosis Mike, the story gets bigger and bigger.

At first, it was a story saying, “The rap is so good!” At that point, I couldn’t forget the strong punchline episode that was told with a pleasant expression. A few months later, an ad track that raps with a blast crossed the street waiting for a signal in front of Isetan. “This is absolutely a hypnosis microphone …!” Finally came in front of me! When.

Hypnosis Mike is a project in which male voice actors sing batch bee rap music, and King Records develops the original music. If you like Japanese rap music, the music production team is only top-notch members who think “Oh!” And there are a lot of people who are crazy about “rap music” and “character”.

…… Hipmai truck in Shinjuku at night was very attractive. The character’s visuals were also beautiful, and the voice and smooth tongue are beautiful and the emotional voice actors sing a rap … I want to listen more! So, after that, when you want to increase your tension, repeat playback.

The project is now live by a voice actor, and instead of filling up the Osakajo Hall, it is difficult to get tickets. Osaka Castle Hall is so big … “Hypnosis microphone-Division Rap Battle-side B.B & M.T.C” is a comicalization of the world of such an enthusiastic hypnosis microphone.

The world of “holding a microphone” instead of “armed”
There is a page that explains the global settings of the hypnosis microphone in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

Instead of armed forces, hold a “special microphone that interferes with the human spirit” and fight using lyric. So a street corner skirmish is like this.

Grab the microphone = a signal for the fight. Rap is all about vocabulary, singing skills and rhythm. So, I think it’s a field where the singer’s “power difference” is easy to understand. The heroes of such a rap battle are the main characters of Hypnosis Mike.

The festival is held in “Chuo Ward” by women, and in other divisions, men are making rap battles. The main characters are MC groups representing each division.

In this work, “Buster Bros !!!” of “Ikebukuro Division” and “MAD TRIGGER CREW” of “Yokohama Division” are drawn.

“Buster Bros !!!”
First from Ikebukuro Division. “Ichiro Yamada” is the eldest son of the 3 Yamada brothers. I run a handyman called Ashiya Yamada.

When participating in a division lap battle of three people, I am thinking “Who will team up with whom?”

The younger brothers “Jiro Yamada” and “Saburo Yamada” who heard it rushed to join the team…

Ichiro gives them a test. Resolve the “A Certain Request” from “Amumura Rumuda” and “Jinguji Jakuji” that once formed a team.

A friend who is a believer of the team of three brothers “Buster Bros !!!” said, “At first, I couldn’t read kanji for the names of other characters. “It seems.” I think each person is the first opportunity to become fond of love and content.

In the rap battle, even if it is a brother opponent, there is no adjustment. Can Jiro and Saburo get over Ichiro’s trials?

On the other hand, another division drawn in this work, “Yokohama Division”.

An outlaw rap battle is about to begin. This person who can’t resist “illegal mics” is “Yakuza Sakuma”, a 25-year-old yakuza. The left-handed “Niyat” expression has a dangerous scent, but what do you associate with it? Yes, it is overwhelming and violent strength.

A mental attack with a soothing chomp will not be victorious.

The chaotic and violent lyric overwhelms the former soldier, “Busujima Mason Ryo”. Such a left horse is also placed on the policeman “Iruma Jyuto”. The relationship between Yakuza and the policeman is also good. These three people will participate in the rap battle as “MAD TRIGGER CREW”.

Like “Ikebukuro Division”, there is also a fierce rap battle here.

A former military officer whose first person is a “government officer”, a policeman who looks good with glasses and black leather gloves, and a sexy yakuza with a smoking cigarette. “MAD TRIGGER CREW”, the feeling of gathering guys from various organizations,

The “Buster Bros !!!” Brotherhood is also healthy and hot. Oh, you can see either …!

Yes, the hypnosis microphone guys absolutely push somewhere on the point that feels “nice”. So I listen to the CD many times. And because the music is so messy, I like the character more and more … This loop continues for a long time.

As a result, I thought that each division’s team was called “our team” and fans were enthusiastically supported. You can come in from music and complete the world with comics, or you can be overwhelmed by music while reading this work. In any case, since there is no doubt that the brain is directly connected, I hope you will come to the world of hypnosis microphones.

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