“Gundam Network Wars” Pre-registration for the game has started

BANDAI NAMCO Online today announced the PC browser game “Gundam Network Wars”

BANDAI NAMCO Online today announced the PC browser game “Gundam Network Wars” (August 29, 2019) and started pre-registration.

This work is developed and operated as a title to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam TV anime broadcast. A large number of players can gather together in real time with their favorite “leader” characters. It ’s an alliance battle simulation. Rather than relive the story of the original, it is a vast strategy map in which the battle situation changes in real time, and will aim for world domination over two months.

Also, part of the “Gundam Network Operation” series system is followed, and the player can move and battle automatically after logging out, just by setting the operation instructions and unit formation. For the fans who like Gundam’s world view, such as familiar mobile suits and pilots, the original character that did not appear much in the game plays an active role as a “domestic officer” character in this work. That’s it.

In addition, the service form is a basic play free item billing system. Check the official website for details on pre-registration.

No installation required! Multi-player alliance battle simulation that can be played immediately on a PC browser
“Gundam Network War”

BANDAI NAMCO Online Co., Ltd. (address: Masataka Sekiguchi, President and Representative Director: Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a PC browser simulation game “Gundam Network War” developed and operated as a title commemorating the 40th anniversary of “Mobile Suit Gundam” TV animation. Pre-registration for “GN Wars”) started today.

I want to win that person” Aim to win the world with your favorite leader!
Characteristic and unique characters from “Mobile Suit Gundam” will be instructors and more than 20 people will appear along with the voice.

“Mobile Suit Gundam”, which has attracted many people from the start of airing to the present day, appeared in the “Space Century” to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the airing. A PC browser game featuring many attractive characters will be available. This “GN War” is a [multi-player alliance battle simulation game] where you can gather in the form of an “instructor” character to form an alliance and fight together in real time. Aim to win the world in 2 months while creating a unit.

“Gundam Network” series latest work that is easy to play even for members of society who cannot take time together. The battle situation changes in real time! Conquer the world in two months!

Automatic movement & auto battle system after logout, with pre-set operation instructions and unit formation. Part of the “Gundam Network Operation” series of systems that can be enjoyed while taking regular intervals to perform other tasks without having to log in for a long time.

In this work “ GN Wars ”, instead of re-experiencing the original story, we will form an alliance with “ favorite leaders ” in 2 months with a vast strategy MAP that changes the battle situation in real time, aiming to win the world In addition to mobile suits and pilots that are faithful to the original, original character characters that have not appeared so much in the game, such as newly “ domestic officer ” characters, are also active To do.

No installation required! You can play continuation immediately with just an account in different PC environments
You can experience a full-fledged strategy simulation game in a Mac environment or a relatively low-spec notebook PC environment!

No need to install because you can play in a browser environment! If you have a low-spec environment such as a laptop, you can play anywhere without choosing a place. Compatible with various browser environments (Chrome /Firefox/Safari /Edge) Marvelous’s “Browser Sangokushi” team also cooperated in the development and operation of “GN War”. We will continue to develop and operate using the know-how cultivated in the operation of browser simulation RPG.

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