Gears 5 uses phrases of the Roman philosopher Cicero

Gears 5 uses (and changes) phrases of the Roman philosopher Cicero

Have you played and Gears 5? If not, we recommend that you do so immediately, because the game of The Coalition for Xbox One and PC has one of the best campaigns of the entire saga (individually or in cooperative mode – local or online – for three players). The epic fight of Kait Diaz, J.D., Delmont, Marcus … and the other members of the CGO against the swarm has left us some exciting moments.

The mechanics of shooting and coverage, together with the characteristic recharging system, work like a charm in the sixth installment of the saga (the fifth in the numerical canon) but that is not the only thing that has captivated us; The script – with an exaggerated style of tough guys – has made us sketch a smile. Already in the first act of Gears 5 I recognize that Marcus Fenix ​​captivated me with one of his phrases as I do not distrust weapons but who uses them or stops proving your worth and do your job. But it’s not the only case.

If you have not played the campaign, here we mention some characters that can spoil the surprise. The point is that later in the game, when the confrontation between the gears and the swarm is at its peak, we find another of the most relevant characters in this story. This is Garron Paduk, veteran of the Pendulum wars and Gorasnayan chief. In Gears 5 he is also a rebel who distrusts CGO troops.

One of his best moments in the game comes when he recites an old Gorasnayan proverb “a fair war is better than an unjust peace.” Does it sound like something to you? The phrase is actually a variation – with a complete change of meaning – of one of the most famous quotes about war of all time. It is a phrase from the Roman philosopher Cicero, who actually said I would prefer the most unjust peace to the fairest of wars. In fact, although Gears 5 does not delve into this aspect, it has given rise to interesting discussions about whether war can be fair in some way.

The new Gears surprises, is fresh and has elements that we had never seen in the saga, but does not lose its essence even for a moment. Here we are to shoot shots both alone and accompanied in the campaign (and in multiplayer modes such as versus, horde and escape) and the pace is impressive.

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