Gears 5 analysis for Xbox One and PC, the best Microsoft Studios game in recent years?

We have faced the Hive again to bring you the analysis of Gears 5 on Xbox One and PC. This is a game that has been carried with absolute secrecy, and while this is something that usually smells bad, this time the opposite happens. They have taken a risk and created a Gears that evolves in all aspects without losing a bit of the essence. If you want to find out how they got the play, keep reading our opinion of Gears 5.

Two years have passed since the launch of Gears of War 4, and that is a long time if we consider that Microsoft is giving plenty of time to its standard studies, 343 industries – Halo – and The Coalition – Gears of War – to create its sagas That means that in 2018 we didn’t have a great Microsoft Studios shooter, and that’s why the launch of Gears 5 is so expected.

Gears of War 4 was a good contact with the saga. The players liked it more or less, but the truth is that it offered more than many wanted to continue seeing: the essence of Epic Games, the former responsible for the franchise.

Now we face the analysis of Gears 5, and the first thing we must say is that it is a very different game, with new elements in the saga that not only provide variety, but are so well embedded that it does not lose the game, even by a second, that essence of Gears of War.

The development of the game has been practically secret, showing little and with very good decisions to create a maximum expectation for the launch. And, having said that, we go with our analysis of Gears 5, not Gears of War 5, on Xbox One and PC.

A new emergency day with the Delta Team

Gears 5 is a direct continuation. Its name suggests that it is a new beginning for the series, but it is more in terms of mechanics and playable news than in history. We have, thus, the veteran characters of the saga who met, again in Gears of War 4, as well as the triplet of new heroes.

JD, Kait and Del return to be the protagonists, again, and although in Gears 4 the charism of the three was just, here we find a Kait, especially, that is better written and that takes the reins of the game after the first chapter.

We already accompanied the JD who was looking for his father and was in his shadow in Gears of War 4, and now it’s time to do the same with Kait. It is time to discover what connection he has with the Locust, why he suffers from personality disorders and what has happened so that Del and she are so angry with JD.

Obviously, we are not going to do any spoilers in the history of Gears 5 and, in fact, we may say very little about it, but in this game it is worth it, and it is not common in other titles of the franchise, discover each line of dialogue, and there are few, that the characters have.

Answers are given, there are details, connections and references to the past and the main characters, although they are not the best written are in the history of video games, they feel more solid and ‘’ realistic ’’ than in Gears of War 4.

That said, we go with one of the most important points of Gears 5: the campaign.

More news than ever in the campaign, but as intense as ever
Exactly a week ago we planted ourselves in the studios of The Coalition to play the Gears 5 campaign. It was the first time it could be played and, in fact, it was going to be seen, since the studio had not shown anything before.

We really wanted to see what they were doing and they surprised us with the central acts (II and III) of which we talked about in our impressions. They are the most open acts, and the good news is that they already maintained an essence of Gears of War that is even more evident in acts I and IV.

In these two acts, the rhythm is more similar to the Gears that we have enjoyed so far: more closed and small scenarios that take us in a very linear way from point A to point B. They are the ones that have the most narrative load based on kinematics (in real time) and conversations without pausing the action, and they are in which the game is pleased to put before us some of the most spectacular moments both technically and in execution.

There are some alternative ways to find secrets (documents, badges, photos …), but they are designed to travel quickly making the story progress. When we get to act II, things change, since they give us the skiff.

It is a skate that is driven thanks to a sail and that allows us to navigate some scenarios that are the largest in the saga. Those responsible say that there is a level that is 50 times larger than any other level of a previous Gears, and although it cannot be verified, it makes perfect sense.

When we have the vehicle at our disposal, we can choose to go to the point of the mission, but we can also explore secondary structures to find new missions, weapons re ’relic’ ’and unlock lines of dialogue that give us more context about the conflict.

The relic weapons are collectible, and the smartest in the saga, I have to say. These are weapons that we already have in the game, but that have some modifier. The one I like the most is the precision rifle that gives us an extra bullet in the chamber if we do the perfect active reload.

Speaking of weapons, there are some developments in this regard, but the most popular are the new lancer (a wonder that has as a secondary shot a missile save) and a hive weapon that is not really my favorite.

The open world is not as big as in other games, and this allows us not to lose sight of the objective and that, if all we want is to complete the story, we get from point A to B in the duration of the members’ conversation. of the squad.

And, although traveling that world is very good, it is better to fight. How could it be otherwise, the combat Gears 5 is a delight. Thanks to the 60 frames per second of the campaign, we have an agility that was not possible before in the saga, and to that it is added that the enemies constantly look for the way to flank us in high difficulties.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to use the scenario in our favor, choosing the best point to cover ourselves (we can do actions such as dragging an enemy, removing it from the cover or flanking it between two players), as well as shooting at certain points to Help us from the environment.

There are different elements of the stage that break if we shoot them, which allows the enemy to fall or something heavy to crush it, saving a few bullets that are very necessary against the bosses. And, another of the novelties is that the bosses are more abundant than in other games of the saga, and there are bosses of mitad ’half level’ ’and end of act.

In the end, they are a lot of small news (enemies have a life bar, adverse weather conditions have a more noticeable effect than in Gears 4, taking advantage of the secondary firing of weapons is vital, moving is more important than ever) that form a large snowball called Gears 5, a set that is spectacular alone, but also with up to two other friends split-screen for three players. In addition, there are times when Kait “sees things”, something that other players do not see on their screens.

And it left me the ‘’ best ’’ for last. Jack, the robot that in other games only served to open doors, here has a special utility. Jack is one more player in the campaign (one player can catch it), but if we are playing alone, we can also control him by sending certain actions.

As we move forward, we will pick up Jack update modules that will allow us to control enemies, throw electric grenades, stun enemies or give us a shield for a few seconds, as well as the ability to make ourselves invisible.

They are skills that can be used at pleasure whenever we meet the refreshment time and, in fact, we must use in certain situations … or we will get stuck. It is the biggest campaign in a Gears, ambitious as she alone both in what she wants to tell and how she wants to be the starting point of a new story while filling past gaps, but also in. The playable proposal.

Finally, if you are wondering if the tedious phases return with the manufacturer in the campaign, no, don’t worry, there will be no mandatory hordes like in Gears of War 4. And, regarding the duration of Gears 5, it depends on how you play. In about 10 hours you should have finished the campaign, but it is true that if you want to go for the collectibles and, above all, spend it on the three most difficult levels, you will sweat.

A horde mode that surprises and makes the hours fly by

While all modes have their novelties, we can say that the biggest change, not so much for how it is played, but for the approach, we find it in the horde mode. Introduced in Gears of War 2, the hordes have remained virtually immovable in their formula for all these years … until The Coalition arrived.

If you have ever played, you know what this is about. If not, we summarize it: a series of players – 5 in the case of Gears 5 – that must overcome hordes until they reach 50. Each horde has something special, such as an increase in the enemies that appear or their characteristics (more health or damage), and in the final phase, every ten, we have a confrontation against a boss.

In Gears 5 the core stays the same, but it changes the way we understand these hordes, where we need, more than ever, to cooperate and “ marry ” with a character. Let’s start from the mode menu, where we choose one of the nine characters.

We have tanks, characters of attack, defense, construction … and Jack, who plays the support role. The role of each of the characters cannot be changed, and their weapons are what they are to offer the player more options. For example, Emile (from Halo Reach) and JD are attacking, but one has the MK1 and the other the Lancer. They are ” the same ”, but they are played differently.

In addition, each character has an ultimate ability that recharges as we play, and also a level that goes up as we play with him. Within the game, we also found some changes.

The way to play hordes in Gears 5 is identical to how we did it, in large part, in Gears of War 4. We have the Manufacturer, and while we can all create barriers, now only one (the defense) can level them up and repair them. This forces to play with several classes ” obligatorily ” in the same game, as if it were a hero shooter.

Every time we kill an enemy a yellow chip appears, the power. When we get it, we can do two things: take it to the Manufacturer to store it and be able to fortify the base … or spend it on different attributes that level up during the game, as in a MOBA. Those attributes are, for example, improvement of the critic, increase of ammunition or improvement with the preferred weapon of our character and, unlike the level of the character that we discussed above, it is restarted with each game. And yes, the cards return, but now they are not in chests, but we are winning them and we can level them up so that our character is more lethal in Escape and Horde.

Those are the foundations of the new hordes of Gears 5, in addition to an AI-controlled character entering the game if a human player falls, or if he leaves the game, and the result is the way I’ve enjoyed the most while I did this analysis of Gears 5 on both Xbox One X and PC.

It is a dynamic mode, which leaves practically no respite since, even at breaks, we are always doing something, in which the enemies make things very difficult for you and that we can turn into a real nightmare thanks to a series of modifiers that we choose before the game

After three hours, a group of five people arrived at horde 49 in intermediate difficulty, and we could not advance more since the 50th round was a real hell. With less hurry to try other ways, we would have stayed to complete it, and far from feeling that we had failed – yes, why fool ourselves – we felt that we had come very far and that, above all, we had had a great time.

It is, like the most open maps of the campaign, The Coalition’s way of saying “ hey, now we send and the hordes have changed. ” And wow, I love them.

Mode versus classic and Escape, the great novelty in multiplayer

If we continue with the multiplayer of PvE, the great novelty in this sense is Escape. It is a way that has its own narrative and that puts us in the skin of a suicide squad of three Gears that infiltrate the hive to destroy it from within.

Ammunition is scarce, cooperation is vital and is a way that goes ‘’ for time ’’, since if we spend a lot of time in an area fighting against the enemy, a poisonous gas appears that forces us to move on. Each of the members of the squad has its special ability and we could say that, basically, it is a more limited horde mode in terms of players, and also more dynamic as we are the ones who advance against the enemy.

The social versus is the classic multiplayer mode of Gears of War. In it we have different modes, like all against all, king of the hill, team duel or arms race (weapons change every x seconds) that allow us to enjoy the classic essence of the competitive player against player of Gears of War.

We have both the arcade mode (now I will talk about it) and the fast and competitive game mode. There is little to tell beyond that it is still a joy and that the gnasher does not seem as broken as in previous installments. In fact, approaching the enemy to use the shotgun will not be an easy task.

Arcade shooting, ideal for new Game Pass players

I could have put it in the bag of versus, but it really is something else and, although it is not my favorite mode of Gears 5, it is a way in which I must stop. I will not say that arcade mode is not something that The Coalition really wanted, but the truth is that it is available in the game for a very specific reason: Game Pass.

When we were in Vancouver, at The Coalition studios, Rod Fergusson confessed to us that there are a number of changes in Gears 5 to make it more accessible. The reason is that there will be many, many players who will be new to the saga and dare to try Gears 5 thanks to the Game Pass.

Therefore, they have created a multiplayer mode PvP more accessible than the conventional Versus of the saga. Let’s be honest, if a player who has never played a Gears or knows what is going on gets into the competitive multiplayer, he will surely not play the game again due to the complexity of the mechanics.

There is much to master, like the wall bouncing, the gnasher, the movement between covers, the damage that must be caused to the enemies to fall, the executions … small systems that the rest of the players have been learning during the last 13 years, but which are “hard” for a newbie.

Arcade mode simplifies things and is more … accessible. It is a way that mixes, like the hordes, a more fluid movement with the possibility of playing more with the Lancers than with the shotguns and other weapons, as well as the option of using special skills that we are improving as the enemy skulls Pickups when we drop.

It is a direct, fun, more frantic way thanks to the five different characters, both human and Beehive, and very interesting. I repeat, without being my favorite I understand his reason for being and, in addition, it is great to win player points in a simple way, since it climbs very fast in this mode.

Gears 5 on Xbox One X and PC is a show

And we entered a point in the analysis of Gears 5 that I was looking forward to. Gears 5 has been analyzed on both Xbox One X and PC, playing thanks to the possibility of cross-play and cross-save indifferently on both systems, and I can only say that it squeezes each of the teams as few games I have seen.

We will start talking about Xbox One X, since I understand that not everyone has a PC according to Gears requirements to work to the fullest and that the console version will be the most common. Gears 5, as I say in the headline, is a real show in every way.

At the level of particles, physical (it is not the game with the best destructible scenarios, but it is somewhat more open than the previous games of the saga), lighting, animations, and, above all, textures, it is one of those that squeezes the Xbox One X as few get. In addition, at least my console, the Scorpio edition (of the first), has not suffered from heating or had to increase the fan flow.

In the game, everything looks great, and while it is true that the shadows are not high and that the LOD is not precisely generous, they are details that are forgiven because they are precisely so because the Coalition has wanted to keep a rate of 60 frames per second in both multiplayer and campaign.

Playing the campaign at a resolution of 4K and 60 frames per second, with the assets in high that it has and, above all, with the textures, which are at a higher level than the rest of the visual sections, is a spectacular experience. And not only because of how good it looks, but because it is something that affects the way we play due to the fluidity of 60 fps.

Something that surprises is how well the tricks of The Coalition use the tricks. The open world is spectacular, but it is true that the shadows, here, lower something, as well as the LOD. They are elements that. They seem to be placed in dinámico ’dynamic’ ’, since in the most harsh scenarios of Act I and IV, precisely because of their nature and characteristics, everything looks better. It is a delight, and the scenarios in which the only source of light is Jack, you will enjoy the beauty of the result.

Now, when we switch to multiplayer, things change and everything goes down a step, with lower resolution textures and somewhat poorer shadows. This is something perfectly normal due to the increase in calculations of the console and because the processor and the GPU have to allocate resources to other sections … and the power of the machine is finite.

The Unreal engine, well used in a machine with sufficient power, allows to use textures with a resolution that leaves us speechless, and that is what The Coalition does at all times in campaign mode on Xbox One X.

Now, if we focus on the version of Windows 10, we can do nothing but take off our hats. With the right equipment (in our case, tested on a desktop with a GTX 1080 and on a laptop with an RTX 2080), everything is in ultra, which translates into the problem of shadows and LOD in the middle of the console It becomes a value that is at its maximum and offers an impeccable visual section both in multiplayer and, above all, in campaign.

The game also has many cinematics that are generated in real time. Here, The Coalition plays with the cameras and puts a empu ’push’ into everything in the image. The texture of the skin, the detail of the beards and of absolutely everything we are seeing at that moment is not to be believed. Facial animations are not the most “exaggerated” that we have seen, but the level is sublime and makes us dream of a game with this finish (throughout the game, of course) in the next generation.

Larger stages, more enemies on screen, destructible elements and everything at 4K60. It is incredible how, in two years, the study has added here and there, in addition to doubling the frame rate, in a machine that does, it has a GPU at the height, but a processor that is not, precisely, the latest model. By changing, they have changed to the color palette, using a different one for each act. Gears 5 is a beast in the visual, and also in the sound.

The game comes with a great dubbing to our language with the usual voices of the saga, as well as very careful sound effects. The mixture of both is good (at the volume level, I mean) and everything sounds as it should sound, with forceful explosions, the chainsaw that gives the feeling of being rusty and that comforting sound of crushed watermelon when we crush a head.

To put a catch, and is something that happened to me also in Gears of War 4, the soundtrack seems to me that it is a step below the three games of Epic. It has classic sounds, but there are no tracks that remain recorded. Of the new ones, of course.

Now yes: the saga is from The Coalition

If I had to analyze Gears of War 4 right now, I wouldn’t give him the note I gave him. I think that all of us who do this should look at past analysis to learn to differentiate between what the game transmits to us in the hours we play it and the little time we have to write … and what remains.

With Gears 5, however, I had more opportunity to play. I did it in the E3 test, in Gamescom, in the first impressions of Vancouver and at home, and the feeling after playing each time was that of ‘’ this is very round ’’.

Gears of War 4, for me, and seen with perspective, was extremely conservative, despite the novelties it included. It was a contact of The Coalition with the saga (if we do not have Gears of War Ultimate), and Gears 5 is the consolidation of this study.

Rod Fergusson and his team were very clear about what they should, and wanted, done, and liked each other. They have taken a strange marketing strategy, not showing the campaign until days before launch, and it has come out round.

The new Gears surprises, is fresh and has elements that we had never seen in the saga, but does not lose its essence even for a moment. Here we are to shoot shots both alone and accompanied in the campaign, and the pace is impressive.

The most open world in the two central acts does not come great, nothing is left over, collectibles as weapons are useful beyond a mere percentage of “ exceeded level ” and the multiplayer is the most ambitious, and inclusive of the saga , and with the news here and there, they manage to change, and improve, something that was already very, very good.

We reached the end of the analysis of Gears 5 with the feeling that The Coalition has taken the pulse of the saga, and if they make Gears 6, they have a very good base. Of course, now it is time to enjoy Gears 5 since, for me, it is the best exclusive of Microsoft Studios since … well, maybe this generation with Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 3.

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