Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro reveals the true appearance of Moro

While the Dragon Ball Super anime series may currently be on an indefinite pause, the adventures of Goku, Vegeta and company continue in the manga; even presented a new arc “The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol.”

This new story has introduced a powerful new villain, Moro, a former sorcerer who has the power to consume the vital forces of entire planets and their peoples. Although little has been known about him, what was missing was to know his true form, or what he should carry in the anime version.

As Moro has only appeared in the Dragon Ball Super manga, his voice or the color assigned to him for the story is unknown, so Toyotaro ‘gave’ fans the official vision of the villain and which It is probably used in anime.

As you can see, the magazine’s November cover shows the new full-color manga villain. The version of Moro represented on the cover is its fully enhanced form, which in the case of this particular villain means something very different from the usual Dragon Ball model.

This is because the process of “increasing energy” of the sorcerer is actually more an aging elimination process. The more energy you consume, the younger, stronger and more invincible it becomes.

Since leaving prison, Moro has used Namek’s Dragon Balls to make two wishes: restore his magical powers and free all his companions from the Galactic Patrol prison.

What is the age of Goku?
Officially, Goku’s birth date was April 16, 736, according to the Dragon Ball calendar. The end of the saga of Dragon Ball Super occurs in the year 780, so the Saiyan adopted by the Earth, of course, would be 44 years old.

Who is Moro?
He is an evil wizard and extremely powerful genocidal wizard who threatened to eradicate the entire life of Universe 7 more than 10 million years ago until he was defeated by the Kaio-shin deities and was locked in the prison of the Galactic Police headquarters, the What is the Galactic Patrol today? He appears for the first time as the main antagonist of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner’s Arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime.

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