Dragon Ball Super: Pan, Goku’s granddaughter, manages to be a Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Super is still at the top of the most popular anime worldwide. For many years, the history of Goku and company has crossed borders and cultures.

The manga, created by Akira Toiryama in the 80s, was still relaunched in 2015 with the anime broadcast. Although the Dragon Ball Super series concluded with the power tournament, the story still continues in the vignettes of the manga drawn by Toyotaro.

The story has dozens of characters, but one of the most remembered is Pan, Gohan’s daughter. The little girl had her own adventure in Dragon Ball GT, but she never reached the super saiyan state in the series.

Many anime fans always wonder why Toei Animation never decided that Pan would perform the transformation, something they consider as the weak points of the spin off.

However, in the Dragon Ball Multiverse fan manga, you can see how the little girl reaches the super Saiyan state and the truth looks amazing.

Who is Pan?
She is the daughter of Videl and Gohan, granddaughter of Goku, Milk and Mr. Satan. Although she is a Saiyan warrior, she is considered of a lesser degree, because her father is half human. It comes from a whole dynasty of warriors, from their parents and grandparents, who have fought somewhere in their lives.

Dragon Ball Super: Will the Saiyan 5 appear? This is its origin.
The image of Goku SSJ5 transcended the years and, not only did it remain in the 90′s, but to this day it remains a mystery of its appearance, even many wonder if the transformation is really canonical. Do not worry! Here we will tell you all about this phase.

When was Goku born?
Officially, Goku’s birth date was April 16, 736, according to the Dragon Ball calendar. The end of the Dragon Ball Super saga occurs in the year 780, so the Saiyan adopted by the Earth, logically, would be 44 years old.

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