Dragon Ball arrives at Disney Deluxe Japan

Dragon Ball arrives at Disney Deluxe Japan

What a bomb! The Dragon Ball anime series has already landed on Disney Deluxe, the Japanese streaming platform of Mickey Mouse and company. No wonder Goku was dropped by the Disney universe after the agreement reached with Fox.

Of course, the only series of Akira Toriyama they have put on the platform is Dragon Ball Kai, from the saiyans saga to the outcome of Majin Buu.

And how much does this service cost? For only 756 yen (about € 8) per month you can access the entire catalog within the Disney Theater section, without limits.

After this great bet of Disney on its platform, where we also have other anime available as Pretty Cure, GeGeGe no Kitaro or Detective Conan, a question arises. Will they have juicy plans with Goku and company in the future? Will Dragon Ball Kai reach our country, through the Disney Plus platform? Just wait to find out.

Source: @hobby_consolas

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