Dr. Stone: these will be the bands responsible for interpreting new opening and ending

One of the anime of the Shonen genre that has managed to position among the best of the season, is undoubtedly Dr. Stone. His story, which is far from what has been seen so far in other series, has contributed to winning thousands of fans in Japan and the world.

Making humanity petrified again be what it was before will not be easy for our protagonist, who was the first to wake up in a new world of stone. All the obstacles that come your way, make the young scientist aware that being alone will not achieve anything, that is when he embarks on the search for new allies that will help him reach his goal.

The anime develops at this moment the arch of the town, where Senku is in search of people who support him in his kingdom of science to fight the Tsukasa empire, but the end of this part is getting closer and for what is coming From now on new songs are being prepared for the beginning and end of the chapters.

Through Twitter the scan of a Japanese magazine was shown, which shows the two bands assigned to interpret the opening and ending for Dr. Stone. The band, Pelican Fanclub, will provide the new opening theme of the series, while Saeki Youthk will be in charge of the closing theme.

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