Dr. Stone 1×10: A faint alliance

One of the anime of the Shonen genre that has managed to position among the best of the season, is undoubtedly Dr. Stone. His story, which is far from what has been seen so far in other series, has contributed to winning thousands of fans in Japan and the world.

In the 10×01 chapter that premiered on September 6, a new challenge was shown for Senku that could make the difference between life and death.

Making humanity petrified again be what it was before will not be easy for our protagonist, who was the first to wake up in a new world of stone.

All the obstacles that come your way, make the young scientist aware that being alone will not achieve anything, that is when he embarks on the search for new allies that will help him reach his goal.

Senku achieved something that seemed impossible, he taught everyone that even in a world where technology has disappeared, it is possible to generate electricity and even better, create light.

After seeing this, the spy of the Tsukasa empire, Asagiri Gen, is surprised and admits that what the scientist has achieved has left him speechless, but that it is not enough to convince him to join the realm of science.

It is known how Gen managed to free himself from petrification, showing the precise moment that Tsukasa uses the “miraculous water” to bring the young mentalist to life.

It is revealed that the leader of the empire has been collecting the statues of the strongest people in the world and that his plan is to create an army with only the fittest people to survive. Then, he instructs Asagiri to check if Senku is dead, because only he is able to stop his plans.

This is how it goes back to the village, where the Chrome group is discussing what to do to gain the trust of the spy and ends up happening something unexpected, one of the villagers attacks Gen, trying to kill him.

But what they did not expect is that he was already prepared for a deadly attack, for which he had already covered his body, thus avoiding mortal wounds.

It is discovered that who carried out the attack was Magma, and that he would have done so to avoid problems in the tournament that is approaching, which seeks to determine who is the strongest in the place. It is time to save Ruri, Ginrou and Kinrou join the realm of science to fight and thus prevent the priestess from falling into the wrong hands.

In the middle of the night Gen and Senku have a conversation, thus making an important alliance based on an insignificant promise.

In the morning the mentalist is no longer in his bed, has been running to inform Tsukasa and to everyone’s surprise, he tells him that the scientist is dead and that he only found a wild village.

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