Doctor Stone presents a preview of his next arch

After a successful start, Doctor Stone advances in his plot with the presentation of his second arc through an interesting trailer.

Based on the successful manga by Boichi, Toho and Crunchyroll released the anime adaptation of Doctor Stone, which after six very well received episodes prepares to enter the second arc of this story. For this reason, the study responsible for animation has shared a new advance of the “Village Arch”.

After having premiered on July 5, Doctor Stone has been progressing on the Crunchyroll streaming site to position itself as one of the most watched current series, competing even with several tanks in the industry.

Summary: Senku is an extremely intelligent young man with a great gift for science and an acidic personality, and his friend Taiju, who is a very good person and more of the muscular type.

When after a certain incident all humanity ends up turned into stone, they manage to wake up in a world thousands of years later, with human civilization completely disappeared and with all humanity frozen in stone as they were. Now it is your obligation to rescue people and create a new world using science!

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