Daily Horoscope Tuesday 22nd April 2020

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 22nd April 2020

You want to spice up life by upsetting habits and established order. Normal, Venus has just entered your sign to rekindle passions. For its part, Mars creates an atmosphere that encourages those around you to comply with your requirements. Your wishes are granted, backward first before admitting how your choices are wise and make people happy.

You have until May 15; with it, love and friendship become more intense, more passionate, but it is not excluded that the expected money arrives. Venus in your sign is conquering, she is not the type to be seduced, it is you who go to the front and decide who you like and who you do not like. As a couple, it reduces disputes, when it does not temporarily find a pleasant harmony (1st decan).

Your entourage slows you down, too often requesting your presence or dissuading you from embarking on the adventure. It’s up to you to educate them by making them understand that your efforts are essential to your happiness. Explain to them what your intentions are and how they will benefit from your success, they will adhere to your projects.

In your shadow sign, Venus does not encourage you to share at all, which is its function and values your tendency to only show others what is going well. Only what could make them want: you will give the impression that your life is perfect, even – and above all – if this is not the case! We will not do it again, but try all the same, if you are one of those who find it difficult to accept a restrictive situation, to share it with someone (1st decan).

If your partner agrees with you on the merits, this is the form that it seems important to qualify. Mars is a planet “go inside”. It gives guts to your temper. We understand better why you don’t wear gloves to say what you think. This can offend susceptibilities. Correct, the message will get better.

Born in May, the Venus of Aries may enhance your projects or allow you to find a kind of benefactor, someone who will invest in you, or one of your ideas. And if it’s already done, someone else could be added and this will create a kind of emulation around this project (1st decan). Hope is also very present with Venus in Aries, the hope that it will get better with your spouse, or that perhaps you will meet someone … But Venus is fast.

Forget the small stones to sow for safety reasons, take the risk of getting lost on the way to go to meet your destiny. Take this opportunity to ignore your need for unanimity. Better to love your reflection in the mirror than want to exist through the eyes of others, right?

Rigorous, straddling its principles, Venus Aries will see you demanding with those you love and sometimes even quarrelsome if they do not obey you. There will not be much feeling, you will say to me, well it is true that Venus is now under the aegis of Mars and that she is more in action and reaction than in feeling. Consequently, try not to be too hard with the other … But it will not last long (until 28/4 for the 1st decan).

We talk openly about what we feel, what we feel, what we sense for the future of the couple. You cheer up ideas in a good mood with happiness. The cost of the projects is less important than the enthusiasm you have for building them together. Single, you are reinventing your power of seduction to double your chances of meeting a soul mate.

You will be more confident with the other and let your feelings flourish; you will even be rather demonstrative, 1st decan until 28. A trip can also be on the program, and with Venus in the sector which represents them, you can be sure that it will go well and that this may be the occasion of a little adventure. As a couple, you can tighten ties around a new area of interest that will fascinate you.

The departure of Venus (now in Aries after staying in Pisces, your rival) dispels the idea that happiness may be suspect. No tiles to fear because “it’s too good for it to last”. Yes, it will last this pleasant and constructive situation. Take initiatives in favor of the couple and the family, they are doomed to success.

It will be more about money than feelings, it may be that you are more productive for a few days and that we reserve a small bonus for you. This is a hypothesis that will not be valid for all … You will also have to be wary of the jealousy of others, especially in the job, where one can justly envy the fact that you are on a good shot (1st decan especially ). In love also, there can be jealousy, possessiveness.

If you decide to take a trip in a different setting, be sure to make friendships that are sure to last. If you stay, the Martian energy (in Gemini) motivates you to transform your interior or to create the event with happiness. Never a dull moment when Sundays resound with laughter in the house, lively activities and convivial meals.

Venus opposes you, 1st decan until the 28th, and sees you even more attentive to the other and eager to share what you feel and what you experience. For you, sharing is essential, it is even the function of the couple (according to your pattern). If you live with someone who has trouble sharing, a Scorpio or a Capricorn for example, you should ask yourself if you haven’t made a mistake; but, indeed, we do not choose who we love.

We need to talk! Why from whom what the forecast doesn’t say but something crumples you to the point of wanting to clarify the situation. Your feelings remain deep but you need to know: what’s going on or what your partner is thinking. Single, you doubt the sincerity of someone who nevertheless appeals to you. ⋙ More forecasts for the week and for April.

As often, you will go to extremes with Venus in Aries. You will love and hate just as much and it is a colleague that you will have in your viewfinder. Whether it is because you will look at it differently and you will ask if something could not happen, or because you will come to hate it because of the fear you will have that he/she will walk on your flower beds. But it could be a fantasy of your fertile imagination.

Venus in Aries liberates the senses: carnal, sensual and delicious. Immediate takeoff to seventh heaven with an extended stay at Nirvana. Venus turns a blind eye to loneliness if you are single, through friendly meetings, repeated invitations and a lot of festivities. As you can see, alone or as a couple, Miss Sagittarius benefits from delicate Venusian attentions that embellish her life.

A good situation for those of November. Not only Venus is harmonious but Mercury and the Moon too. Everything will go like clockwork. Whether in the field of work and exchanges (Mercury) or in that of your self-esteem (Venus) you will be fully satisfied, there is no planet to annoy you. Some may even hear or say words of love during the day.

Morale will go high, high with a few ups and downs. But you are well surrounded. A phone call to a friend is enough to give you back the fishing and the smile. So see the world, favor the lively places by sympathizing as you know how to do it well: spontaneously and elegantly. You will quickly retype the foot.

Born in December, someone you haven’t seen for a long time comes back and you are very moved; buried feelings could resurface. This conjuncture, due to the arrival of Venus in Aries, will be active until the 28th for the 1st decan, a week, therefore. This means that you will only feel the influx of Venus for a day by the 28th, but the fact remains that you will be the toy of emotions or feelings that are still quite intense.

Venus in Aries is luck, the Aquarius romance bonus! When morale starts to falter, Venus manages to create a surprise to make you smile again. It is almost nothing, a word, a loving gesture but one that does so much good. And then there is your power of seduction which causes a sensation. Impossible to resist it.

Love, friendship, everything will go very quickly with the presence of Venus in Aries. You will tend to get carried away and not only in terms of feelings. You will get carried away with an idea or because you have been given some kind of promise and you are convinced that it will be kept. In my place, I would take a step back to examine the situation from another angle: and if it doesn’t work, what will you do? Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

You share common points with someone who appeals to you as much by his intellectual qualities as by his physique. It only remains to assess your chances of seeing the story continue, grow until it becomes official. As a couple, you are complementary. It is comforting, the exchanges are pleasant, colluding. The climate is benevolent.

For you too, with Venus Aries, it will be more about money than love. Insofar as your material needs seem to be able to be met. We could indeed lend you money if need be, otherwise, you will receive an amount that was due to you. But you can also make a purchase that will make you happy. You only have one week before you if you are from the 1st decan (born in February), take the opportunity to take care of your needs and not those of others.

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