Daily Horoscope Friday 20th March 2020

Daily Horoscope Friday 20th March 2020

The New Moon in Pisces helps to heal inner wounds, to heal them permanently. Provided you indulge in introspection, it seems necessary.

It is difficult, probably painful, but the process is beneficial. It frees you from the past, opens up new horizons, allows you to move forward with a confident mind.

Only two small planets influence your destiny today. Jupiter in Sagittarius of course encourages you to go ahead, all the time, in all weather. And Venus, which in Aquarius, quenches your thirst for freedom by pleasant, inspiring situations, able to exalt your creativity.

The meeting between the New Moon and Uranus causes a media uproar that is likely to bring you luck. If you exercise an artistic activity, it is promised to great success, including financial. We also talk a lot about you, for good, with nice offers to submit to you. Your popularity is at the top.

You don’t know why someone you like goes and comes back, without warning every time. It is destabilizing. Gemini is tolerant, respectful of the freedom of others, provided that he does not abuse his trust. Your patience is running out, there is no question of welcoming the inconstant with open arms when he returns.

We would like to be little mice to witness all the transformations that you operate at home: decoration, renovation. If nothing is planned, the planetary quartet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune) in Pisces will not fail to awaken in you, all kinds of personal desires, which you will have in heart to concretize as quickly as possible.

The quiet life, worries in exile. Your activities are organized in a constructive atmosphere. Relations are fluid and easy, everything is fine. Also, how to explain these little blues that sometimes attack you, without knowing why. The fault of Venus in Aquarius, which causes untimely emotional jolts.

You have known better times. Four planets in Pisces delay and annoy you. In appearance only. By zooming in on your worries, you can see that your obstinacy in wanting to control the situation explains why you are not moving forward. Accept the facts, the reality. Adjust, everything will eventually unlock.

If you were ever under pressure, you can finally catch your breath. By dedicating yourself too much lighter activities. Flirt, for example, if you’re single. Offer you some menu (or luxurious) pleasure. In summary, take advantage of this beautiful day to forget what could have bothered you.

Your vitality is not about to falter. The planets in Pisces boost your energies, inner ones in particular. Morale swollen, the body follows with the urge to move and make a difference in life. You are taking initiatives, sowing here and there, hoping to harvest abundantly soon.

Youth gives you fishing and a smile. Mom, your kids cheer you up as soon as they guess you are a bitch. On the professional side, exchanges seem simpler with young people than with people your age or older. Alongside this youthful entourage, you find your twentieth birthday easily and quickly.

The configuration is ideal for performing a good transaction (not necessarily financial). You manage to gather all the elements necessary for the success of an ambitious project. Yesterday you would have hesitated, today you measure how the planets line up on your side to help you triumph, by dint of tenacity.

Focus on Venus to enjoy the best of its effects. Venus love, Venus beauty, Venus harmony. Adorn yourself with your finest attire, you will double your chances of finding love. As a couple, Venus convinces you to devote yourself to your spouse, by increasing attention and hugs.

Star Pisces, star of the day that rhymes with “love”. The love that those around you carry, moving, reassuring. The love of a job is well done, which your hierarchy salutes and rewards with a promotion. Love of risk, the one you run by declaring your love for someone you like. The love of life … quite simply.

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