Boruto manga 38: Jigen sealed the Hokage in another dimension

The manga 38 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is now available. In this new episode titled “A Dangerous Scumbag”, the fight between Jigen, Naruto and Sasuke has upset the fans.

Recall that the Seventh Hokage and his friend Uchiha discovered the special power of Jigen, the head of Kara, which was to make all objects small.


Jigen shows his new appearance with a horn, Sasuke tells Naruto that he saw ruins of Momoshiki, Kinshiki and Kaguya Otsutsuki, as well as a new one. Jigen listens to him and asks how he discovered the place.

Sasuke says that the arrival of an Otsutsuki is accompanied by a Ten Tails and that Jigen seeks to absorb the entire chakra of the planet. Both he and Naruto make use of their strongest techniques to defeat the villain.

However, Jigen is able to beat Sasuke despite using Susano-o. At that moment Naruto appears in the shape of the Kyuubi but is stopped by the chakra stakes created by Jigen.

Naruto uses the Rasengan and is stopped by Jigen, Sasuke changes bodies using the Rinnegan and deals a blow with his katana to the villain, however he cannot harm him. Neither of the two ninjas can with Jigen.

The Hokage decides to attack him but is defeated again, Sasuke uses the Amaterasu to burn Jigen’s body but he absorbs it. At that moment, something unexpected happens, Jigen’s body begins to break because it is reaching its limit.

Jigen makes a sarcophagus appear to seal Naruto, while he tells Sasuke to escape and finds a way to defeat him. Jigen tells Naruto about Boruto, Karma and decides to lock him in the sarcophagus and then disappear.

On the other hand, Kawaki holds Naruto’s picture when he drops his arm joined by the seventh chakra, the picture breaks and surprises Kawaki. Has Naruto died?

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