Borderlands 3 analysis for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Borderlands 3 analysis for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Gearbox returns in style with the most gigantic delivery of the saga of shooting and loot par excellence. Borderlands 3! Now with more weapons, more missions, more planets and more Claptrap clicks.

It seems a lie, but it’s been seven years since Borderlands 2 arrived on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. On the way we have had a pre-sequel, a spin-off in the form of a graphic adventure, a very beautiful collection and a whole legion of games that have replicated the Borderlands formula (with greater or lesser success) until giving life to a new subgenre : “looter shooter”, or as our partner Rafael Aznar prefers to call it: booty shooter.

Borderlands may not have invented this addictive mix of first-person shots, RPG elements and constant Devil-style loot, but of course it was the game that defined the genre, and that has been taken as the basis for current major references such as Destiny and The Division.

And here we are, seven years later, finally facing Borderlands 3, a project led by Gearbox Software and published by 2K that arrives next September 13 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and later on Google Stadia.

It is inevitable to return to Pandora with some fear, fearing that the cartoon action has been outdated against what the competition has achieved during all this time …

But it is to pull the trigger and listen to the metallic voice of Claptrap during the tutorial to realize that in this chest there is still good loot. We open it and show you all its content in our analysis of Borderlands 3.

Galaxy Search Cameras
Gearbox has taken a formula that worked like a shot and refined it to perfect it. Because the base of Borderlands 3 remains the same as always: four cameras, first-person shots, tons of loot, level ups, skills, driving … But now everything is bigger and, more importantly, better .

Within that base there are hundreds of small changes aimed at something very important in this type of games: save time. In Borderlands 3 it is possible to fill the ammunition reserves in vending machines with the press of a button or know the global value of a weapon thanks to a numerical data.

To this we must add small details, such as being able to change the active mission at any time by pressing left or right on the crosshead (thus avoiding having to open the daily classic and navigate between endless missions) or that we can leave while an NPC gives its speech … And the chat continues on the radio.

Gearbox knows that the person playing Borderlands 3 does not want to stay longer than 30 seconds stop at the same point. But neither they forget those who want depth, those who are here more for the role and statistics for the shootings. For them, the variety of weapons, customization options, statistics and oriented skill trees create a “build” has increased considerably.

So if you want pasaros menus hours comparing the differences between a brand Maliwan weapon and other Hyperion, you can do it. And if you want to run and shoot without worrying too much, too. Borderlands 3 is very well thought out, and adapts smoothly to all tastes.

But there are not only small changes, there are also huge ones. The most significant, as you probably know a little that you have followed all the news about Borderlands 3 is the fact that the adventure now encompasses several planets. The story begins in the desert and family Pandora, but after a few hours boarded the ship Sanctuary to start an interplanetary epic.

Each planet consists of several sections of considerable size connected to each other. Because of their structure, they fit better into the classic concept of level than in the open world, something that far from being a hit, is a stub: some sections are more contained and designed with shootings in mind (the battle arenas easily distinguished), while others enjoy a very ingenious structure, with many roads, heights and bifurcations, to give the feeling of being in a small open world.

To this we must add that with the inclusion of a new movement to cling to projections, scenarios have won verticality, increasing the options for the shootings.

It is true that some sections are more worked than others, but in general the level is very good and, above all, unbeatable: when we think that we have already seen everything that a planet has to offer, a new mission will take us to another location , and another … And another. They are much larger than they appear to the naked eye.

Shoot and Run
Gearbox perfectly understands the genre: the secret of a good “looter shooter” is (surprise!) Shoot and get loot. Constantly. And in Borderlands 3, both sides are exemplary.

The shooting: the “gunplay” is perhaps the worst aspect that has aged in the previous Borderlands, and that has improved the most in this installment. Its creators are not afraid to recognize the influence of the “gunplay” of Destiny (considered the best today) when designing the Borderlands 3 shootings. And it has been a wise decision: there is a satisfaction difficult to explain every time The trigger is pulled in Borderlands 3.

It is a combination between handling, the vibration of the command, the way in which bullets impact enemies and how parts of their body explode in clouds of blood or twist and fall apart due to elementary effects. Even the reload animations are those that are nice to see. Pure magic.

But perhaps the most incredible feat is to have accomplished this … With all the weapons. When the first Borderlands 3 trailer came out, it boasted that it had “about a billion guns” and, honestly, at this point we began to believe they didn’t lie. The number of different types we have seen leaves any other similar game in diapers, and we are convinced that we still have much, much to discover.

There are weapons with tracking darts, weapons with shield, weapons that can alternate between two elementary types, weapons whose damage increases the longer we hold the trigger, weapons that fire music … And our favorites: weapons that, once the magazine is emptied , are launched and act as miniature turrets or search bombs.

It seems incredible that to be a game in which we spend 85% of the time pulling the trigger, Borderlands 3 is so varied. It literally costs to get tired of shooting.

The booty: being such a basic concept, it is curious that many “looter shooter” execute it badly. Luckily, it is not the case in Borderlands 3, which has respected the most basic rule: constantly reward the player. Do we kill an enemy?

Do we pull the chain? Booty. Do we kill a boss? Legendary Loot Sometimes, we are even rewarded without us noticing: there are hundreds of optional challenges, so we continually see a warning on the left side of the screen indicating that we have managed to kill 20 enemies with shotguns or using the electricity element. And the reward is more loot.

With this, you get that the feeling of progressing and improving does not cease at any time, and in a game of this type we would dare to say that this is the most important thing. Shoot, get loot and keep shooting. It is a constant loop that works like a Swiss watch, and that has no end in the more than 40 hours it can take us to complete the story ONLY … Not even beyond.

Because of course there are collectibles of all types, sizes, formats and colors (finding pieces to make a companion for Clatrap is tricky), and a good set of side missions.

The latter stand out for their variety, as well as the follies that lead us to perform; They are the kind of missions that, while we are completing them, it is inevitable to think that someone had a great time designing them. The only downside that we find is that both in the main and in the secondary we have encountered some sudden peaks of difficulty (also known as bosses) despite taking the recommended level.

And as they say, the end is only the beginning: after finishing Borderlands 3 we access the Guardian Rank (an evolution of the range of Cabronazo seen in previous deliveries), being able to further refine the customization of our camera search, as well as three new ones Chaos difficulty levels or the Test Field mode (very similar to the Diablo III Nefalem Fissures).

And we still haven’t talked about how all this, which in itself is highly recommended alone, wins whole when played in cooperative.

There is a curious effect, and that is that the cameras have more personality and charisma when they are not the protagonists. In Borderlands 3, Zane, Amara, Moze and FL4K are responsible for virtually all explosions, and yet it is inevitable to feel some disconnection, as if they were not part of the story.

This is because the vast majority of dialogues and interactions of the NPCs have a “neutral” style to adapt to any of the four characters. It is especially evident in the important video sequences, in which our character never appears.

And on the other end we have the Calypso twins, the new “bad” bad guys. We thought that Jack the Handsome was going to be hard to beat, but Gearbox has taken a couple of villains out of his charisma out of his sleeve. And, to do so, they have set their sights on something very current.

Tyren and Troy Calypso retransmit their villains through the echo network, have a huge legion of mindless followers willing to do anything for them and end each video saying “like, subscribe and obey.” Indeed: Borderlands 3 villains are a pair of toxic YouTubers … With a thirst for blood and supernatural powers.

As for the graphic section, Borderlands 3 returns to the cel-shading style, which looks better than ever thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 engine. In addition to the notorious evolution in textures and lighting, that the adventure takes place on several planets means that there is a great visual variety, highlighting Promethea, the planet-city, because of the groundbreaking that results from previous Borderlands. And it is not the only surprise.

But what takes the cake is the artistic style transgressor, halfway between the western space and the post-apocalypse of Mad Max. In the past I already stood out, but with Borderlands 3 the Gearbox artists have thrown the house out the window, putting before our eyes scenarios, weapons and characters that squander charisma and color. Special mention for the bosses, each one more original than the previous one.

To elaborate the Borderlands 3 analysis we have played the PC version, which means that we had a lot of graphic settings and 60fps constant. In the case of the PS4 and Xbox One versions, Borderlands 3 will reduce the image rate per second to 30 to maintain image quality.

As for the soundtrack, it is probably the least notable aspect … And it’s not even a problem. That is to say, it usually serves as accompaniment and in certain situations sound themes with a bit more personality, but in the end the true soundtrack of Borderlands 3 is the incessant noise of the shots.

All this (and the analysis, after all) can be summed up in a simple phrase, very appropriate within this universe: Borderlands 3 is a big vice.

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