Boarding School Juliet completed in 4 years series

Voice actor Ai Kanno and the author talked to each other.

Yosuke Kaneda’s school love comedy manga “Boarding School Juliet”, which was also made into a TV animation, will be the last week of “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha) No. 40 released on the 4th, and it will be serialized for about 4 years The curtain is down.

“The Boarding School Juliet” is an adaptation of Shakespeare ’s drama“ Romeo and Juliet ”. Set in a fictional world where the nation is hostile.

In a “boarding school dahlia school” where students from two opposing countries attend, it depicts the secret love of a boy from Towa and two girls from West. Serialization started on July 2015 with “Separate volume Shonen Magazine” and moved to “Weekly Shonen Magazine ”in 2017. In October 2018, TV animation was broadcast.

” In collaboration with popular voice actor Ai Kanno who played the role of Juliet Persia as a heroine in anime to commemorate the completion of this time, the final special PV performed by Kanno will be released at “Weekly Maga Official”.

In addition, the full version of “Yosuke Kanada x Ai Kanno Special Interview” published in the same issue will be released on “Magapoke Base”.

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