Attack on Titan: The Levi Lieutenant died?

Levi Lieutenant who is famous for being an advanced giant and the strongest soldier ever. But in episode 115, the Levi captain was dead! ? There was a description. This article takes a closer look at the death of the Levi Lieutenant.

Who is Levi Lieutenant?

Levi Lieutenant is a person who is said to be the strongest soldier of mankind.
Its strength is said to be about the same as a single brigade (about 4000 people) alone .

It is the fighting power that a general soldier can finally defeat one body with more than ten people.

At the strength level before Levi entered the corps, 30 were giants that had to be defeated on the premise of dying, but Levi was about to instantly kill two.

There was also a scene where the female giant chopped up faster than the speed at which the body was cured.

Even in a scene where Levi’s subordinates who were swallowed by Sieg’s spinal fluid became giants all at once, they killed them in an instant.

Levi, once a famous Gorotsuki in the city’s underground shopping street, has a past history of joining the investigation team in the form of descending to Ervin Smith.

Whether there is a remnant of the past, the eyes are always intimidating.

Such Levi Lieutenant is the descendant of the Ackerman family.

The power of the Ackerman clan is a byproduct of giant science.

The strength of Levi is largely related to the bloodline of the Ackerman family.

By the way, Mikasa, a childhood friend of Ellen, is also an Ackerman family.

That’s why it’s so strong.

Levi Lieutenant’s personality

Levi’s personality is unfriendly and calm .

And it’s rough.

There are many remnants of vulgar language or the remnants of the Gorotsuki era that grew up in an underground shopping street.

On the other hand, I feel like a friend as a soldier chief.

In the case of his subordinate’s death, he was able to take the opponent’s hand regardless of being painted on the blood and vow to annihilate the giant.

It can be seen that Ellen is also trustworthy while being assaulted and kicked by Levi.

Sieg, who misunderstood that he would not be able to kill his subordinate who had become a giant, with his personality.

However, given the friends who have died until now and the future of the country, there is no option that still resents the lives of dozens of people.

The judgment of the neighborhood is as expected.

And with a lot of neatness, when you get to the base, you clean up first, or even wipe out the giant’s return blood even during battle.

There are many scenes where Ellen and others are cleaning so that Levi is not angry.

Levi Lieutenant died?

The strongest Levi Lieutenant in history has died in 115 episodes! ? There was a description.

Levi Lieutenant who was found in the form of a shred of blood all over his body.

This is due to the blast of thunder stabbed in Sieg.

In Episode 114, Sieg himself detonated the mine fuze and blown Sieg himself and the Levi Lieutenant.

Sieg had an appointment with Mr. Kusaver to protect Eldia and tried to beat Levi in ​​any way.

Sieg is believed to have made Levi a bet, betting that he would not die by the power of a giant.

If the Levi Lieutenant really died from the thunder blast that stabbed this Sieg, then Sieg would have killed Levi.

This self-destruction causes Sieg to be two from the torso and only above the chest.

However, a mysterious little giant appeared and took Sieg in his stomach, and Sieg revived.

What is the aim of Hange?

Recognizing the impact of Sieg’s self-destruction, Hanges rush to Levi.

That is pretty shocking. .

Hanji sees this figure and says, ” I’m dead. I’ve seen a similar accident during training, but the built-in becomes more stupid than an injury and I’m instantly dead. ”

Note that Hanzi is the only one who says that Levi is dead .

There is no such thing as a person other than Hanzi who measured his pulse and confirmed his death or stabbed him .

And the state of the giant changes when Flock tries to measure the commander’s pulse.

Steam generated from the giant is now sucked.

At this moment, Hanji jumps into the river with Levi.

Why did Hange jump into the river with Levi?

I think there is only one answer.

That’s because Levi is already alive .

I think this is the result of Hanji’s decision that Levi is alive or likely to be alive.

Manager’s conjecture regarding Levi’s life and death
Hanji dared to say “I’m dead” because he didn’t want to stop the flocks.

Hanji jumped into the river with Levi because he judged that Levi was alive or likely alive.

Given that, I think Levi is still alive .

How does the net react to the possibility of Levi’s death?
What was the reaction of the net to this shocking event that Levi Lieutenant may have died?

It seems that all over Japan is doing “Leviros” on the information that Levi Lieutenant may have died.


Don’t give up hope, as you may still be alive!


Levi captain who is said to be the strongest soldier of humanity.

It is possible that the Levi Lieutenant died from a blast of thunderstorm that had stabbed Sieg.

However, Hanji did not try to let the flocks touch Levi at all.

And Hanzi jumped into the river with Levi.

Given these, Levi may still be alive.

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